Petition against LA nerf present in test server.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kyouki, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. Goretzu

    Yeah people are saying that is a self-sound bug, that another person doesn't hear it like that.
  2. m44v

    The infiltrators that snipe would care less about the LA, the cloaking sound or about infiltrating, all they do is sit on a perch and kill dudes 300m away. Your threat about infiltrators getting the next nerf is laughable, is there anything left in the infiltrator that wasn't nerfed already? the wraith? ok nerf it. the SMG? ok nerf them. The snipers? nerf them to oblivion for all I care, sniping is useless.

    I only want our infiltration role back, as long as LA remain best choice for that task we can't have it.
  3. Cinc

    So, the "flanking class" will now pretty much scream out its position to anyone and everyone?

    One of the 2 classes, in this game, which entirely relies upon taking there opponents by surprise to do jack ****, will now have a massive jetpack screaming sounds?

    Makes sense (/sarcasm)
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  4. Wolfwood82

    2 + bacon = bicycle / apple - corn = road map x Zelda = You're wrong.

    For the record I could raise a plethora of points on the subject. I'm just tired of arguing with people incapable of, yanno, logic.

    The immediate counterpoint to this being the OTHER class that relies upon taking opponents by surprise already has a "screaming" sound.

    Never mind that the two sounds don't compare at all even if they both hit the same decibel level. Or the fact that one of the the two classes doesn't directly inhibit the primary function that all humans use to locate targets. Or the fact that one of the classes has an audible sound that is constant and follows you as you move thus allowing an easier time to locate direction and distance.
  5. ironeddie

    Only good because somehow the devs forgot to record audio for it! I don't need to play the class to know that an engine should make a noise. Which was the point of my post, other vehicles & the infiltrators cloak has audio, its an oversight they the jet pack does not. And that is why I support the addition of audio. Any good LA will adapt to it anyway & still be effective.
  6. Wolfwood82

    So apparently the DEVs are ********... Is that what you are saying?

    You are basically saying that they are so stupid, so incompetent, that they forgot to record a noise (they didn't, but never mind that! It doesn't help ironeddie's argument!).

    No no no they are dumb, it took your insightful comment to point out the error of their ways! You should be praised as the globally acclaimed genius you surely deserve to be! I vote we give ironeddie the Nobel Peace Prize! He definitely deserves it!

    I hate people....
  7. Hagestol

    Yes. Yes you do.

    The exact same argument can be made against any class: I don't need to play infiltrator to know that invisibility is impossible and that real infiltrators hide in plain sight or in the shadows. Thus the stealth function is actually impossible and should be removed. Of course this would make infiltrators harder to play, but they would probably adapt to it and still be effective. Also, there isn't a reason to nerf infiltrators because they are underplayed and underpowered at the moment, but that shouldn't prevent a nerf that is founded in IRL logic.

    See where I'm going with this?

  8. ironeddie

    Ha ha touchy aren't we! I'm not saying the devs are stupid at all but I'm sure Einstein made mistakes.
  9. vaxx

    Moronic post.

    First, commenting on a class you don't play = fail.
    Second, making a speculation "The devs forgot to add audio" as a fact = fail.
    Third, saying the jetpack doesn't make sound = fail.

    Come back and try again.
  10. LibertyRevolution

    I have 27 days of playtime as light assault.
    Jumpjets always made sound, I hear others jumpjets around..

    If you play the class you notice it more..
    Just like it is always inf complaining about there cloak sound, they are listening for it so they hear it all the time.

    BTW, inf, your do realize your cloaked, and we can't see you?
    If it wasn't for the audio cue, you would uncloak behind us and shoot us in the head with no warning..
    They added that sound in beta, because the class was OP without it.

    This sound they have on the test server, it is like I'm shooting a VS sniper riffle every time I hit the spacebar..
    It is unacceptably loud, we are not cloaked, you just need to look up...
    We are easy kills when flying, its not like its fast, we are referred to as "clay pigeons"...

    Video 1:

    Video 2:
  11. Rift23

    Because we're meant to be the decoy. While all the base defenders are pouring over the far side to catch the infiltrator they saw coming a mile away, the five LAs are actually sneaking in.
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  12. Metal Insomniac

    Both Infils AND LA's are unfinished classes, in my opinion. This "nerf" is understandable, but only if LA gets a new coat of polish. Otherwise they'll be even more of a pointless, undefined class. I quite honestly feel a lot more useful on my Infil. I am NOT saying Infil is OP or even complete. Far from it. They both just need to be polished is what I'm saying.
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  13. ScorpDK

    Both of them need more love. New abilities and gadgets.
    LA needs the ICARUS back, and maybe have a proper "Stealth" Jetpack, that has pretty much no noise, but has a downside. That way, people can still go for a silent approach, but the general population of LAs can be heard when they jet around your base.
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  14. Hagestol

    Why should a stealth jetpack have a downside when all it does is to restore us to todays LIVE balance - which is surprisingly balanced. LAs aren't overplayed, they don't have an insane score/hour or anything.

    Add noise on the ICARUS, I'd be fine with that at least. That thing is a beast. But the regular jetpack? Why? Why must you hear the LA? How can we flank effectively when everyone knows our immediate location?
  15. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    After trying it, I think it's a self sound bug.
    I fired a Ranger, and it sounded like a new Vanu gun, complete with a fading electrical fizzle at the end.
    Max Shotguns sounded weird from third person, but apparently not when self fired.
    When other people flied, I didn't notice it as that audible.
  16. Stargazer86

    Why does the jetpack need a downside? The LA class as a whole has plenty of downsides that offset the fact that the jetpack is quiet.

    Why does the Light Assault need to have a loud explosion that announces its presence when it has nothing else useful to bring to the table EXCEPT for the jetpack? For all the complaining Infiltrators do about their cloak sound, at the very least, they DO have a form of invisibility (Albeit however broken it is at low graphic settings), they're able to hack turrets and terminals, and they carry a recon device that enables them to support their team.

    LA's get the frickin' jetpack. That's it. Why do they need their sole useful ability nerfed?

    To me, it just sounds like a bunch of oblivious people want a giant siren placed on LA's so they can easily hear them coming a mile away. I mean, how are you supposed to be able to camp a doorway if you have to occasionally worry about someone coming up behind you? It's just unfair!
  17. ScorpDK

    I think the mobility granted by the jetpack is by itself way more useful than the cloak. It's downside is that you can now hear it when closeby. Not exactly different to the cloak. And similarly, the enemy does not know exactly where you are, and still has to look, BUT in more places than with the Infiltrator, since we can get pretty much anywhere with a jetpack.
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  18. Stargazer86

    You can't just compare jetpack to cloak. You have to compare class to class. Infiltrators, without a doubt, get more overall utility. LA's are just good at shooting things. That's it. And people seem to not want them to even be good at that.
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  19. ScorpDK

    Oh geez, here we go again.
    You realize that Infiltrators, not too long ago, did only have cloak, hacking and sniper rifles, right? LA is in the pipe for getting new stuff, so just sit tight or actually contribute with ideas if you haven't already.
    Also, LA got C4 (nerfed, but hey), so they can at least deal with MAX and other armored threats, while the infiltrator has to ditch everything and get the hell out of there when the first engine or mechanical stomping noise is heard.
    Besides, it's not like the jetpack is being nerfed with half fuel or longer refuel time, it's just getting slightly louder (and still can't hear them past 6-8 meters unless it is totally silent and you use headphones)
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  20. Amouris

    Ugh I feel dirty agreeing with Ztiller but this rings true. The lack of sound felt like an unfinished game mechanic.
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