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  1. Company007

    I like the implants so far, but my god. The "You are ghost" implant(No radar/Darts can spot you) and the health regen ones are ********. The invisiblity on map implant needs to be COMPLETELY removed in my opinion. The health regen one is also way too powerful. Needs to be completely removed or nerfed significantly. I mean with the passive bio-lab regen+Health regen implant+Nanoweave armor 5 you can potentially soak up 4 extra bullets within a single firefight. Hope my feedback helped!
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  2. H4YW1R3

    These are going to ruin the game and break it in so many ways.

    F*ck random and the crafting system. Let me choose what I want to spend my hard earned certs on, or spend my cash on. The currently proposed system is just one spawned of pure greed.

    Don't let implants unbalance the game by f*cking over the abilities and gadgets of the classes like sensors and mines. Those things are a big part of what makes the class. And don't let them f*ck over strategic and/or crafty play styles any more than the unwanted, forced on SOE's customers, death screen which gives away your enemies position.

    Implants could be a good thing, done right, that players would spend their certs and SC on. But let us choose our implants as we choose our weapons, attachments, and upgrades. Let implants bring new abilities and features to the game, not add ways to f*ck over old abilities and features. Let them offer possibilities for more ways and styles of play, not f*ck over old ones.
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  3. PA1NKI11ER

    Regeneration implant. Please remove it. You will lose hundreds of players in a single update if you implement this implant. It will only complicate and bring grief to infantry gameplay completely.

    Health regeneration: will ruin it alone, because everybody will strive to get it on their character over any other implant. What's a medic, what's a team. What's a bio-lab.

    Safe landing: negates the point of drifter jets.

    See enemy health / name: that's just unneeded.

    I love the concept, I love the system, but as it is, I think the types of implants are unoriginal, rushed, team dividing, and makes players focus on themselves more than the objective and their teammates, which is why I chose to play planetside 2 over battlefield. I think if they just have implants that more impact the performance of a team rather than a player, this whole entire system could bring players more together. SOE you are an amazing development team that cares about their game, which is why I respect you so much. Plus its not like we're obligated to pay for the game, so I have no reason to complain. ;)
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  4. Fenrys

    Cash or certs for consumable items was a bad idea the first time around, and its still a bad idea.

    It does not matter that the implants themselves are no longer consumable if they are now tied to a power source that is consumable. This is not an improved system, its the type of sarcastic 'solution' a teenager with a bad attitude might come up with as a means of being intentionally annoying.
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  5. ThePropain

    So basically all you did, SOE, was just add some better system revolving around RANDOM-based drop system. You didn't get rid of any of the ACTUAL game-breaking garbage, the IMPLANTS THEMSELVES.

    • Awareness: HARD COUNTER to anyone using the element of stealth/surprise. Let's say you get a kill with someone holding this. You will broadcast your flashy neon sign and location to all his friends. Worst of all, you don't know if you've been spotted. So now everyone is going to just put suppressors on their stuff now for the fear of being auto spotted.
    • EOD Hud: HARD COUNTER to mines. As if AI and C4 aren't easy to see with their Christmas lights already, and AV aren't so easy to spot already. Obviously no one is going to waste resources laying these on a generator or point ahead of time anymore, because then someone going for objectives will use this, and will easily kill them anyway.
    • Regeneration: Ugh. This one is just terrible. What happened to our Medical/ Restoration Kits. For crying out loud, isn't a fully certed Medical/Restoration kit powerful enough already???
    • Sensor Shield: HARD COUNTER to Scout Radar, and any infiltrator sensors. No one is going to be trusting that area covered by that motion spotter or ESF anymore, since there just might be that lone, single person running this that will screw your crap up.
    So basically, everyone's playstyle is negatively affected.
    Seriously, WHAT IS IT you guys trying to do here? You guys basically said when the game was first released that anything that is purchased with SC is a side grade, cosmetic, or convenience sake, and yet look at this. Hard counters that give you a clear, unfair advantage over the person corresponding to the effect, run by more grinding, hoping that you just might get it this time. The confusing part is, you guys are INSISTING on it. And yet....

    This. This 10 times over.

    SOE, not like you're reading this anyway, how about you just explain yourselves. Obviously you guys think all this crap should be in game. Explain why these implants mentioned should be in the game. Explain why you think it won't break whatever. Explain why such an unpopular entry is more important than an entry that actually improves gameplay. [/rant]
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  6. ghost001985

    Health regeneration is to powerful currently. maybe change it to get back 25% of your health during 5 mins, or some short period of time. or it turns on and off of a period of time.

