PlanetSide 2 PC Emerald Server Maintenance September 18th

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by ps_nicto, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. MiniReaper

    Man gotta love that 0 communication with the player base; can the Public relations/community mangers get fired and replaced with a college intern like god dam at least they know how to write a tweet or few words to keep people updated on what's going on.
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  2. Loudog

    amen brother - this guy gets it
  3. Ipanova

    Just cancel my membership to send a signal
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  4. MiniReaper

    Best part about this, the server is just locked it's not actually down; at least not according to DBG's game server status page.
  5. Loudog

  6. Loudog

    character wipe probs
  7. MrSnuffles

    It's now 9PM what the hell is going on
  8. Who Garou

    So here we go. PS Arena starts tomorrow, so they want to disappoint PS2 Players today?
    Is it so hard for the DEVs to post an update on this situation?
  9. GotBuds

    Of course they want to do that, its DBG!

    Why wouldn't they release PS:A, I mean after all they barely beta tested it, did no real homework before pushing to Live, why wouldn't they push out and release a barely usable POS? They have been doing it on PS2 for years.
  10. Kyliz

  11. Loudog

    @Daybreak ! Give the people what they want - jerks.
  12. GotBuds

    As you all know, Devs or DBG staff don't read these forums or care a D**N about anything here.

    Start a Twitter rage campaign, Flame the crap out of them on Twitter, they are active there usually. Demand better from them and maybe, one day they will wake up and realize without all of us, they are unemployed game nerds.

    At minimum, a serious Twitter rage campaign will bring awareness to all the FortnitePubs that might be interested in PS:A of what a game developed by DBG is really like and what they can expect in the realm of customer service and content development. Let's see if we can trash the reputation and player base before their POS PS:A even gets off the ground!!!
  13. Sy Tarn

  14. Bagger1971

    WOW ******* 13 plus hours and they still wont give any idea on what the **** they are doing. Maybe its a big circle jerk with wrel in the middle. GET THE ******* GAME UP AND RUNNING ********
  15. Bagger1971

  16. Loudog

    yeah this **** is like heroin
  17. GotBuds

    Hit them on twitter guys! drive away all possible people watching that might be interested in PSA
  18. MagicGreen

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  19. DocLorria

    what the heck is going on with Emerald??? this is nuts!
  20. DocLorria

    what the heck is going on???? well of 6 hours!

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