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  1. Posse

    Sensor Shield is a terrible, terrible idea, if they decide to actually put that one into the game I'll be using it 24/7, and I'm pretty sure it will be the obvious choice for EVERYONE in competitive events such as Community Clash.
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  2. Larington

    One additional comment, if I put 3 implants in to try and get a different one, the system should re-roll the result if the resulting implant is equal to/the same as one of the three I put in.
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  3. DurandaI

    You should remove the ability to buy implants with station cash, instead just add a implant drop-rate booster to the store, like an xp boost, only this will increase the drop rate for implants over that period of time, this will allow you not to have potential pay 2 win complaints.

    This implant system, atleast the "rune combiner" system was taken entirely from LoL, why not take another que from LoL and takeyour implants(runes) and only allow people to use certs or other gameplay means to attain them. So by adding a booster like 50% increased implant drop rate, it still allows your company to profit from the release of implants, but hopefully shouldnt cause an outcry from the community.
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  4. Bruno Puntz Jones

    It's neat how you did not allow downvotes on the OP. I guess that was your take-away from the roadmap thread.
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  5. Bruno Puntz Jones

    If you sold them for double or triple the price in SC outright (i.e., I buy exactly what I want), then I probably would buy some or maybe even all of these at some point.

    As it is, I'll not be spending a ******* penny on RNG gambling boxes. And I'm exactly the sort of player that is disposed to spend a lot of money on this game, and does. I am your target marketing demographic for this product, and I am telling you now that RNG will mean you get nothing from me on this. Ever.

    Regardless what these things do, the RNG model for getting them is dead stupid. People have been telling you from day one that this is not WoW, and we do not want EPIC LEWT and RNG idiocy inserted into the gearing scheme.

    RNG acquisition is a stupid idea. I don't care who is married to it at this point. Just stop.
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  6. trichome

    Sorry SOE but I aint going to spend a single SC or Cert on something at random. You have got to be kidding me. If I'm spending SC or Certs I want to know what it is I'm getting not a random item from a whole bunch most of which I won't want or ever want.
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  7. xboxerdude

    Just don't give up do you SOE , you can put lipstick on pig but its still a pig , and implants are the fattest hog of them all
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  8. BoomBoom4You

    Let's try it before we jump to conclusions. I'd like to see a benefit to premium members somehow -- maybe your charger decreases at 50% the normal rate or something, anything to make the subscription benefits better.

    I'm a fan of simplicity, I see no problem with the PS1 version of implants. I get it that you guys need to make money, but I'd rather it be tied to subscription benefits rather than SC.
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  9. Coffee Hound

    I'm fine with implants, but the proposed system seems like a huge pain in the rear. When I log in to shoot people in the head, I don't want to go crafting random drops.

    Please add a simplified version, perhaps at an increased cost.
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  10. Derek Icelord

    Crafting needs to not be randomized, at least when crafting 3 implants into something of the same tier. I crafted a T1 Regeneration and 2 T1 EOD implants and got back... an EOD implant.

    At the very least, when crafting 3 implants into a new implant of the same tier we should have a choice of what we're getting.

    If you're going with the random booster pack thing, fine, but don't leave us completely to the whims of your RNG.

    Also, please please PLEASE don't remove the Cert page. Some of us actually like to see how expensive a cert line is (and what each level gives us over the last). I'm still ticked that I can't see vehicle weapon cert lines anymore.
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  11. Copasetic

    Well giving every class recon darts, infs auto spotting motion detectors and 3D spotting in general were all terrible ideas if you happen to be an infiltrator or light assault. There needs to be some kind of counter to all the active radar sources out there now, but maybe it shouldn't be available to all the classes.
  12. D3ADH3AD

    Implants fine... The whole crafting thing... worst content since BFR's in PS1...
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  13. HaskoDood

  14. LordMatt XLVIII

    Change it so that all energy is in one pool, and all players have a standard regen rate of energy, and can add to the pool by sacrificing implants(Instead of chargers), and let chargers be equipped like boosts to increase gain rate. The standard regen rate should match the consumption rate of all Tier 1 implants other than the default, and be slightly higher than the consumption rate for the default, but all higher tier implants will consume more energy.

