Server Downtime for Hotfix November 25, 2013 4AM PDT (1PM CEST)

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  1. XxShadowSpawnxX

    i dont understand why maintenance has to be so long. if you look at other games like swtor they may have long maintenance but they finish early. here its like waiting for jesus to come back
  2. Easy Death

    First off, Free to play is more profitable than p2p for SOE, they've tested all the models and it's the cash cow for them. Planetside 2 would have died by now as a p2p game. Don't for one second believe that a for profit corporation does things out of the kindness of their hearts if it costs them money. F2P model allows for massive audiences to play the game whom otherwise wouldn't, and a game like PS2 is quite boring as a solo player game.
    Secondly, this 5 day double xp was part birthday for PS2 and part stress test for their servers, hence the Hotfixes, they've recently done major changes to the game and needed to collect as much real data as possible to share with the rest of SOE. I can imagine their was more interest in the changes they made to the game over the last 2 weeks than just the Planetside2 community at SOE.
    Third and final point; it's a game, you play it in your free time, it's not a way of life, it's not all encompassing, and if you miss a double xp weekend due to real life obligations, perhaps you should be happy, it means you may have a richer life than many people whom play this game. I don't envy people whom play games 8 - 16 hours a day nearly every day, they likely have severe emotional and mental problems. Also if you missed out on double experience, consider it twice the amount of time later you get to enjoy the game to reach the same goals, so you win.
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  3. newcat1

    Can you please write "CET" instead of "CEST" next time? We don't have Summer time (DST) anymore in Europe and i'm always confused if you mean DST or not...
  4. Serafine

    The EU server problems have VERY OBVIOUSLY nothing to do with system specs. They only hit about 10-20% of the players, mostly players from specific areas and only in about 50% of their login attempts. There is something wrong with the main PS2 servers in Amsterdam - probably one of the gateways/network nodes is not working as intended.
    We already had this when a part of the EU players could log in but weren't able to interact with anything (no consoles, no squad deploy, disconnect after two minutes) - turned out something screwed up the gateway of the login server. This is very certainly something quite similar.
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  5. Captain Obvi

    I just hope this fix my problem with not being able to spawn a MAX suit and a mossie. Ive had that problem for weeks...
  6. Weazzz

    Come Play Planetside 1 !!!!!!! :):)
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  7. f0d

    i honestly would if i had enough downloads (we have crappy internet in aus)
    i only just found out about the free playtime - i wish they told us about it in an email or something instead of using twitter or whatever they used (someone told me about it on the forums about a 2 weeks ago)

    i like PS1 way more than PS2 and if i knew about the free playtime i would have been playing it instead of PS2
  8. plsdontkillme1992

    hi guys my ps2 breaks every time and says I should try again later.
    Do you have that too
  9. SashsaACIII

    Вечер 19:30 PM 20:00 PM MSK Servera ON.
  10. plsdontkillme1992

    pls wut xD i dont understand that
  11. Gotcha

    Just because you play the game 8-16 hours a day doesn't mean you have no life, It means you have a lot of free time... Live the way you want. I happen to work nights and everyone is gone when I get home. I think I would get lonely if I couldn't log in and shoot a few TR in the head for a few hours a day. If everything you did was an addiction I would be addicted to work, sex, food, family, driving, picking my nose, pooping and playing Planetside 2... These are some of the things I spend a lot of time doing. I've had many woman tell me I play to much. I told them the game will be here when they are gone. Now I got a woman that plays with me. Play together stay together.... Enjoy the game biotches.
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  12. z1967

    Well, to be one of the few who praise SOE for a few things, not half a bad idea to do some server maintenance considering what I had heard from my EU friends. For all the "SOE won't deliver, SOE suxs" posters, keep in mind that you could always go to another MMOFPS. Oh wait, there are no others. This game is huge, and the battle is constant (except during offtimes, then its a ghost cap for Connery). The fact that the servers can even run is amazing.

    Now that doesn't mean it's perfect, far from it. Some things I would have done differently such as a later launch date or putting optimization first.
  13. plsdontkillme1992

    help why break myps2 by 78% and then he says try later boys help me
  14. MechSniper1324

    People stop raging I play perfectly fine on a pc from 2006 that only gets 1-15 fps on this game.:D
    20-30 if I'm lucky.
  15. gloowa

    this please.
  16. Gotcha

    Almost up I got to the char screen
  17. plsdontkillme1992

    do YOU can play i cannot :eek:
  18. SGT-Bilko

    I would not be too quick to load mid patch guys, I have seen this cause game corruption in other games. Say a patch is released, then immediately replaced and the game goes up, instant messed up game. Not saying it will happen, but it is never wise :p
  19. baderx

    thumbs up to soe. everyone know, noone give something for free, but i like planetside2, maybe more than bf2142. it get better during time and pushed me to find the weak spots of my 6yrs system (if anyone with a c2quad lag message me, ill help to sort out. i get over 30+fps ever with a hd4870). so wait only few hours and fight!
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  20. Hewter

    Dont lie , no one get 120 fps in a 48+ biolab fight .