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  1. Isokon

    I am either doing something wrong or regen already has a delay like nanite repair.
  2. Foster42

    it was automatic regen for me. Maybe it's a bug?
  3. kadney

    Some investigation:

    There is no difference between Awareness 2 and 3. Both spot up to 250m (didn't test further out) and for 10 seconds when you get hit by enemy fire.

    The range of EOD HUD is quiet low. Tried it with C4, on Rank 1: 10 meters, Rank 2: 15 meters, Rank 3: 20 meters

    Marker 2 spots up to ~250 meters (didnt test further out) but only lasts for ~1 seconds or something like that

    The Regeneration Implant seems to be buggy somehow. It heals instantly after the last hit you gained, although some people said they noticed a delay on it, like NAR has. Didn't test it by myself. And on another note, it's way too powerful and will make medics and teamplay obsolete. We already saw a decrease in medics after the recent changes to revive timers, but this would definately kill it. Please reconsider this implant in terms of overall balance and maybe remove it entirely.
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  4. Posse

    I said it will be used a lot in competitive events, not the live server.
  5. Metalsheep

    People are freaking out like everyone can have all of the implants active at once. You can only pick 1 at a time, none of these are going to break the game or a class. (Though Awareness still is lame. And what happened to Audio Amp and the Conc/Flash/EMP shielding implants?)

    The only tweaks id like to see are:

    Implants are character slots, not class slots. So when you equip an Implant, its a more perminant descision that spans across all classes. (Could impose a Cert/Time/Implant Destruction penalty for swapping implants. Being able to equip them per class per loadout makes them very flexable.

    and to make a penalty for over-use of an implant. In PS1 if you allowed your Stamina (PS1s version of Power/Battery) to drop below 25 you could mo longer run and were reduced to a walk untill your Stamina regenerated back above 25.

    Im also against implants being random/crafted or drop based. just let me cert/buy the implant i want.
  6. Maniaboo

    Sony are just gonna piss more people off they they already are doing with this. ~
    Crafting ffs are you mad. Its an fps game not WOW.
    we are losing pops daily due to the content or lack of decent content in game . we need more people to join ps and this will just make them log.
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  7. DeadliestMoon

    Are you going to give an example or are you just going to make wild accusations all day?
  8. lords8n

    The majority of the people that play consoles don't have the time or patience for a game like this.
    Your attempt to remedy this with Tom Foolery is fail.
    You are pushing away the primary support of this game and chasing after the PS4 Fairy.


    I have never once looked at that new death screen...never. I's a joke.
    These implants are the same. I will not use them ever. I will refuse.
    It will get to the point where the game becomes so much less enjoyable for me that I will be forced to quit.
    That's a shame really is.

    I only play one game. It's all I have time for. PS2 is it for me. I play a lot and I spend a lot of my real money on this game. Since the death screen, I have opened one eye to the possibility of leaving PS2. *shakes head*
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  9. DashRendar

    Holy crap, so far it looks like Implants are really cool. This is SOOOO many magnitudes better than the original idea it isn't even funny. I'm not going to comment on the selection or power of each implant because it's too early to know, but I will comment on the crafting system.

    Why is the crafting random? I believe the crafting should only be random if you mix implants, then you'll have a certain percent chance of getting one of the parent implants based on how many are represented at the input. So if you input 5 identical implants into the crafting system, you will get that same implant but only the next level higher. Currently you just get a random implant the next level higher, so you have no real reason to choose one implant over the other to craft because it doesn't matter.
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  10. Astriania

    I really don't like this for two reasons:
    - First, it's pay to win, or at least pay to slightly improve your chances. So far you've done really well at staying out of that, and that's why PS2 is accessible to freeloaders.
    - Second, it's grindy. Again, you've done really well to avoid falling into the trap of most other MMOs, where you have to grind your way to better equipment. In PS2, a BR10 character with the weapon you like unlocked and command certs is competitive against a BR100 with a hundred days of playtime, if the player skill and experience is there. Requiring you to spend lots of time levelling up your equipment seems to go against the whole philosophy of PS2. Now I know there was more 'level up' traditional RPG stuff in Planetside 1 but it seems like a deliberate decision not to follow that, and imo a good one, which is being reversed here.
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  11. Maniaboo

    I know what i'll be doing. When Ps1 become free to play , if there are enough people to fill even half a continent. I'll be playing that its 100 times better than this in its current state.

    PS 1
    Great Great Great gameplay
    Numerous continents
    Numerous vehicles , abilities.
    Varying types of gameplay.
    Every offensive vehicle, weapon, ability has a counterpart defense.
    i could go o and on here.

