Server Downtime for Patch February 13, 2014 6 AM PT

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  1. salembeats

    Medics should like this.

    Now, since this is the Infiltrator Update, can we fix Decoy Grenades not functioning at all?
  2. Zerobite

    Maybe because they have had these (complex) issues for ages now, and while they probably should have done a feature stop to give themselves space and time to iron out the most annoying bugs - they've kept pouring more and more (complex) features in it?!

    Sure there is a demand, internally and externally, to push the boundaries of cool features in the game - but at some point, if the fundamentals isn't solid enough, stuff will start to break in serious ways... and people will start to complain.

    Also, patience and peoples understandings would probably be a LOT bigger if they would actually communicate their actions to the masses.
    It's still a mystery to me why the launchpad doesn't feature some kind of status indicator and/or dev. channel updates for people to look at..
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  3. Ovidius89

    What a load of ****.
    I just tried to blow up a deployed prowler with 2 sticks of c4 and it didn't work even though they were on it.
  4. Stopper

    Miller : very long long-in time ; multiple crash ("you have been disconnected" or "another client connected...") ; unable to stay connected more than a minute... Very annoying...
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  5. Luperza Community Manager

    Another update!
    The Cheap Date and Unwanted Advance bundles are now live. Enjoy!! =D

    In regards to the servers that have been having crash issues, we're still working on a resolution regarding this. I'll keep you updated! Also, updating the original post to relay this information as well. Thanks for your patience everyone!

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  6. ncDieseL

    Can we make server stability the priority, instead of shop items?
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  7. Garfini

    After hitting the G99 Error about 4 or 5 times I can usually manage to get to the character select screen. If I try to connect to any server I have to wait for 1-20 minutes after which I get disconnected and get a G15 error message. I could play fine with my firewall before the patch. Nevertheless I switched it off, got a G15 error anyway.
    Looks like there will be yet another maintenance tomorrow, but if not I may try again then.
  8. Pouk3D

    200 certs they were supposed to get some time ago.
  9. Alarox

    Because, obviously, they're coordinated by the same people as everyone at SOE does every job.
  10. ncDieseL

    The WDS changes have made the game worse.

    Miller currently has a tech plant alert. Tarwich was the only tech plant the NC had, and it was under attack from the VS. A platoon spawns in, rushes A point via tunnels, storms A point and recaps the base. The base is very quickly "defended" and the WDS points are awarded but there are still several VS attacking the base. I get killed to checking one of the staircases, and to my shock I see that the entire platoon that was just seconds ago standing in A point, has vanished. Redeployed. They spawned in for the WDS points, and once they got them, they left. Some of them even had MAXES! The VS capped the tech plant a couple of minutes later. I logged off in disgust.

    Cancel this WDS ********. Take it back to the drawing board, it's completely broken.
  11. Divinorium

    Besides the average crappy changes.
    Not working went from a vanguard full health to 0 and death from one debris.

    Just another gamekiller PS2 patch.
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  12. evansra

    like like like like like!! well done dev's you rock :)
  13. Schwak

    The javelin lock ons were OP, haven't played yet but I'm betting on it being the same deal.
  14. Element17

    At Dahaka more cover on the side spawn area's would be nice. Since it's still easily camped.
  15. Exonis

    • "Tank mines are now smaller"
    (Silent yes!)
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  16. Amber Starfire

    "The lost individual WDS points have been restored. To make this as fair as possible, we moved everyone to one point below the next tier reward, which is a significant bump of extra points for most folks. Thanks for participating, and we appreciate all the great feedback on this event."

    I had between about 650-720 WDS points before I lost them, and another 500 from after that and they putting me at 799 is "giving me back the lost points." What about that extra 400? Am I the only one who sees this problem?
  17. Yuki10

    Questions, requests and points of confusion:

    1) New recon sensor says that "Nearby enemies can detect its presence". But even old recon darts were seen by enemies. On my minimap friendly sensors are blue and enemy sensors are red. The only difference i can see is that fact that new dart can be destroyed and old one can't be. What's the difference in how they work?

