Server Downtime for Hotfix November 25, 2013 4AM PDT (1PM CEST)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Raxxyl, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Raxxyl Ryan "Raxxyl" Wells

    Downtime Start: 4 AM PST
    Downtime ETA: 4 hours

    Hi Folks,

    We're going to bringing the servers down for up to 4 hours tonight for a general server host maintenance. There are no game changes.

    Starting at 4 AM PDT.

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  2. VonStalin

    EU lag fixing?
  3. Crowbar Sr

    Turning off Double XP, obviously.
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  4. Dead soldier

    probably taking down Double XP :(
    Billneye is sad
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  5. Reaper

    They need to keep it going since lots of us missed getting any exp because of the horrible hotfix
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  6. WyrdHarper

    Will it fix the random server disconnects and crashes that have been occurring all weekend?
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  7. VonStalin

    Yes, that will take 4 hours... :)
  8. daniel696

    More people jumping in the game have made their servers become poop lol
  9. CommyXD26

    Both hotfixes were released in the evening at Vietnam, losing my playtime twice. Wish that they had given us another day to make it up, but oh well.
    PS: At least now zergs may be less.
  10. AdmiralArcher

    are they ever going to fix the hitching? i can barely play the game, i log in and the game freezes for 30-90 seconds with 15 second intervals
  11. Bobaflay

    i never even got double xp
  12. Brainwayne

    dobble xp should stay for at least another 2million years. That would compensate all that frustration about the lags and glitches..a little :p
  13. Bobaflay

  14. lambusado

    Let's just say that the hotfix did nothing for the majority of the people playing the game and that some guys that had problems come here and start giving crap about it. Well, if I was SOE I would not be happy but I would also not fix things they say are broken, just because a few say it.

    Most of you have some problems with your systems, and do not come saying that it is good and that you checked it. NO! Some of you do not know what might the problem, I know that I been there.

    Just giving my opinion on this.
    All the hotfixes on this past week did nothing but improve my experience ingame, thanks SOE.
    Yes, all the hotfixes were at my afternoon and that is when I have more time to play, but I really do not care. It's a GAME!
    I missed yesterday and I did not get a lot of certs, but I do not care. It's a GAME!
    And for all the people asking for more days. You got 5 days, 5 fricking days to play. normally you would have 2 but SOE was kind enough to give you that ammount of time.

    PS. Do not come with the saying ''if your computer does not do that you might be the only one'' or that you PC's do not have problems. BEEN THERE DONE THAT.

    Thanks for this awesome Double XP event SOE, hope for more years to come at your side and more content to be had. THANKS SOE!
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  15. Sliced

    All The hotfixes were fine for me.
    I now get well above 170fps on medium settings. 60-120 in massive fights.
    I was at a bio lab today and was getting a very steady 100-120fps on medium (shadows off), along with a very good fight against VS.
    I no longer crash on exit, or in game. So for me personally, all my problems are solved!

    I think SoE are doing a good job, and if this maintenance gives me a more enjoyable game then I'm all in.

    Edit: Oh, minus the server lag on the EU servers, but that's Pro7's problem and not technically anything to do with the actual game.
    Pro7 really need to fix this problem asap.
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  16. GlueHead

    But still wanting the patch notes!
  17. SGT-Bilko

    There is a reason for this, it needs to happen(even if we do not know why). I very much enjoy the gift of being here, it is a pleasure. x2 xp, c'mon, every second is precious, but the point is - be thankful for each one you get, do not be angry about the few you lose, use this for time to sleep ;)

    And if this in ANY WAY helps our friends trying to play EU, I am full on for it, make it longer if you must. It is nothing short of upsetting that they are unable to play. I watched the birthday special on twitch tv - we have full EU support from players gaining base every day, and from what I can tell there are BIG issues.

    In short, they give us a bunch, give them a break - they HAVE to patch stuff.

    For those of you that do not get what other things can be changed but not have in game effect, those that are server side. These updates are just as important if not more important than those that fix minor flaws in our gameplay...

    Thank you....The
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  18. f0d

    you do realize there was lots of people that couldnt even log in the first few days because of the 96% issue or the white screen issue

    i have no problems with my system because the last 2 days have actually been good without me changing anything and i can pretty much guarantee i have a better system performance wise than most people (5ghz i7 6 core - gtx 670sli - look at my sig it has a link to it)

    the fact is SOME people couldnt even play the first few days of the event and the many threads about it proves it
    SOE borked the game for the event for MANY people
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  19. RobotNinja

    "There are no game changes...that we'll be telling you about."

    If it's a "fix" then by definition there must be some ain't gonna fix crap.
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  20. SGT-Bilko

    If they need to update something we are unable to know about they can NOT tell us. If they patch something we will not understand there is no point in telling us. In short, they do what they do, and tell us what they can :)