PlanetSide 2 PC Emerald Server Maintenance September 18th

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by ps_nicto, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. ps_nicto Developer

    On September 18th, 2019 starting at 8AM Eastern we will be performing an extended maintenance of the server hardware for the Emerald server. All other servers will remain online and unlocked during this maintenance. Expected downtime is 6 hours. Stay tuned to this thread for any changes or additional details will be posted to this thread.
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  2. franthes51

    bom dia ps_nicto tenho um caractere em MILLER e quero transferir para EMERALD,isso pode ser possível?
  3. franthes51

    o que vai ser feito nessa manutenção?
  4. Scirca

    It has been 8 ******* hours. At this rate PSA will come out before this patch is done and kill off PS2......
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  5. DalzeelX

    8 AM EST to 2 PM EST is 6 hours, it has currently been 6 1/2, math more, passive aggressive less
  6. KielKun

    EXPECTED downtime. They can't always give a 100% accurate time frame. You need to chill dude.
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  7. thechariot1x

    Judging by the reported server population I am forced to conclude that 58% of daybreak devs play for the VS. I'm slightly disappointed.
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  8. KielKun

    Shoot, why do you think there conspiracy that the devs hate the NC? They hated that the NC can beat the VS in close quarters with our shotguns so they nerfed em into the ground.
  9. thechariot1x

    So do we need to keep logging into the app to check if it's back up or will they post the all clear here?
  10. KielKun

    I'm sure we'll get an update when it's back up.
  11. DalzeelX

    There is the option to play on Connery or another server while waiting
  12. aljake

    The down time started at sometime 6:00 am my time, it's already 3 pm. :(
  13. Mo100801

    Any update on the time until Emerald will be back up?
  14. WreckitWrel

    Not posting updates? Would be nice to know what's going on with emerald
  15. cemorela

    10 hours 22 minutes later..............................................................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111uno-une-uno
    Must be a local UAW doing the work... oh wait.............................................

  16. WreckitWrel

    Absolutely ridiculous with lack of communication. Thanks Dev Team. How about an update since its almost 7pm. Good 11 hours and we have silence. Just say you got error message 1 and cant log the crap in. Anything is better than this......unless you are shutting down emerald or preparing for a merge.....You all have done crazy crap that made terrible sense in the past...Just saying
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  17. SashsaACIII

    Hello this is a simple server related c launch of new (PlanetSide Arena) servers in [NA] America.
    not defined time.

    ...N7® .
  18. DalzeelX

    Let it all out. **pats back**
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  19. Hatsuwr

    It's been 11 hours now - closing in on twice the expected downtime, all without a single update.

    I don't really mind at all if you need to take the server down for a few days if needed. But if you give an estimate and are coming up on doubling it, all without even a single one of the promised updates, it sure seems like you don't care a lot. It's not as if it would be difficult to do. Any number of people could take a quick 30 seconds to say: "Having some unexpected difficulties, no ETA at this time unfortunately."
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  20. Lalatina

    puts twice as much experience on Thursday and Friday, which solves it all! :3

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