    This way, you incentivize playing with a lower tier implant or without any implant whatsoever in order to store up energy to use a more costly implant. Players will still buy batteries or whatever because they don't want to have to spend time grinding or playing without an implant.

    I like the balancing of the current randomized accrual, but I think you should definetely add a more costly way to buy specifically what you want, as well as making a list of what activities net you what Implants, as well as an in-game Implant guide. This kind of stuff is VERY IMPORTANT. If you don't let players know this kind of stuff, you're just going to add to the extreme entry curve this game already has problems with........

    Edit: Perhaps you could tie this all in with the resource revamp, and make Implants run off of your resource pool?
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  15. Fotosynthese

    Just another prove that the roadmap is a lie.
    Why add a "roadmap" where the community can post feedback on when you ignore all the posts that don't want it?
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  16. kadney

    A few more implants for the record: Not sure if I covered all implants.

    Safe Landing T1/2/3
    Normal fall damage starts at 20/30/50m , lethal fall damage starts around 60/90/150m. 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.0 energy per second. Doesn't work inside vehicles.

    Hold Breath T1/2/3
    Increases Hold Breath duration by 25/50/75%. Uses 0.5/0.75/1.0 Energy per second.

    Regeneration T1/2/3
    Regenerates 4/5%/6.67% health per second when not taking damage. Consumes 0.5 /0.75/1.0 Energy per second. Does not work for Max suits or inside vehicles.

    EOD HUD T1/2/3
    Detects nearby explosives and displays them on HUD. Uses 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.0 Energy per second. (Guess it increases range, but no values for this yet.)

    Battle Hardened T1
    Reduces Camera shake from explosions, also reduches "flinch" when hit by enemy fire. 0.5 energy / sec

    Awareness T2/3 ?
    Autospots enemies who damage or kill you without using suppressed weapons. Uses 0.75 / 1 energy / sec
    (Tier 3 seems to give the same benefits but consumes more energy?)

    Marker T2 ?
    Autodetects enemies whom you damage. Uses 0.5 / 0.75 energy / sec. (Benefits from T1 to T2?)

    Sensor Shield T3
    Makes you undetectable for enemy radar equipment and motion sensors. 1 energy per second


    Got this after I left the VR:

    First critic:
    It would be nice if the implants in the constructor would be sorted by tier and then by alphabetical order. :)

    How do you deactivate the implants? Is there a hotkey for this?
  17. Wobberjockey

    AFAIK implants are always on.
    to deactivate one, equip a different loadout, or remove it
  18. Jbeasty

    I am very scared of these implants...They seem to be focused on simplifying the game play and removing aspects of the game where player skill is the only thing to rely on.

    Particularly, the auto spot implant. My favorite class for infantry combat is LA and the ONLY advantage I have is the jetpack and the various positions I can attain with it. Now if I am simply auto spotted for the world to see after my first kill/shot, it simply won't be a viable class to play anymore, at least without a suppressor. As a seasoned player, I almost NEVER have any trouble seeing where I am getting shot from, well before the new kill direction death screen thing, and this is a skill that will also be made pointless with an automated system. That's my main issue, however I don't like the auto detect explosives either, and that is coming from someone who regularly runs over bouncing bettys. That is another thing that removes player awareness and skill.

    Point being, simplifying the game is a terrible idea, and it will make the game start to feel like BF and COD. I think people choose PS2 because they DON'T want that experience. Anyway, that's my input, I hope these turn out for the better in the end.
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  19. Foster42

    Get rid of the regeneration implant. That thing is going to be so OP when it goes live. Automatically regaining health immediately after you stop taking damage is going to be abused a lot. either that or there needs to be a delay like nanite repair for vehicles. Please to make this a pay2win game because of implants....
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  20. Foster42

    Nope, regen is going to be used a lot more. I now can gain health back and have C4? perfect :/
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