    Network code gets laggy with lots playing in same area.

    Can accommodate more people than ps1 (but there aren't enough to fill the servers. so continents are never balanced.
    And losing players by the day.)

    Bad gameplay
    Netcode gets all laggy with lots playing in same area same as ps1
    Numbers dwindling already, may have to merge more servers.
    Trying to introduce **** that nobody wants to attract different types of players but losing thir core players in the process.
    Not enough content, continents, vehicles.
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  12. HadesR

    The World drop rate needs to be pretty good .. If it's not and only counting those bought with certs they Imo are further expanding the power gap between new players and old ..
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  13. Norington

    Really like the idea of implants, and the most of the perks that the current ones give. Don't like the whole crafting and battery stuff though. You should just be able to buy the one you want with SC or certs, basta.
  14. AdmiralArcher

    i think this system is just one of those things that will never really work out

    it seems like this will be far too PTW especially since the buffs you get are stupid OP

    T3 regen gives you health regen almost as fast as a restoration kit would, its not instant, but its still VERY powerful

    the safe landing at T3 will basically let you survive falling off of a tower i believe, i havnt tested the distances, but i think it will, this is pretty dammed powerful, and while i think its nice, it might need tunning

    any implant that auto spots ANYTHING is going to have problems, especially the EOD one, true its easy to see those weapons already, but tank mines are hard to spot and this will once again relegate them back to their one and only job of being used for suicide bombing sunderers (not that it matters much, thats all i use them for anyways)

    this needs alot of work, i like the choices so far, i think the one that doesnt need work is the deep breath one, holding your breath for longer isnt really OP, many amazing snipers shoot REALLY fast anyways so i think this will help the newer snipers anyways

    but the rest for the most part need to be looked at more
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  15. RebelRanger

    SOE: If you're not going to do it right, don't do it at all. Honestly, I kind of like the idea of implants, but if they're going to be like this? Forget it. Wrel did a great video on implants. You can find that here. The thing is, implants should be to help with your playstyle, not crush everyone elses.
    Awareness is horrible, everyone knows it. About half of these other ones are stupid/OP too. Regen is going to cut down on the number of medics, Awareness will decimate LA's and infils, Enhanced targeting is pretty stupid, EOD is terrible for any sort of ambush explosives, the list goes on. If you want to encourage zerging and discourage any sort of strategical tactics you're doing it right.
    That being said I'm not against implants, I'm just saying, if you plan on implementing it like this, don't implement it at all. You're going to push away long time players, who have spent time and money on this game, you're letting your players down. You could nerf these implants down, like regen for example, essentially make it only slightly better than biolab benefit, enhanced targetting would only work in a 10m radius and so on. You began killing this game with the death screen, this will be the finishing blow.

    If this goes live I will probably play this game far less, if not quit it.
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  16. M4L4CH1TE

    Implants will be the new Harasser. Way OP and generally hated by anyone that doesn't exploit them, and fuel for hating Sony's way of making an OK game stupid instead of smart and clean.

    You want a game accessible to the newb? STOP MAKING IT MORE COMPLEX AND STOP MAKING IT PTW

    The people who are interested and try this game do so from the first-person-shooter perspective. They stay due to the diversity of the game. They leave because you keep gunking up the gears with new crap instead of fixing the old crap.
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  17. salembeats

    Looking at the bright side,

    I've been playing a lot of Battlefield 3 lately during the ever-increasing number of times I can't find a good, exciting, balanced battle in Planetside 2.

    Now it will be easier to decide which game to commit to!
  18. QFAN

    $5 for 10 hours of use. Is this close to planned public release price?
  19. DaMann22

    You guys that are whining are not helping. If you do not like implants then DON'T USE THEM. They do not take away from the skill necessary to play this game nor the experience you get from hours of playing on the map at bases to learn the flow of battle. Really I love this community however you guys are doing nothing but backseat developing. Have any of you guys really gone into the PTS and tested them in real battle situations or are you looking at the OP and coming with your opinion based on that?

    I know the devs have spend much MUCH longer than you guys have in making sure this is implemented fairly and safely so I am holding my opinion until it reaches the live server where it really matters in the hands of the thousands playing. I like that you get drops of implants and have to build them to make them. That IMO is cool. I really want to see how they are used by all players and what and if they present an advantage to one group over another such that there is no counter. See when there is no counter to a certain implant, THAT is when you rage at the devs.
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  20. MarkAntony

    How is that a solution?
    The awareness implant shouldn't be in the game, especially if it gives the exact position away in the killmap after death. It is complete BS.
    And your proposed solution is to just not use them? Will that not get me spotted by it? No!
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