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  1. Higby Developer

    Hey all -

    We've made some really great optimization progress in the last few weeks across several different areas of the game. Overall we're running faster across all our hardware test cases, in some cases with up to a 30% increase in framerate, and we're not even done yet. We know everyone here is anxious for news so we wanted to share some tentative dates of when we expect to have some of these efforts released to you guys.

    Our current schedule has us completing the changes for our first major optimization patch on October 9th, as soon as possible after that we'll be patching things up to our Public Test server where we'll be running a few events and focus tests to make sure things are stable and performance increases are being realized. Assuming that our testing goes well our hope is to deploy the first major optimization patch on October 23rd.

    As usual I have to caveat that dates can be slippery, and while we'll make every effort to adhere to these dates, with engineering changes of the complexity and magnitude of those being undertaken by the team right now things can go wrong.

    We will be posting a followup thread to talk about some of the specific changes we've made and results we've seen from them so far, but we wanted to get the news on the dates out to you all as quickly as we could!

    I also wanted to thank each of you for your patience while we've made these changes. We know the delays to content additions has been tough, but, based on the results we're seeing internally already we think you will all agree that it has been well worth the wait.

    See you on Auraxis!
    Matthew Higby
    Creative Director - Planetside 2
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  2. EViLMinD

    Hey, it's an extremely complicated matter. We're just glad you elves are busy tinkering behind the scenes.

    Keep keeping us posted!
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  3. Lucidius134

    Even if I don't get a massive FPS boost (i'de be content with 5) my main desire is to get it SMOOTHLY running. Right now it's jittery as heck and inconsistant.

    I've played stuff like half life 2 and 1 at 15 fps and when it can be playable when the cap is consistant. In PS2 as soon as I get in a firefight or near one the FPS rubber bands around half the time and it feels delayed.
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  4. Laners

    And my faith in SOE has returned!
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  5. Lazaruz

    Sounds good on paper, only time will tell how it actually is. But I'm cautiously optimistic, so keep pushing it :)

    Off topic: Higby please, could we have some awesome membership package deal in the near future?
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  6. daniel696

    Even 30% not being much for AMD users ( 15 20 fps + 30% = 19 - 24 fps) already is something, and you guys haven't finished it yet. Keep going, keep going.
  7. gnometheft

    Thanks for the updates, All the contentdelays is worth a stable game which will bring more players over the long term.
    I really appreciate the hard work, althugh I won't lie I'd hope to see resource revamp, hossin + cont lattice, and player missions on top priority after these are finished :D.
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  8. RevanZim3


    Hell, It's about time.
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  9. HadesR

    While content delays can be expected and are understandable .. How is the work on bug fixing going ( Most notably the splash Dmg that was attempted to be fixed but wasn't ) ?
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  10. Lonecompany

    Thanks Higby.
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  11. Liewec123

    he did say that this is what they've done so far, it will get better, also this is the first optimization patch, not the only one,
    so 30% higher framerate+stability is pretty darn nice for starters!
    though long over due its better late than never!
  12. Dovahkiin


    It's going to be fixed in tonights patch, read Higby's twitter bro, you should now that is the place for the real PS2 news.

    Where did you get 30% improvement from? Smed's tweet? If you got it from SMed he was talking about dual cores. On the early build, dual cores got a 30% improvement while quad cores got ~60% improvement.
  13. whitupiggu

    I still remember GU02. You aren't going to trick me again Higby!
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  14. Robes

    hey first page
  15. Rockit

    Does this update contain the change of bringing the minimap and/or UI code from some middleware app to core code?

    In other words, you know how when you kill the HUD and FPS picks up? Yeah that is what I am talking about.
  16. Pikachu

    OMFG a post by Higby!
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  17. TheAntiFish

    So... I should be able to partake in fights jitter-free after this. Therefore my pistols will be viable again....

    God help you all!
  18. MrUnimport

    Am I to understand there will be no content patches until October 23rd at the earliest? Good god.
  19. NyaR

    Is this the multicore engine rebuild or some other sort of optimization?
  20. TheAntiFish

    You have the best signature of the forums. Poor Vanguard lmfao.