Server Downtime for Hotfix November 25, 2013 4AM PDT (1PM CEST)

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  1. 10thRMDredd

    btw.... give the game a long time to load... i thought it was stuck on 96% and then it suddenly went through after a few mins.
    restart pc after hotfix. Worked for me.
    Game is running super smooth, though i am going to try out the forced ultra settings to really test out my pc.
    Some of the youtube videos look like cgi films.

    sorry for double post.
  2. Desann

    To your lengthy reply to my lengthy reply i say this: YES, this is a capitalist market. You sir, are absolutely right. But there is one golden saying in the service ready??? THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. There is a reason for that. If this game hopes to have any longevity, then the developers better make sure they keep the customer's, us gamers, interests in mind. This game has made SOE more profit in a short time than ANY other game. Smedley even admitted it. Go look it up.

    The point I am making is that SOE is making a mountain of cash from this game, so they can afford to put in a mountain of effort to keep it at 100% optimal performance and efficiency. So many underground games on a shoe string budget can do it, SOE has no excuse. With the lucrative profits they are pulling, they can hire many more people, or pay the ones they have more money to keep making this game better.

    Lol @ yer last line. Sounds like the bowflex commercial. Real people, real results, BOWFLEX!

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  3. bwilson

    Amazed at how fast threads derail around here. The thoughts of user empowerment are amazing. STOP IT!
    Play the game for enjoyment, if you aren't enjoying it try something else for a while then come back.

    The original post stated they needed to bring the host system down for maintenance, they didn't mention anything about the game.
    Maybe the host needed an emergency security update or the latest hotfix for the network adapters, for that matter maybe they needed to relocate the box to a new rack.

    Complaining on the forums will get you no where.
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  4. Juno

    Every time I see a patch I anxiously run on the forums like:
    "Did Harassers finally get a nerf?! :eek:"
    Then I see they didn't and I am all like, well... thanks for the patch anyways guys... :(
  5. Bruiserdog

    Remember ATV's were feared, now they are a laugh. :( I agree with you though Harassers are the game breaker. I watched 1 Harasser take one 1 Magrider and 2 Lightening at once with ease 2 days ago.
  6. xadoradi

    When i get killed by a lib or i kill a lib my game crash. I am flying a scythe.
  7. Darkiller

    Why does it take so long to download the game when I have a 6670 rpm
  8. Gary

    Internet is the deciding factor in Downloading... I really doubt anyone has ever had a download slowed because the hard drive could not write the data fast enough ^^
  9. Timzeh

    Double XP Fridays! :)
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  10. Darkiller

    i need help i have ubuntu as my internet engine aand when i try to load up the game after i installed it it say it has an error someone please help i try to use wine but it wont work
  11. ShadowAquilaX

    they gotta shut this thread down soon lol.
  12. 10thRMDredd


    You must be a gentleman Desann, because i was quite demeaning to you and yet you were civilized in your return.
    I tip my hat to you sir. I really do. Manners maketh the man.

    I believe that it is quite obvious that SOE is concerned about players and their feelings about the game.
    I am glad it is making good $ for SOE.
    Happy to have put in my $350 or so thus far.
    The more negative the forums become the more SOE will reduce its interaction with the people as it is simply not good press.
    I imagine most people read something and think it is true, without realising (british spelling) that angry people will bother and the vast, vast, vast majority will just quietly play away.
    I own a retail wargaming store.
    The customer is always right. You are correct. That usually refers though, to a one on one interaction referring to a specific exchange between and individual and a company.
    However when you have tens of thousands of people buying the same product at the same time with different opinions, hardware, thoughts, expectations, some diametrically opposed (and scarily enough, with good reason) it does make the issue of getting it 'right' rather tricky. What the hell is 'right' when you have so many opinions and finite resources.
    If there was a single person or a team that had all the answers I am sure they would be employed rather quickly by SOE. As it is they have their I.T. legionnaires and they do a fine job of driving the empire forward.
    Positive interaction with the roadmap and the forums will give the dev's and SOE the ammunition required for each conceptual or technical 'push'.
    SOE are not perfect, absolutely not.
    But in my life (old 39), truly, I have not seen many businesses that have attempted to engage their customer base and listened and allowed people to vent with such venom, all the while pushing on to the next 'point'. They seem to try harder the more firepower they are under. I really respect that. I think that is shows that they really respect us. Just hard to engage with everyone in a quality manner at once.
    This is an experiment.
    I think Smeds really understands the need for a whole new relationship between a business and a consumer.
    He can't change everybody's thinking and perceptions of exchange at once though. The better Planetside2 goes the more ammo he will have for change.

    Pls think on this:
    SOE has created a top class game available to virtually the world.
    The game is funded by those that can afford it. (ed: no, you should prob not go without meals to get the latest camo, I think Smeds would disapprove of the longevity of this marketgroup :))
    Those that cannot afford it enrich the game for those that can by their participation.
    Those that cannot afford it are not reduced in 'power' by reduced funds. They just have to work harder and longer. By the time they have 'earnt' what more funded folks have bought, they are experts and no amount of cash and stop them. I have multiple high level characters and am often 'executed' like a blind goat by a lvl12 player with a default gun because they are just good.
    The game is highly social and rewards team play. Spontaneous teamwork, initiative and sacrifice for others spawns lots of friends across the world.
    Skilled enemies develop respect and encourage cross playing (ed: and yes, in the vanu case, cross dressing, very funny...).
    It is the fairest social gaming exchange that i have ever been witness to.
    Thanks SOE.
    The silent mass has got your back....
  13. 10thRMDredd

    'Shop Smart, Shop Smed mart...You got that.................'