Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. Blasterrr

    That s why one month of premium membership was enough for me.

    Dear SOE here are some suggestions to improve your service:
    1) no more content patches until the game performance is further tuned and the game is not crashing anymore.
    2) only do bug fix patches as soon as possible. your game is great and huge already so balancing or content patches can be done once every two months or so. Then we don t have 1-2 downtimes every week.
    3)don t patch all regions at the same time. if europe is down for maintenance EU players should be able to at least play with their twink on US servers. and vice versa
    4) announce your patch schedule earlier and not on the same day as u patch. then people can make some other plans and are not frustrated.
    5) try to estimate your downtime better

    Thank you SOE
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  2. mblades

    So its a FPSMMO where its encourage to have huge battles yet you say its bad because your crappy computer cannot handle it?

    Maybe upgrade/tweak your said PC so you can actually enjoy 48+ fights not saying smaller fights are **** at times smaller fights are enjoyable but whole reason I play is to enjoy said 48+ fights if I wanted anything less there is Cod doing the max 9v9 or BF3/4 with 32v32 or even titanfall being 6v6. and since this is planetside 2 where massive battles should happen it is neccesarry for the amerish lattice.
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  3. Seededshadow

    you know i was thing the same thing, cuz any1 who has been playing this game 6+ months would never say that lol
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  4. namd3

    I like the idea of regular patches, bravo! but you appear to be doing to much work on Patch day- or systems not ready for it, to get it out effectively.

    I'm a yearly subscriber and I'm thinking twice about re-subbing if I'm loosing effectively Mid-week - to the weekend due to patches and hotfixing and log in server issues all this is happening during EU Primetime, I'll not mention the server crashes as well on top of that.

    6-7 weeks into the yearly schedule and I'm not happy as a SoE paying customer.

    Please have downtime roll out earlier for EU customers- to lessen potential primetime disruption.
  5. Kite Carling

    Seriosly, 4am? Screw you lot!

    Just tell us the times so we can decide to go to bed or whatever. Play it on the safe side here or there if you are unsure and it'll be fine.
  6. slawo

    I'll tell you secrets SOE have specjal program that after 1h adds +1 to "Up to x hours"
  7. NicoM

    Can't you see the difference?

    National holiday is not at all like "half the world" public holiday.
  8. wuffar

    I lol'd
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  9. Ealhdun

    wait if the time is used to iron out the bugs, why are we always having hotfixes on friday?
  10. IDC_

    i still have almost 300 to grind with the lowest pop on my server :(

    but on the other side with my other 2 chars i got the tier 3 reward (50% boosts and 10 weapon camos - YES)
  11. Goretzu

    They aren't doing their patches on the worldwide player minimum though (that would be 3-4 hours earlier) they are doing them (they say) at the time that works best for their employees.

    Which is strange because SOE used to do EQ1 updates about 3 hours earlier, as did LOTRO, WOW, DAoC, WAR and SWTOR. :confused:

    However the 3pm CET start means that even 3 hours encrouches onto EU Prime Time and 6 hours pretty much obliterates it.

    1 weekly of no Prime Time is bad enough, but it's averaging closer to 2 recently and that's just plain annoying when other games patch earlier and avoid this whole situation.
  12. Gnorfen

    for your personal health i really hope that the men team dont lose to canada :s

    but yeah this sucks. anyway i cant really blame soe, i always run late and screw **** up
  13. Filip Suciu

    SOE is probably scared of paying overtime hours.
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  14. mblades

    Yes because this is just a bug fix patch? oh wait no its not


    besides adding amerish lattice it is also redesigning almost all bases which i assume will take time to not only implement but ensures it works

    otherwise we get the other problem where lots of added bugs or worse people complaining at what broke. Normally Ill be with you if it was just a bugfix update with few addons but no its a massive continent overall not just some weapon thing being added.
  15. Aricknaa

    Wrong, SOE should do the long updates and as often as they need to. Just with better common sense. They should start each update for each timezone at say 4am when hardly anyone is on. Start EU update at 4am EU time, then US East at 4am, then US West at 4am. Focusing on each one individually instead of doing each server at the same time. Its inefficient and only angers whoever is waiting during primetime. Also, if a 6 hour update takes 3 hours longer, who really cares if the update finishes at 10am or 1pm. Most people are at work.
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  16. XxXOmega117XxX

    So instead of working on Amerish in the first place, SOE decided that a day after their alleged promise to bring us weekly updates on WEDNESDAY, that they would work it out for god knows how long it has been now! Test Server was fine! It is just ridiculous how long we have to wait for Them to fix the game... I mean really Higby would rather tweet out pictures of COMPLETED NEW AMERISH, in hd rather than letting the players in their ourselves! Not to mention the utter lack of any news on the new rifles! You already missed one patch with those, we said fine, get them right before you get them out there. You had your time SOE... You messed up big time. Oh don't forget about those "Membership Changes" that all of the members had fixed before You messed it up. I really feel bad for those EU guys, I mean, how can you still play this game after all of the complaints, videos and forum posts you made about, They still end up screwing you guys over, AGAIN!
  17. AtsumaDragoon

    I just tried logging in and it didn't show my characters, it asked me to choose an empire like when i first loaded the game. I'm new, could someone tell me if this is normal on patch days?
  18. Tathar

    as long as the so called client crash fix stops my game crashing every 20-30 mins then I will be happy
  19. Demetrios

  20. ShotMeTender

    Can't believe it.... Some1 who is actually using a brain properly!!!
    Ok, just letting jokes left behind for a moment:

    U are right lattice system just "Caged" up the game and forced players to a scheduled (what a nasty word to say on this month) attacks/defences around the continents... Some time ago many of us used to attack randomly any kind of bases no matter how big or faraway from "main war front", exactly as war should be in real, strikes as hard as u can on the blind side of ur enemy.
    Many classes has also been nerfed due that, just see how infiltrators 9/10 cases dies due to a HE shell during a big spamming hell blowing storm fight. (U know what i mean, keep spamming prowler's ammo on shields w8ing to kill something soon or later).
    Same thing with generators, long time ago hackable in any bases for free points and cert and now simply useless to hack untill ur whole faction actually over there for wild zerging.

    So, YES pls delete lattice system at least from smallest builds/installations for example: Rust mesa lookout, NC arsenal, Stockyards, Frostbite overlooks or what the hell that name was and ecc... We want back our dammit gameplay freedom (Feel so much NC saying this XDXD)
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