    2ndly soe should put out a wiki on each crafting recipes, instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

    i reed some where, or it was on some youtube video, that were was going to be an ammo Implant. "you get back a percentage of ammo back for a kill." what happened to that idea, or are youll still working on that one, if so would it work for UBGL and rocket launcher?

    or maybe resource boost, or xp boost kind of Implant.
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  7. JudgeNu

    All I have done atm was use the reconstructor.
    I spam bought the 5x and crafted away.
    I started by using only 5 of same tier and same implant.
    I found that the shifting of the implants on menu to different slots was painful.
    I thought that there could either be 3 tabs of the three different tiers OR not having the implants disappear and shift but to have them go neutral
    Whether or not this will be a problem idk. I haven't tested the drop rate so I am not sure how quickly or how often players will have a significant amount in there inventory.
    I did notice Clear vision and Sensor Shield weren't available in tiers one or two, I only got them at tier three.
    I don't know if that is by design or not.
  8. andy_m

    I've finally got around to downloading the latest PTS update due to painfully slow internet speed.

    I'm not getting this Implant system... It is totally losing me. Must be my senior age (old dog new tricks).

    If I decide never to bother using the Implant system am I going to suffer as a result? Or is it possible to still play this game as a FPS and not get involved in hours of messing around with new stuff. I read here someone saying it was great because it added an RPG element to the game. I'm sorry, but life is too short for me to get involved in RPG stuff... I just want to kill peeps...
  9. Wayfar

    I think the "drain on use" is more complicated then it needs to be. You could just make the chargers work like boosts. Give use set amount of real time days (ex- 30days) that the charger will last.
  10. TheBTron

    As a paying member I not paying for consumables, this is just a pay to win system. If this goes into the game I will not be playing PS2 that much anymore.
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  11. Bortasz

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  12. jollybadger

    "Victory requires strategic teamwork" "planning, teamwork and communication are essential" This SOE, is how you promote Planetside 2 on the games website. Please don't dilute these aspects of the game by making players independent of an engineers ammo pack, the healing of a medic or the scouting of infiltrators. Given, an implant doesn't render these classes fully obsolete, but it nevertheless benefits the lone wolf type of player. And there already is too little actual teamplay in this game. I'd rather like to see you implementing support implants, that actually enhance player interactions! Like the ability to share your own ammo with a teammate or an activatable shield regen buff for a friendly, that requires you to stand still etc. The quick swap (that I couldn't test yet) can work in this direction, though I suppose it will mostly be seen on LAs... Please go ahead, make us throw money at you, but do so in a way that is actually compatible with what this game was intended to be like!

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  13. GotCerts

    Implants are horrible, HORRIBLE idea - They should not be implemented into the game AT ALL
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  14. Tenebrae Aeterna


    I've completely lost interest in the game and have been waiting to see how the Implant System was handled and the incorporation of I need brought up to date a bit. Are the purchasable-consumable aspects of this system completely gone?

    The charges that power the implants, are they only capable of being obtained through in game activities rather than optional purchases for Station Cash or Certification Points? If so...that's awesome, the pay to win aspects are removed...
  15. ghost001985

    soe please stop trying to make these things. i know youll are just trying to make money, but im sure there are better ways and more acceptable ways in doing so!
  16. equinub

    No implants. No randomness.
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  17. GamerDJ

    Alright then, Sony developers. I'm not going to give you any additional reasons to why I think this is by far the ****tiest idea I've ever seen thrown out, because they've already been covered, like the fact that these defeat the purpose of some entire classes, or the fact that some things like stealth will become ******* pointless. Call me mad, but these implants are ******* ********. Get your **** together SOE and start fixing **** before you bring things up that most of the community already said "**** no" to. I am well aware you are just trying to make more money, and honestly probably don't give half a **** about the community (with this topic, some others you all have actually listened), but know this: if this is all randomized (or added in at all for that matter), I won't be buying **** for this game. GG.

    I feel better now. :mad:
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  18. JibbaJabba

    This is it. You're about to BFR Planetside 2.

    I quit Planetside 1 after you wrecked it with BFRs. I waited 8 YEARS for PS2 to come out. As I understand from those that kept playing somewhere in those 8 years you got BFR balance right. Well that's just dandy.

    I didn't sit around waiting for you to fix BFRs and I'm not going to sit around waiting for you to fix implants.

    If you put these in the game as currently described then it will wreck the game. You better just hope and pray that Hossin pulls your player numbers back up.

    BTW - I'm a *PAYER*. I have a membership, I spend tons of station cash.

    I will NOT pay station cash for random stuff. Period. It's a financial transaction. Give me what I pay for.

    I will NOT pay station cash just to prevent something else I've paid for from deactivating after a period of time.

    And most of all: I will not be forced to pay to win. The other players in this game are the content. If you ruin the game for non paying players then you take away my content.

    I mean it, Sony. This is the most downrated idea you have ever posted. You will break PS2 with this crap if you do not get it right. As it stands it is not right. Do NOT release it. It cannot be undone once released.
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  19. TheBlazing

    Please redo thermal reduction. It's ridiculous that with some luck (in getting the right implant) I can completely undo the effects of a 200-cert optic with its own downsides mounted on a 250+ resource vehicle, without having any downsides myself.

    Generally, you should seriously look into the possibility of dropping all implants that counter something else, and focus on implants that simply add a new ability to your character instead.
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  20. salembeats

    Did you know that there are some FPS games without radar at all?