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  1. QFAN

    ohhhh no i lost all 500 words I just typed because I pressed backspace while the cursor was out of the text box.
  2. QFAN

    So, again, with slightly less whining.

    1. Remember 2 years ago you guys emphasized: "We are not selling power. We are selling choices and convenience. All the items are side-grades, not up-grades."

    A system similar to the ESF's secondary weapon would be great: if you don't equip anything, you get the afterburner.

    The idea I have for the implant system is, to give the player an implant slot per-character. This slot does not burn energy, but this implant only works while the current loadout does not have an implant. And, the player can only equip/change this per-character slot once every 24 hours (48 hours for non-member, or 12 hours for member?). You want more tactical choices? Fine, pay the per-second energy cost with a loadout implant.

    2. Implants themselves

    Awareness is, like others say, killing the infiltrator and light assault gameplay.

    Battle Hardened: reducing flinch worries me a bit. Isn't it similar to some "+10% headshot possibility" implant that some FPS F2P games have? They all make player-skill less important.

    Others are basically OK.
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  3. QFAN

    And BTW, if you're selling choices, why a paying customer has to gamble? Sell them straight!

    Remember your own words, please.

    Thank you very much.
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  4. BilliBobBillsen

    Hello party people!

    I just returned from the testserver. I had a very long night there with some other dudes "teamdeathmatching" all night long and testing the crap outta the implants.
    My first impression: Very amazing job SOE. And I dont tell that this often, if u consider that I usually flame every single adjustment implemented by SOE. So far non of the Implants seem too be completely gamebreaking even if they sound like it. The system that makes u get these Implants is kinda fair if it will be brought to the live server as well. It was a really good choice to not give MAXes any implants because they would be even more OP if they had the EOD implant. As said so far nothing completely op there.

    Just wanna summ up the working ones

    EOD HUD - autospots any explosive on 10 metres (maxlvl) - so far the best performing when attacking

    Regeneration - buff ur health reg; kicks in after ur shield recharges, the health reg on max lvl is like AOE heal of the medic (a bit less) - good for light assaults

    Awareness - spots anyone that attacks/kills you, seems useless since HUD shows the direction of attack as well as the killcam after u die so I dont see the piont in this implant

    enahced targetting - hell yeah u can the health of u enemy again!

    marker - spots any enemy that u attack - might be good to have one or 2 in ur squad - and seems to be good for q-spotters like me (cant hit any one without triangle over the head^^)

    hold breath - finally ur sniper doesnt run outta breath after 3 secs anymore - wooohooo

    There are more implants but they seem to be a bit buggy

    Battlehardned - possibly best implant since it reduces ASD flinch when hit but I didnt really notice anything

    ?soft landing? - forgot the real name - supposed to reduce fall dmg to 30 metres on max level - right now u can bail outta ur esf on max altitude and survive. so yeah a bit broken^^

    I hope u guys go ahead with ur friends to and test out the implants ur self. Dont just judge them by their despription.
    You have no friends? Well you re screwed.
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  5. BilliBobBillsen

    I think right now if u have no implants u get the enhanced target system for free and it doesnt seem to reduce the energy u usually use for ur implants.
    About the Battlehardned I can say that we played multiple hours with some heavyhitters on the test server and noone was amazed by that implant so far.
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  6. Vivicector

    Awareness will kill infiltrators as (to some extend) LAs. Mine detection will remove usefulness from AT mines at least. Sensor shield will ruin the last useful resort of Infiltrator, since one won't be able to trust information from sensor darts. Battle Hardened also sounds like a straight advantage in a fight.

    Power costs will probably be enormous, looking at the prices of batteries and implants.

    SOE does so well in ruining their own games!
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  7. kiberbuddha

    • How you like the idea restrict the use of implants for some classes?
    I'd like to use an implant which reduces fall damage with LA; and it will be OP for engi-pilot. And HA with NMG can fall from 200m safely! I think it's OP a bit xD

    • And please, dont make autospotting in any kind!
    • Health regeneration using by HA makes all medical packs useless, so they will take only C-4 in the utility slot. In addition, it would greatly increase the survival rate of HA (With maxed shield capacitor it will be with full HP/shield after 10-15 seconds just if it survived)
    And now offers:
    • Implant which increases duration of class ability for 1.5 - 2 seconds at max rank. A bit more invisibility, a bit more flying, etc.
    • Implant which increases jump height
    • Implant which decreases time during which player spotted. It can be stacked with vehicle stealth ability and works while in vehicles.
    • Decreasing reload time for active weapon (for a small amount, of course)

    IMO, implants are only for a small correcting game aspects for play style and it should not make the imbalance.
  8. MichaelS

    Hmm, after looking into the implant system I don't think it should go live the way it is on the testserver. I don't talk about the pay options or the implants themselves but this construction thing. It's awful to use and most of the screen is filled with unnecessary blingbling stuff.
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  9. Phos!

