Playing less and less because of Air, taking an indefinite break

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  1. XRIST0

    You're the wheenie of all air wheenies , stop defending your stupid little aircraft and come to terms .. Liberators are over powered .

    They have too much armor and the weapons are too powerful , you think people have 2000 certs to fully uprade their max ? are you kidding mate ..

    Buff AA max please , by a decent percentage .

    Problem solved .

    Fly boys ruined this game , especially Vanu and their never ending swarm of scythe ... Which will just tripple team you if you dare try to engage combat with one .

    Where is your infantry at .. too scared ? so you sit up in the air and run away like little girls when you get shot , hah ! bunch of pus***

    Something needs to be done about A2G balance , you cant even leave the spawn room to defend your cap point because some loser is whoring his zepher . Seriously ? because this d0uche want to farm kills/certs , it ruins about 30 other people's game ? who are trying to defend a point but just cant do anything but be blasted to death every time they step foot out that door ...

    AA max's do not help in that situation , stop saying they do .
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