Playing less and less because of Air, taking an indefinite break

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  1. UberBonisseur

    You can't make deterrents if everything is about DPS.

    Take a game like DotA/LoL.
    Supports are deterrents to enemy damage dealers. Because they have different mechanics that mitigate damage.

    In PS2 AA is all about DPS.
    "Deterrent" means you deal ammounts of damage low enough the enemy can just chose to fly away.

    Look, a stupid idea:
    You could just take AA, remove all its damage, but it slows down aircraft by 90% when it hits

    That would be a deterrent.
    So either you increase the damage of AA, which will throw us into another spiral of the NERF! game, either you add significant "side effects"

    And FYI a single AA max hitting ALL of its shots on a Liberators does roughly 1/3rd of its total health.
  2. smokemaker

    Dude, go jump in an ESF. Then go find some AA. Then tell me how long you let him shoot at you without dying.
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  3. Dhart

    Wow- does nobody read the first post anymore?

    Poster gave the scenario of 5 Liberators vs 15 Max. Don't assume that just because 'you' might have Double Busters... or the TR/VS equivalent... that everyone does. Much depends on how 'robust' the Liberators are vs the Max's.

    I bought two Busters for my NC Max... no other certs... just the weapons and I can't take down a Lib with all the perks by myself... and if its firing on me... only takes 2-3 hits to kill me. Can't imagine how much worse the damage is with 'default' weapons.
  4. Cinc

    In this game, we have air, vehicles, and infantry

    If you dont like the unique advantages someone being able to fly gets, then quit the game and go to whatever else it is you play. Really, i've seen this over and over again during the beta. First, you wine about air dominating you. SOE listens and then buffs AA to hell or nerfs air into the ground.

    Then tanks take over, everyone complains about mass-tank zerging, everyone threatens to leave and go play firefall (i havent got to play it yet, but sounds like a good game) and we beg for air buffs / AA nerfs. And we get them.

    Please return to step 1.

    My point is, people making threats like this are encouraging more extreme actions here, which will throw this game even deeper into hell. Please, suggest rational ways to solve the problem, but dont encourage panniced reactions to save the player base. That is the VERY last thing we need. At the very least, air domination is much better then the tank domination, trust me.
  5. Revorn

    If ppl are diyng to much, they are leaving, and surley not coming back. Soon you are a lonley Bird in your Fligthsimulatorgame. Better you going to rethink your "adabt or die" Thing. It looks not verry clever. Imho
  6. Cinc

    Um... there were atleast 2 people in that vehicle.

    So, ya....
  7. Qaz

    i think the issue isnt that people dont want combined arms ... it's just the sheer scale of air, sometimes. You can have 20-40 esf and 15+ libs in the air over a base on my server at times, and there's nothing short of a multi-platoon sized outfit that can counter this, unfortunately, so things can get frustrating.

    To properly counter you could pull esf, but you'd need 2 full squds to come in at the same time to deliver a hard enough punch.
    ground aa ... maybe a platoon of AA? unfortunately a lof of players dont have the luxury of always playing in an outfit that has more than 1 platoon going. the point it all boils down to is that air can be incredibly frustrating if it's massed, that libs that fly at the flight ceiling cant be dealt with, and that aa is some of the most unrewarding gameplay (in terms of certs) there is at the moment .
  8. smokemaker

    "I bought two Busters for my NC Max... no other certs... just the weapons and I can't take down a Lib with all the perks by myself... and if its firing on me... only takes 2-3 hits to kill me."

    As it should. The game is not balanced around a solo new player.
  9. BengalTiger

    If that's true, then the ESF specialized in AT duties can't kill a 2 man MBT alone.
  10. smokemaker

    Are you required to have 2 people in your tank? No.
    Are you required to have 2 people in any vehicle to make it operational? No.

    "...ESF specialized in AT duties..."
    Adapt. If he is an AT ESF, this leaves him open to other A2A ESF's.
  11. Dictatorfish

    Nothing wrong with this, I know several outfits that are converting from infantry-based outfits to air-based Lib bomber fleets. Once everyone is in the air, the game will achieve balance. And isn't balance what everyone is after?
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  12. D0n

    Ok, stop the threads and halt development, this guy is willing to quit if we don't do something about aircraft, you know what to do SOE, it is very important Bejita plays this game.

  13. Talizzar

    What perks can you cert for that is going to help bring down anything? Nothing. Sure you can cert up being able to hold more ammo but that does not increase damage, ROF, etc. Ok you can add some flak and other things to survive but I can stand in a door way and survive and with an Engineer I can withstand quite a bit. The guy that said he could take a lib down by himself is a lib farmer here trying to protect his farm. It is people like him that are what is intrinsically wrong with the game. When one thing is stupid OP just admit it. The nerf is coming. The nerf is coming.

    Deterring Aircraft does not net any gain for the player. Be thankful people sit and clear the air space for the other farmers while they share a few ESF kills between them. Even if you get a Lib close to death you can bet all the people jump out so you get screwed twice. Enough ESF pilots bail too. The air system is terribly flawed.
  14. Sadkitten

    See ya, please don't come back.
  15. BengalTiger

    3 people are not required to pilot a Liberator. It takes one to fly it.
    It should get shot down by a single Skyguard using that logic.

    The Skyguard is also open to other ground units.
    Why not make it good at shooting planes, so pilots need to adapt and bring a tank or heavy assault after getting torn to shreds?

    Flying is harder than anything according to pilots, so it should be easy to grab an MBT to shoot down AA units.
  16. smokemaker

    I believe you are the minority. The game gets healthier as players come and go. For those unwilling to adapt... I will miss the easy XP, but won't shed a tear to you leaving.
  17. r1stormrider

    air spam is in fact out of control. its getting close to being a deal breaker for many players and i think the balancing of AA vs aircraft needs to be looked at again. just the other night it was absolutely stupid to bother even playing the game when all i can see everywhere are hover spamming ESFs and liberators just blowing everything up with impunity.

    im an infantry player primarily. if i am going to be FORCED into playing a flight simulator for this game, the prospects are not looking very good for those of us who feel the same way. we're not asking to be gods in the battlefield, we're asking for a better fighting chance when we have nearly 100 enemy fighters encircling an indefensible base with all its windows, doors, and openings for bombs/rockets to fly through.

    also the resources are inconsequential. i dont give a **** if i lose my plane. the cooldowns are already too short as it is and the resource for pulling them out is largely ignored. i have no need to budget my resource spending at all. there is no GAMBLE when i roll a vehicle whatsoever.
  18. smokemaker

    The more that learn to fly, the smarter the player base gets.
    They will see there are times when an infantry role will do better then an ESF.
    They will see that ESF's have their own issues and those hunting them.
    They will see the lib's as excellent opportunities for some nice multikills and good XP.
    They will see that there are indeed foolish infantry that take no personal responsibilities for their own safety.
    etc, etc.....
  19. RykerStruvian

    The only time infantry is really needed is when generators and points need to be captured. Outside of that, everyone should fly. If you're going to stay on the ground then your purpose is to be farmed.
  20. KayGeddon

    You sound like a pilot.

    I was in the Navy IRL. Fire Controlman, 1st class(in 6 years). It's certside 2 when a lib/hoverinvg ESF measures certs/min. Why? G2A missles can be outrun with afterburners. I saw my share of NATO Sea Sparrow fizzles(corkscrews and splashes). I also have seen that anti-aircraft shreds air without any recourse. That is what AA SHOULD be. You wouldn't have AA if it were useless. If you get really close, a 20mm armor piercer(and it's buddies) will go through your aircraft like a tincan.
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