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Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Freeze74, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. unknamed

    Same here still. Windows 8.1 64 bit - CPU is an i5 3570K
  2. shinything

    Well, MSI Afterburner works for the release client, and others in my outfit (GOTR) say that they're able to run the PTS client with Afterburner -- so I'm not really sure where the incompatibility is. All I know is that quitting Afterburner lets me run PTS correctly. I'm continuing to investigate.
  3. shinything

    OK, after further checking, it turns out that the new PTS client doesn't play nice with FRAPS, not MSI Afterburner. Quitting out of FRAPS lets me at least get to 15% before I get the G99 error ;) Guess the server's down right now.
  4. Doomzzg

    Happened to me as well.

    And yeah, running FRAPS with Afterburner started to get wonky with the last 2 tiny pts patches. Afterburner still works if you go to the on screen display, click on the wrench and check these. It should work normally afterwards.
  5. smeggy

    Using Engy anti armour turret, deployed on top of container and on solid ground. When i press [E] to enter the turret, i seem to jump downward under the turret. i see an upside world and can fire the missile and control it, but i am direct underneath the turret.

    Did take some screenshot but cant find them - any ideas?

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  6. DirtyRonin

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  7. NCwolf84

  8. Scientiarum

    Since the new 64bit client I CANNOT get PST client to use my GPU. It consistently triggers my firewall and launches using only integrated graphics. I am running an intel ivy bridge i7 cpu and a Quadro K1000M gpu (I know! I have to run on potato mode but it still is 1000 times better than on integrated graphics). Operating system is Windows 8 64x.
  9. Giggily

    If moving while ADS the player's crosshair and weapon in general are completely misaligned with the center of the screen and jump around when firing.
  10. WyrdHarper

    Confirmed. With this bug you can also shoot in a complete circle and completely up/down.
  11. user101

    PTS heyka chemical lab Bridge does not work correct in X64 it turns on and off in the control room but the bridge dose not turn on and off and in what is the off mode you can still drive and walk across it.
  12. user101

    PTS x64 F1 - F12 buttons seem like you have to hit them in some cases a couple times to get them to work. Seems to be some problem switching positions in stuff. Seems like some times it works and some times it does not work.

    F1 - F12 also seems slow in response in some cases. Very strange.... ?
  13. Astriania

    Re 0xc00007b error: The error means 'bad image format' and usually that means a 32/64 bit mismatch. Updating DirectX fixed it for me, thanks for the tip ... very unobvious and will need some automation when you push this live.
  14. desdicardo

    Shotguns disappear when fired while ADSing. Full auto nighthawk disappears completely. Semi-auto bounces off the screen with each shot. Pump action seems unaffected.

  15. notyourbuddy

    Hvar Northgate Garrison:

    You nuked the old spawn room but you forgot to remove its associated pain field (for attacking forces.)

  16. Transformer1275

    Been having trouble trying to play on the test server since 64 bit client, I've gone from 40-50 fps to under 10 for no reason and I've tried reinstalling and everything ( note that I have an alienware so I shouldn't be getting like 5 fps and that the actual game works fine, it's only the test server that has this problem)
  17. Killerdude8

  18. Transformer1275

    hey I load up to 15% too but only get bad frames, no crash
  19. Astriania

    I'm currently getting an immediate crash to desktop attempting to deploy on the PTS (it loads the map screen but when I press 'Deploy' it dies).
  20. daniel696

    Loading stops at 95% when warping to hossin.

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