    2) NC14 bolt driver now has forward grip that reduces recoil during sustained fire - But it is a single shot bolt action rifle! What kind of sustained fire are we talking about? Does forward grip do anything actually for the bolt driver?

    3) it takes 3 shots from crossbow (to the chest) to take out an enemy (at least in VR room). Same 3 shots from commissioner. Question why go with slower crossbow then that needs to reload after each shot?

    4) MKV weapon - roughly same stats at NS-7 PDW. Faster shooting, by a few points (negligible) but otherwise inferior to NS-7 PDW. Does it make any sense to add weapons that are so close to existing ones? Just don't see much differentiation. In fact, i think you should take a look at weapons stats and remove a quarter of least used or lowest performing weapons to simply the choice.

    5) ESF racer frame - still not useful with such a modest speed increase. It doesn't allow to outrun a non racer ESF without non-racer being able to use nose gun to kill a fleeting ESF. I think that's the main reason why someone would select racer as running is the only place where speed advantage is important. Speed is not important during attacks.

    6) Marginal increase in damage on under-barrel grande launcher is still not worth the attention. If i used to run one on engineer before to be able to do some damage to Maxes and infantry, after previous changes in blast radius and effectiveness) it is still too under-powered to be a viable reason to equip a slow firing and fairly inaccurate gun/rifle.

    7) VS gets 10 points velocity penalty on no bullet drop sniper rifle as the only downside? that's just not enough to compensate for such an amazing feature of no drop!

    8) Still no further adjustment to particle effect on burning vehicles and landing aircraft? lag is still there and it is better since the previous update, but not gone by any means

    9) What about crashes ? I mostly see them while i'm in a vehicle or aircraft. Game almost never crashes while on foot...This is a huge source of frustration since it wastes resources.

    10) Please introduce larger differentiation between factions! NC should have even harder hitting weapons in order to compensate for very slow MBTs, maxes that do poorly in CQC, less maneuverable ESF, etc.

    Vanu has no bullet drop weapons. , maxes that excel at all ranges, and super maneuverable ESF and MBT already. TR could use faster firing weapons, more accurate weapons or with more unique attachments

    Thank you.
  18. DeadAlive99

    Client crashing, stability...? Has this improved for anyone with this patch? We desperately need this.
  19. Chivalry

    This is not what I experienced. I was pushed to one point below the tier I had already obtained, which is a reduction in points rather than increase.

    So I lost points, again.
  20. GoodFight

    Some observations:

    Member Cert Grant Short

    I did my best to track the cert deficit of each character. I wasn't playing much through the cert-trouble weeks, mainly just logging in to get the passives, so it was pretty clear what the normal certs would have been, since at least one char got the normal amount each time. I wrote the gains down, thereby being able to track the deficits each time, and I tracked my running cert total.

    Now, I did play some, and I may have missed a day or two's tallies, so my numbers should have been a low water mark. (Passive certs gained while playing being... very hard to track.)

    Adding to the difficulty of seeing what was granted, was that there was no notification saying "Hey, we're granting you NNN certs." So I was left with taking my last known cert total, adding in the passive certs gains since last log in, subtracting that from the new in-game total to arrive at the granted amount.

    So, from all of this, I will claim that very few people know how many certs they were due, nor how many they were granted, and I am quite sure the cert reimbursement calculation gave us too few certs in the grant. Some chars received within 5 certs of what should have been the low-water mark, and, ironically, the character that got shafted the most received more than 100 certs fewer than the low-water mark. Definitely not seeing any "extra percentage as a thank you."

    WDS Points Not Bumped

    I have six characters. Four of those characters were not "moved [] to one point below the next tier reward."

    Depot Bundles

    You said there was some trouble getting the bundles loaded, so it's not clear if what is in game now is what is intended. That being said, it seems odd that the 3000sc bundles have that one camo ("Red Hearts" if I recall correctly) that doesn't have -- well, just surprising that that camo has only one of the armor/weapon/vehicle, when all the other V-day camos have all three covered.

    Secondly, the depot isn't marking which V-day items will be going away. (For New Year's the pistols, for example, had very clear and distinct timers about how long they would be available.)

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