PlanetSide 2 PC Emerald Server Maintenance September 18th

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by ps_nicto, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. Aryaria

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  2. achilles2112

    so the server is up , then why aint i playin , can someone tell me why the servers are up and we still cant play. paying members wanna know o_O j/k you know how these withdrawl symtoms be kickin .........:confused::mad:o_O
  3. Ichneutae

    Hey Devs, some of you guys are probably going through a rough day at work, so I wanted to let you know that some of us players do understand the problems that can arise during updates/maintenance, and that we know you are doing your best and trying to deliver the best that you can... Hope you guys can figure things out soon and you can go home to relax with your friends/family. Thanks for providing us with an endless source of entertainment. Planetside 2 is an awesome game, and you guys should be proud of working here. I'm silent in the forums but I've played on/off since launch. Best regards.
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  4. Rulistic

    There was a trick back in beta to get updates on maintenance that ran over.. spam the report button. Temp ban from forums but we get an update.
  5. Sindroms

    Someone spilled papa Vanu's drink over the console.
  6. Prime Pessimist

    6 hours + 6 hours + 6 hours = 18 hours. I see what they did there.
  7. Scatterblak

    No. They said 6 hours - they didn't say in a row.
  8. dad1864

    It is now 3:03AM 9/19/19 no servers...........hope you figure it out and thank you for a fun game :)
  9. Waspkiller

    24 hour maintenance?
  10. TRspy007

    I'm glad they're not taking down all the servers at the same time, but could we get some upgrades on the servers?

    We want FLEX servers!!!!!!!!!!
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  11. TRspy007

    Man I have to commend you for that, it got a good laugh out of me. Then I realized it was true and now I'm sitting here crying in the uni library.
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  12. Wrel's Do-Rag

    In other words "I realize you guys are crashing and burning and not saying a peep for reasons unknown, but I just wanted to take time to say you're the best!" LMAO
  13. achilles2112

    well you know it is geting close to that time of year .. when it time to spend more time huntin than playin the game o_O not tryin to start any rumors here just pointing out some facts:)
  14. FoamyTheSquirrel

  15. Neetirl

    As of 9:41am EST Emerald is back up
  16. Duman

    Guys, hello everyone, can you please tell me what to do?
    The error "You were disconnected from the server" why does it crawl out constantly?
  17. Mattzilla

    I'm really glad I didn't wait up. Looks like they hit the 12 hour mark lol
  18. LikeToPlay

    @duman the same keeps happening to me, my ping also went from standard 100 to 300-400 and keeps rising to ~5000 and I get disconnected every 10 mins, this is unplayable, I think I am going to request a server transfer for that character from emerald over to miller, I have been playing on that character for over 4 years, and everything I unlocked was through certs, and I never spent a dime on It, until recently on some cosmetics accountwide, but now it is unplayable and that is just bs

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