Petition against LA nerf present in test server.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kyouki, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. Goretzu

    Everything is relative, there's plenty of people that would argue 30m is "medium range" (I'd tend to more agree with you myself - but any MAX or shotgun thread basically defines CQC at 0-5m)), but that in the end is neither here nor there. :)

    I still think that sounds about right though, especially as any battle sounds will mask that even further.
  2. Takoita

  3. Hagestol

    Then we need weaponry to deal with 30-50m. And survivability. I assume you agree with that? Battle rifles og LMGs are weapons in that range. Do you want LAs to work effectively in 30-50m?
  4. Dragonblood

    Why shouldn't they? It seems k that HAs can fight on any range.
  5. Hagestol

    Fair enough, but we'd need battle rifles / LMGs and utility in form of shield or something else...
  6. Dragonblood

    And I thought carbines would operate good between 30-50m....
  7. Hagestol

    Not even close. Poor weaponry for great utility. Mediocre utility means we need better weapons and other utility.
  8. Goretzu

    30-50m? There a several carbines for every faction that are wonderful at those ranges o_O , not to mention Shotguns with scope and slugs and SMGs. :confused:

    Ammo can be an issue, but then it always is.
  9. Hagestol

    And battle rifles, assault rifles, sniper rifles and LMGs are all superior at said range. And if they want us to fight openly without flanking we'll need those.
  10. Goretzu

    At 60m? They are all quite competative stop talking nonsense. :)

    Also here is a great example of the OPness of a silent jetpack that has just happened, I was covering an enterance from the 2nd floor there was a window but with no direct fire in from the window. A LA jetpacked up from below the window and One Shot Killed me through the window with a PA Shotgun. Nothing I could do, no warning, no sound, no reaction time, just death.

    Literally right next to me jetpacking and I couldn't hear it BECAUSE IS IT SO QUIET AS TO BE EFFECTIVELY SILENT.

    Never mind 60m, never mind 1m at the moment it's 0m with any sort of background noise going on. :eek: I understand why you want to keep the ability to do that, but it is just not balanced.
  11. Hagestol

    The class itself is balanced, as showed by the player stats. You want to lower effectiveness of utility, you have to give back something.

    I don't care about what you think about the effectiveness of the jetpack. Show me stats on how the LA is doing way better, capping more bases and being overrepresented in games or stop this line of arguments. You thinking it is silly is not an argument, it is an opinion. You provide me with no proof and with the stats being so widely available in this game that should be an easy job.

    You're saying that LA weaponry is competitive at 60m compared to BR, LMGs and AR? Seriously? Have you seen the stat comparison? Go read, come back.
  12. Goretzu

    Carbines, Shotguns with scope and slugs and even SMG gun are perfectly competative at 60m. Drop your marker at 60m and see.

    Again though I ask you should that LA have been able to jetpack up to that window right next to me and NOT BE HEARD? And the OSK me with a PA. It that "balanced" in your opinion?
  13. MarlboroMan-E

    This. So this. LA and mostly silent jet packs aren't the problem, OHK shotguns are the problem.
  14. Hagestol

    I don't have to defend your line of arguments, the silent flanking is a part of the LA gameplay. You want it to be removed, you're the active part and thus you have to provide the winning arguments or proof. You've provided neither.

    Also no, slugs, carbs and SMGs are far less effective at 60m compared to ARs, BRs and LMGs. Thats the whole point.
  15. Goretzu

    I completely disagree with Shotguns with Slugs (they are much better than BR currently) and certain Carbines correctly certed (they are perfectly competative at that range).
    SMGs are on the limit of their viable range there certainly, but they aren't a 0-10m weapon either by a long shot (literally :D).

    Honestly I've no idea what game you are paying if you think otherwise, because it isn't PS2. :confused:

    So you want examples.

    I give you a perfect example that just happened.

    And suddenly you don't want examples. :D :D :D
  16. cKerensky

    Good LA players won't care if you can hear them coming from a mile away. They'll probably still get the kills they need to get the job done.
  17. Hagestol

    I don't want examples, I want statistics. Not anecdotes. Not the same thing.

    Counter anecdote witch nullifies yours: I silently got up to a window, the squad wasn't terrible and I was killed in a second by LMG fire. Nerf LMGs.

    You disagree, but you still don't provide numbers. Slugs aren't at all as viable as LMGs, and they require you to be terrible at CQC the entire life. Saying that slugs are equal to LMGs... Well yeah.
  18. Goretzu

    How can any player give you statistics? It is a nonsense to suggest any player can. o_O
    SoE will have these, of course, which is perhaps why they are making them more noisey.

    If I had been facing the window I still would have likely died, however had I heard any noise coming from the Jetpack I could have looked out the window or moved away from it and had a chance to survive.
    In your example though I don't understand what you expected to happen? Fire from outside the window silently and kill them all? :confused:

    Slugs with scope and shotguns aren't the same as LMGs no, they are more like BR might be if buffed or Sniper rifles, that doesn't make them ineffective at range however.

  19. Hagestol

    SoE provides open statistics on most of the stuff that happens ingame. You should know that, and now, you do. Go fetch for your arguments.

    As for your shotgun argument. Only works for range, only works for VS properly and is terrible at CQC meaning he won't be able to function in a battle where somebody spots him. So bad idea. LMGs, BRs and ARs work at range and in CQC.
  20. SpaceHobo

    What, a Jetpack that makes SOUND? Holy s*** you are right! thats too logical.
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