Server Downtime for Patch February 13, 2014 6 AM PT

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Semtexer

    Disconnected from server... **** this ****
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  2. jOGI

    And again (Woodman)..... . Login seems fixed - was able to Play about 90 sec. (!!). --> CTD --> Login issue again.... . what a great evening with SOE again....thx a lot...
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  3. Citalopram

    No Login Like always...
    Always to Prime Playtime EU...

    Instead that WDS ******** some new login servers would be nice.
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  4. Snidered

    logging in to wood took about 20 minutes, got to west highlands checkpoint and got booted out "disconnected by server" and now the client crashes after 5-10 minutes trying to login, fyi
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  5. Xandax

    Are you really trying to be incompetent or does it just come natural @SOE? I mean really?
    Yet again - 5 hours patch when "normal" is 90 minute. Second time in one week. And now you have to pull down servers again?
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  6. Semtexer

  7. T0x1s

    First these annoying patches every time on EU then log in error when we have waited 5 hours and still cant play. I would be okay with some patches on EU time but not every time. Take some updates on US time and i will be happy. Sure it´s a free to play game but any of us have spend more then a pay game. Really annoying.
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  8. Netionz

    Im so tired of this... Scam prices on the Shop and the guys who work on the game DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO DO THE WORK IT NEEDS!
    Seriously, the people who pay cash for this ****** game just make this, they need to act like lazy people on every patch? For what there's a Test Server when the new updates just screw the game! FFS!
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  9. Zerobite

    Second that a million times!
    I'm on the verge of quitting my membership because of the constant down time again and again..and so are 2 of my friends; it's simply not good enough that these updates are constantly being rolled out (and failing) during regional primetime.
    Surely it must be possible to plan these updates a lot better?!

    Had I only known what it really meant signing up through Pro7 back then I would've stayed far far away and signed up for a US account... :(
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  10. Garyed

    Maintenance?????????????????????????? We lose the game for 5 hours then they start an alert and disconnect for maintenance 15 minutes before the alert finishes. What is going on at command HQ??????????
  11. Freeman0092

    You just had to take down Woodman 5mins before the alert ended?!
    seriously. i started playing this game and though about getting membership but screw you. It's way too expensive anyway.
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  12. Javik

    I'm using a US account and its exactly the same
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  13. Magicool

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  14. Citalopram

    Had I only known what it really meant signing up through Pro7 back then I would've stayed far far away and signed up for a US account... :(

    Jup, that would have been much better! What about the real money Problem? Will someone get something back? I realy think not.
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  15. adnane akef

    Wtf ... realy the alert was about to end !
    how much time will this shoot down takes to end if anyone knows it can be of great help
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  16. muoni

    they should change the status "downtime" and rename it too "complain time"

    omg server went down during alert! somone's gonna get an angry e-mail lol
  17. Xandax

    You'd still be second rate customer with poor service if signed up directly with SOE.
    Only difference is you'll be screwed directly and not via proxy.
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  18. f0d

    i have the same WDS points on 1/2 my characters as before the patch, they did not get bumped up to next tier

    also i did not get reimbursed for missing passive cert gain points - my membership did lapse about a week after the problem started so im guessing you never tracked it from the beginning OR you skipped people that membership lapsed during the time it took for you to fix it

    edit: i just noticed my main character got bumped past 2000wds points, before patch it was just over 800 (so i could not claim 2000wds point reward)

    edit2: its ok i just noticed what happened - i have both my wds points from before the wds point erasure and after the erasure added up so i have 2830 (2000 from before points got erased and 830 from after they were erased)
    i still did not get reimbursed for missing passive membership cert points
    1/2 my characters still did nor get bumped up to next tier
  19. ROXunreal

    Of course not, when during one previous of these shamefully long downtimes I suggested a fair compensation at 100 certs per every hour that's overdue, I got my post deleted and they had the audacity to say that it was a non-constructive post via PM as reason for deletion.

    It is beyond shameful. we are the damn customers who paid money for this service, if the service is not there for us to use then we deserve compensation of some kind. No one cares about a two hour update, but not being able to play more than half a day, the half a day when you don't have work, is a whole other matter. I may not be a member but I spent about as much money on station cash for PS2 as I would on an entire computer game and I damn well want to be able to enjoy playing what I bought.
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  20. hajkiii123

    Really ? are you kidding me ? we wait 3hours+ and you give now maintance for EU servers ? are you seriously ?. Eu servers are clearly discriminated , we can't buy playerstudio camo , our server's allways take longer in maintance , allways lagg , ALWAYS IS SOMETHING !!!!!!!
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