    Took a look around the interface, doesn't seem like a good idea. Complicates infantry play, provides huge advantages,

    Worse yet, tactics that have until now have always worked in a given way will now only work normally some of the time, often at random to the person playing depending on what implant other players have.

    Pay2win, grind to win, makes no difference to me. Creates clear haves and have nots. Come on, SOE, this is phone game level stuff.
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  10. kadney

    Edit: Posted in the wrong thread. :oops:
  11. Corezer

    I'm pretty amazed by battle hardened... not for flinch, that's not much issue, but for screen shake.

    no more tank 20m away getting podded causing me problems on the ground.
  12. DaMann22

    You know that is given that someone is using that implant. More than likely that will not be a popular implant anyway. If you use this awareness implant then its more than likely you're an fellow infiltrator so you know where you're getting hit from. Really you only get a couple seconds of awareness as you can easily ascertain where you are getting shot from and spot them manually.
  13. Tanchester

    I only have one question about the entire implants saga that's going around.

    WHY did you even ask for feedback on the forums (in which the implants got more negative than positive feedback) if YOU'RE GONNA DO IT ANYWAY?

    Seriously, I don't see the point in the forums then. You're just gonna make the game worse with the implants, and I believe the majority agrees with me, but, you're gonna ignore all the feedback and do it anyway.
    At least don't ask for feedback, do it, and then spend the next 6 months figuring out how to even the gameplay or remove the bugs, glitches and the general disappointment.

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  14. OldGuyAndy

    I don't understand (older screen capture, sry, numbers have changed slightly since)[IMG]
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  15. Adeon

    I hate sensor-shield idea. It is actual radar nerf. Also I can relax when radar works and focus when enemies coming. With sensor shield I can miss entire squad. This is killing squad game.
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  16. Astealoth

    I've played with implants on PTS a few hours now and the more I look at it the more I despise it. This can not go live like this, it's a death knell for this game. I'm not actively playing right now because I'm overly frustrated with how you've stuck us with broken overpriced resources and have delayed looking at it til August at the earliest. We crash every 20 minutes in this game and lose our resource items, but you are unwilling to have the human decency to tune the pricing to make up for it. The insane cost of the MAX makes playing all 6 classes completely nonviable since they all share the same resource for their tools and every single tool costs 10x more than it reasonably should. There's just too much going downhill for you guys to be working on something that has no purpose but to squeeze every dime you can get out of us. Resource revamp, THEN this nonsense.
  17. Trizzone52

    Implants are Destroying Classes
    The one thing I most want in Planetside2 is greater differentiation between classes. If I'm low in hp, I should look for a medic. If I'm stuck in a push, I should get a light assault or infiltrator to find a new route to provide flanking. If I'm in armor and taking damage/ ran across some mines, I should look for an engineer to get it back up and running.

    The way the implant boosts are currently implemented, they further break down class roles. Why have light assaults if I can easily jump off buildings with a machine-gun to get behind lines. Why bother with medics if your hp comes back by itself?
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  18. Astriania

    There's a fundamental problem with that: someone else choosing to use a particular implant screws with my game experience, even if I don't want to use one. One example has been mentioned already: if I run in a squad with sensor darts and there are no red dots, I can relax ... except that if implants get released, I can't. If I stand still in a tree and don't shoot at anyone, waiting for a good moment, I'm very unlikely to get spotted ... except that if implants get released, someone will get an auto-spot on me if they go nearby. It is never possible to just ignore a feature in an MMO, good or bad.

    The trouble with implants is that almost all of the effects are bad: it makes many styles of gameplay non-viable, without introducing other tactical options of the same depth.
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  19. MuchachoBob

    If this is really happening, can we please get an implant that lets us know when we've been spotted?
    It's the sort of thing that's useful for who's using it, but won't take away anything from the player who's spotting.
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  20. MarkAntony

    That is not my main problem with this.
    If I get spotted the second I kill someone it means that my !exact! position is given away in the deathscreen. Which means if I snipe anybody in an outfit with this implant I'll immediately get attacked

    Other than that it is a crutch to a skill that should be learned while getting better at the game.
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