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  1. Theghostwad

    The dev video on this does not fill me with confidence. As is this is a bad idea.
    These need to be fully cert-able and chargers should NOT cost certs, Ever.
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  2. Alpha8

    Still no off switch. This is the one thing that I think will cause a lot of players to be able to enjoy the new implant system. As it is now there is little point in upgrading beyond tier 1 implants (unless it only comes in a tier 2 form).
  3. shoguncawwill

    the implants do need a key binding for on or off
  4. Li3ber87

    I am really, really not looking forward to implants going live. It's just going to add a huge level of unpredictability that will be a nightmare for balancing. The fall damage immunity will make any sunderer in the SE Indar canyons easy victims to engi's who take an esf-taxi to the top of a cliff then jump down. Snipers (as much as I hate them) will have no idea if the person they just OHSK had the awareness implant and now all of their friends know where they are. You won't be able to trust that your sensor darts are telling you the truth when it says there are no moving enemies there. You throw an emp/flash/conc nade and you have no idea if your enemy is actually as vulnerable as they should be.

    It just seems soooooooo unnecessary and there are so many things that the devs could have been working on instead. Plus, with their current track record, can you imagine how buggy this is going to be? And don't get me started on the lucky dip SC/cert concept. Please, please, please SOE, just scrap this shameless money grab before it's too late and work on something that we actually want

    P.S. Making some of the implants class specific could go a long way to balancing out this potential mess
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  5. MrJengles

    :( Nak, please come back! It's much nicer to have a 2-way discussion and you received a bunch of responses.

    Will SOE be changing anything to shift the implant system closer to the wishes of the player base?

    My last post had some concerns.
  6. Silvermyst

    +1 for basically every thing you said.

    As I play Planetside 2 I keep coming and playing for a short while, then something gets implemented that I hate, (I don't throw that word around easily) and so I leave for a month or two, then come back to see if anything's better yet. Now in SOE's defense usually the thing that gets implemented that I hate gets toned down a lot and brings it to a "tolerable" level for me, but invariably within a month or two something just as bad, or worse comes in and messes everything up again.

    Either way specifically dislike about half of what's been added to the game in the last year, and most of the things that I was looking forward to having have been delayed over and over again and exist in a sort of vapourware limbo.

    In the end I feel like I'd prefer to be playing the Planetside 2 beta more than I'd like to be playing Planetside 2 as it is now. To bad that's not an option.
  7. Posse

    After using Clear Vision for the whole 2 hours of the Mattherson vs Miller match, I have to say that implant is completely overpowered
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  8. PlatoonLeaderG

    Can we sell implants for certs?
    That would be useful for me at least as i would never use them
  9. PlatoonLeaderG

    SOE says they listen to their community....after the lib uptade and now this i m not giving any feedback at all.I will not waste my time anymore for ideas/suggestion that they throw on garbage and they do what they want to do.
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  10. GreenEyedDevil

    Implant Idea - STRAFING ...please put in an implant that makes it so you can strafe again as infantry ... not being able to strafe with "A" and "D" keys really brought the game down for me and I cancelled my sub because it felt like a way to make it easier for lesser quality players to kill players who knew how to strafe and fire - please put this implant in and I will ReSub 6 month immediately - I play light assault and the lack of strafing mobility when i come down from a jet pack boost really hampers my play style

    anyways I loved Ps2 and literally dropped like $300 on the game and until you took away the strafing ability I played everyday - Please bring this back as an Implant and I will be back!
  11. Posse

  12. pnkdth

    +1. I'm voting with my wallet. They just lost one more subscriber(one that has stood by them for more than a year), the all-access glamour can't even obscure this blatant disregard for player feedback.

    The poll is currently at 336 against, and 109 for. :confused:
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  13. Uhgg

    So im already on the fence about continuing to play this game. Im so tired of the constant bugs and the impossibility of finding a battle that isn't a zerg. The main reason I do is I still have a few months of membership payed for, but if these get implemented as they are I will definately quit. Where is this poll at? I would like to throw in my vote.
    If you guys really want to implement this you should actually try listening to your community.
    Going through the list of implants, some of them could be really cool and not game breaking at all, but others....

    Enhanced targeting seems just fine at a glance, battle hardening is meh but not really an issue, hold breath is good (this should be a longer amount of time from the start), even marker is ok cause most people mark the people they are shooting at anyway (btw it'd be sooooooo nice if my guy didn't go "spotted an enemy _______ " when your sneaking up on them and just want to show your allies where they are, only to have them turn around cause they heard you and kill you)

    The real issues seem to start with the implants like awareness, EOD HUD, clear vision, emp shield, sensor shield
    these are all direct counters to items that usually cost resources, or remove smart play from the game. No one is going to use something like battle hardened when clear vision is available.

    On another tangent, the range finder is something that should have been implemented a LONG time ago. IMO vehicles should have built in range finders. I mean come on, were 800 something years in the future, and you cant put in a little range finder that we have today?
    As far as infantry goes, I think the range finder should be an item that you can equip and would take the place of something else, perhaps the grenade slot. I mean lets be honest, how often do you use a grenade when your sniping?

    Im not even going to touch on the P2W situation, but that should be dealt with as well.
  14. Uhgg

    Just checked in on the game and it looks like it went live...