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  1. Freeze74 Developer

    Hi Everyone,

    If you find a bug on the Test Server, please use the in game bug reporting tools we provide.

    It would be increadibly helpful if you would take the additional step of placing a brief description here as well. This will give us an easy, one-search method for finding all the bugs you are discovering for us.

    Many Thanks!
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  2. Ash87

    -When running, the changing weapon animation, that shows you physically drawing the other weapon, doesn't seem to be working, while your character is running. So, while running, if I switch weapons it seems to instantly switch. Yet, if I start trying to -use- that weapon before what was the time it would take to switch weapons, the animation would resume at the same point it -should- have been at. That is to say if a weapon had a 3 second period between switching and being usable, and I was running it would seem to instantly be available to me, yet if I started trying to use the weapon at 1.5 seconds, the animation would suddenly kick in, except it would only log from 1.5-3 seconds of drawing and prepping the weapon for use, instead of 0-3 seconds.

    -The "Lockdown" mode, if activated while the max is moving forward, will cause the max to continue moving forward.
    -Side note on lockdown mode: I could observe no significant rate of fire increase with the Mutilator, bursters, Mercy, or Heavy Cycler. Some people said they saw a difference, but just by firing until the magazine emptied, and counting how many seconds it took, I saw no difference in the time it took, between Any of the listed weapons.

    -Dahaka uplink hub. The vehicle shield facing Dahaka amp station, is too narrow you could drive a vehicle around the gap between the shield itself, and the shield projector. It seemed to be the right height, but too narrow.

    -j908 Impact site: In the little garage area, below the Bunker like structure on the west side of the base, in the north and south corners of that "Garage" area, there are beams or cables showing. Something missed by the level designer. Also the vehicle pad is underground for the most part.

    -the bridge between the pallisade and the crown, the supports have disappeared, so it is a flight hazard, I ran my reaver into it and ended up exploding, though there was nothing that I could see, that would have caused said reaver to explode.

    -The bridge between Regent rock garrison and Scarred Mesa's supports are missing as well.

    -When hacking the northern Air console on the bunker/vehicle spawner located on the west side of j908, hacking caused the air console to burst into flame. hacking didnt' destroy the console, but it seemed to cause the console a great deal of damage, based on the animation change I got on the console. Could not replicate at any other hacked consoles. (Tried at Dahaka Amp on one vehicle and one air console)

    -The vehicle console at Allatum botany wing didn't seem to spawn vehicles. I could select vehicles, but after hitting "Spawn" it would just bump me out of the screen, and spawn nothing. The console was one that would spawn any vehicle kind, though the icon was such that it should only spawn sunderers and flashes.

    -On the respawn map, the allatum botany wing spawning point, was showing somewhere North of TI Alloys, but when selecting that icon for spawn, it would spawn you at Allatum Botany.

    -Mao SE Gate: Found the relocated activation area, it is on the first floor to the east of where the physical point is, near the E door out of the building containing the point.

    -Mao SW gate: The terminals and pain zones, and shields, and turrets for most of the towers have not transfered to their new locations, and are thus hanging in mid air. The point detection is correct at this location though.. though the point is also 15 feet in the air, so taht undermines that somewhat. Also, the minimap and full map does not show the changes to map layout in this location at all.
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  3. mlane16

    Already on it in the forums chief. :)
    1. Ash's Journal on General Bugs
    2. mlane16's Journal on Terrian Bugs
    3. PraxisMajor's Journal on Bugs
    4. .....
    Hmm... actually let me start up a google doc that you guys can look at that will categorize the bugs listed in the forums. (give me a few minutes to edit this, you can watch as it will take an hour or two)
    Test Server Bugs List:

    Test Server Forums Discussion Thread List:
    P.S. I could use help so please add your own threads.
    P.P.S. I am going to post one comment in for the comments thread list, to give you guys examples, but this list is on the back burner compared to the bug list for me.
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  4. patricio_z

    Annihilator false firing is see the missile leave the launcher, you can see the explosion, but not damage is done, and you have the lockon signal again without going trough the reload animation, after the failed launch you still have the same amount of missiles left as before the launch
  5. bwdodd

    Redeploy while jetpacking and the thrusters sound stays while you are in the menus till you respawn.
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  6. Guadoc

    HA resist shield doesn't have any benefit past level 1 cert (this may be in live as well!). Just to explain that further, there is no difference in the time the shield lasts or how quickly it charges between level 1 and 5 - just a huge cert sink at the moment for no return.
  7. elkikko92

  8. Ztiller

    The Underboss sometimes misses out on recoil during follow-up shots, if the person firing the gun is moving:

  9. Ash87

    On the weapon loadout screen, on Sniper rifles, all of them are listed as Semi-automatics.

    Seabed listening post has no infantry terminals, even in the spawn room.

    Found multiple places where the minimap and map screen don't match up with the terrain, will be including pictures of where those are later tonight.
  10. Crysalys

    [IMG]See the enemy sundy
    [IMG]Try and blow up
    [IMG]Sundy still there
    [IMG]Road on map at crimson but not in game
    [IMG]Road not there outside Mao
  11. Crysalys

    Well I was afraid of that I will make a youtube for you at a later date.....
  12. Fulmir

    There is a non-colliding area of ground at Dahaka Amp Station between the leg of the amp station east of the western (vertical) generator and the small sealed building next to it. Walking here (a fairly common walking path) causes you to fall through onto the spawn tunnel trench and jumping to avoid the alert message can get you inside the SCU room. Picture of the area in question.[IMG]
  13. mlane16

    I believe those are pictures of Higby's party bus. Also, take my advice from the pm I sent you and repost these pictures.

    Second, I have updated my Bug List google doc to include all the bug threads between pages 1-4 of the Test Server discussion subforum:

    There are over 29 seperate bugs in the list that need to be addressed.
    Some of these are even bugs you guys mentioned in this very thread.

    P.S. I will tackle this tommorow some more, but I could really use your guys help in adding your own bug threads if I have not already added them. I will try to update my own Test Server Journal when I have the chance.
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  14. Radec594

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  15. Radec594

    Also, sorry for the double post but this just in: I just spawned in the PTS VR training area and all of my weapon attachments were not appearing on the gun (albeit still working); iirc this was encountered already in the past.

  16. Kon

    i unlocked a new secret hidden NC Battle Rifle its called the "Commisioners Ward"

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  17. KariH

    Crashed imidiately when touching infantry console. NC and Terran tested. Whole program collapse.

    At least two other persons has same thing but they made a new thread for that.
  18. MistaN

    Consistent crashing within 5 seconds of the continent/map being loaded. As soon as I'm in the spawn tube, I get the usual stuttering then it crashes.
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  19. elkikko92

    First crash with the last patch (european player)
  20. Wrek

    Last night while attacking Dahaka Amp Station I noticed a distinct lack of Vehicle shield generators. I may have missed the notes if its intential but feels a bit silly.
    (note that it might be fixed now but I have no ability to check sicne the PTS client keeps crashing whenever you login to the map.)