PlanetSide 2 PC Emerald Server Maintenance September 18th

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  1. GotBuds

    Had to go to an old post of mine from years ago when DBG did crap exactly like this with server maintenance and no customer service....Here is to old memories...

    Here is the original thread so you can all see this is normal of DBG and have been doing it for years

    Webster Dictionary:
    Day Break Games

    Noun: A company of or desire by a group or individual to see at any moment in time how far up another persons *** they can stick their head to see any possible light.

    A consolidated effort by many to make simple seem complex and complex seem impossible

    Dick Heads

    All Other Game companies
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  2. Tigre

    crap game
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  3. NivekelyoD

    I've never put one penny into Daybreak since I joined in early 2014 and nor will I. It is entertaining reading about the various false hopes mixed with a little insanity from this forum though. Actually this is a little more entertaining than playing PS2 sometimes or at least the hope of playing the game ; )

    Psychologically speaking if this server shut down is a ploy by their advertising agency as a grind booster for future PSA sales then good on them. With this shut down, first you get the attention and deep game play desire from the majority of players with their anxiety flowing more and more as time goes by until the players have no choice but to explode their energy into PSA or what ever.

    All is fare when the majority of players continue worshiping daybreak/PS2 without even doing something that stops the system from screwing them over again and again and again and etc. Playing the Blame/Shame/Complain game is only for sheeppeople. You can either lead follow or get out of the way. Of course the top of the ritualistic game players pyramid (Daybreak/PS2) probably hopes that everyone just "get's out of the way."
  4. XLander

    Dick Heads

    Sony <---- Sony did not make Planetside. Also, Sony allowed Higby to do PS2 which is the reason they have gone even further off script with PS arena. Neither PS2 or Arena Should actually be called Planetside. At least PS2 was in the correct Genre of style to be labled the same.

    All Other Game companies[/quote]
  5. XLander

    If this is to try to enforce/force people to play PSA. I think I will simply go back to not gaming. I only came back to play PlanetSide, not this bastard child BR arena game. PlanetSide is not the father get another name for this bastard. Call it consoleside, cartoonside, Not PlanetSide level MMO side. Call it Bastardside if you like, but PlanetSide it is not. PS2 was far from Planetside. PS Arena is not even a distant cousin.

    Further you completely removed my faction so I will not be playing. Aside from the other reasons like it is not Planetside.
  6. Andreitheone

    Is it possible to switch your character server? If I create a new profile, I can switch... but not the one that I have always been using. Why is that and how can I still switch?
  7. Who Garou

    I don't think you can switch servers unless the devs set-up an open swtich like to and from Soltech at this point.
    I don't see a server transfer option in the depot.
    You can buy more character slots.
    I started a fresh one on Connery tonight.
  8. Who Garou

    updated my customer support ticket again.
  9. Bnuldun

    Is something wrong here, guys? The server has been down for 15 hours so far. This is some Vindictus-level tomfoolery here.
  10. P149U3

    Here we are still waiting for the servers to be up SMFH
  11. XLander

    You know they could at least make a ghost character copy on the alt server that is temporary until maintenance is over.
    The absolute least you could do if you gave a damn about customers.

    I came back after a long break because of devs lying for so long. I saw an update I thought was progress. Then I play for a while give you money again. And lies again.

    Seriously I will not play Arena. Your attention deficit development style does not deserve support. Had you guys done the releases you were supposed to back when you were supposed to this game would not be dead. Since you could not deliver on those promises I foresee catastrophic failure for the whole PS series, and DBG failure. Not because the new game will be good or bad, but because you have already set president for undelivered promises. Why would I buy into another lie?
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  12. Lance Ripplinger

    The server is still down? Nice, Daybreak is living up to their poor reputation. They don't care about their customers at all.
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  13. Scirca

    I come back from work and the server is still down. Oh boy who's ready for PSA? I know that I can't wait.
    Can't wait to not play it like how 90% of Fallout players did not play 76.
    But then again, what do we expect from them?
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  14. Who Garou

    someone said that the server is actually up.
    We are just locked out of it.
  15. Who Garou

  16. Sy Tarn

    This is absolutely nuts lol. Idk it would really suck for ps 2 to die. And i woll lose another favorite. This sucks.
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  17. Derevity

    tried getting on at 12, saw the maintenance, worked for a while, tried getting on at 5pm, then 6pm, then 7pm. atleast update your game server status page to show the server is down so i don't gotta keep loading the game every hour to check. and also, the probability this doesn't get solved until tomorrow is pretty high since daybreak is probably getting off work or already off. They should have backup servers to reroute everyone to when they do super long maintenance like this.
  18. AlcyoneSerene

    Was fun playing on Connery. Leveled my NC there and started a TR. Lots of Emerald players on there too. Would be cool for a Connery-Emerald server merge if they set up a central server.

    However long this lasts, I hope they resolve whatever issues they ran into. Last time a major server problem happened it took a month to fix.
  19. AsAnElder

    Almost 17hrs. Connery is boring.
  20. Who Garou

    So apparently this thread doesn't show up in "What's new" when someone makes a new post to it.
    The community is trying to get together on something. That should be a good thing.

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