Petition against LA nerf present in test server.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kyouki, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. Kyouki

    I am starting this petition to stop the nerf on the only unfinished class in Planetside 2. How about when you completely revamp this class in may (whatever that may be) you add in a jetpack audio. As of now Light Assault has been indirectly nerfed many times. The blaster shields on bases stop up from coming into every window imaginable. C4's blast radius was nerfed and now c4 no longer lasts after respawn, making suicide runs worthless. Now with a direct nerf to Light Assault I feel it is too much. If you agree with me then please comment on this thread for SOE to see how the community feels about this nerf to our beloved Light Assault.
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  2. Joe_da_cro

    windows i agree it sucks when trying to get the drop on infantry you cant anymore.
    i find suicide runs with any class is almost as bad as people who snipe and do nothing else. its a selfish behavior that doesnt do much to help your team but in the interim it just annoys everyone else. though i think the LA needs things to buff the classes usefulness. right now you can almost be effective against any target being a squad of engineers and medics. making the other classes obsolete when just looking at the targets which can be engaged by a combination of these classes. the only stregnth we LAs have is our jet pack but it doesnt make us viable enough
  3. MistaN

    Well at least now we'll have an audio warning right before we catch that shotty to the face.
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  4. Ztiller


    Why don't you ask the Infiltrator community about that one?

    Just stop with your whining. It makes no sense for jetpacks to be completely soundless and you know it. Nobody had cried if they had been noise from the start. This is less of a nerf and more of a fix. The exact same can be said about the C4 despawn change.
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  5. Dragonblood

    I play know that class that should be sneaky......everytime I shoot a recon dart it makes beep beep beep and when I cloak/decloak it makes wooosh.....woooosh......why would a rocket propulsion not make a sound.
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  6. OldMaster80

    Nope, current sounds settings on live server are totally stupid. Honestly I wonder why the hell did devs waited so much before changing the jetpack sounds. It doesn't make any sense that Infiltrators cloaking can be heard from 100 mts while the jetpack makes no sound at all. This was not working as intended and had to be fixed months ago: LA are NOT Infiltrators, they have a rocket-backpack and they MUST be noisy.

    Then the only unfinished class in this game is the Infiltrator. Despite all the bugs and the fact the cloaking does not work with low graphic settings, the most frustrating thing is that there's another class that does our job much better than we can do. The age of LA used like stealthy flying scouts is over: live with it or change class.
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  7. Hagestol

    ITT: Disgruntled infiltrators projecting the lack of class purpose onto the LA class, a class not overplayed and a class doing what it should - flanking. Kinda hard to flank someone when they hear you from a mile away and then turn towards you. At that point it isn't flanking anymore, it is a straight forward fight and we don't have the tools for that.
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  8. Ztiller

    Just like it is kindof hard to infiltrate when someone can hear you from a mile away, isn't it?

    People have been complaining for ages that the cloak is louder that the jetpack. Instead of removing the sound from the cloak, they added sound to the jetpack. A perfectly reasonable change, and the LAs are the only ones crying about it. Just like the NC cried about their MAX nerf, and the Vs cried about their Mag nerf. And TR about their prowler. And the Roflpodders whined about their AOE nerf. And the Lib farmers cried about their AOE nerf. And in all of these cases, the non-users pretty much always agreed that the change was perfectly reasonable.

    Stop crying and deal with it. This will not have even remotaly as larga an impact as you pretend it will be. If an infiltrator can infiltrate with the current cloak, and you need a silent jetpack to pull off your things, then you need to learn to play.
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  9. Doggzor

    Have you built a jetpack, has anyone ever built a successful jetpack, how does a tank that hovers make any sense, why doesn't it have a stability issue with the main cannon. There's many things in this game that have no explanation why they exist they just do.
    If the jetpack had the sound that is in the test server at launch I would bet my life that people would of complained about it and called the class a joke. The sound when using the jetpack should be inline with footsteps at the most, having a loud landing sound could be acceptable also.

    And the light assault is the most under developed class, it's just a carbon copy of the engineer class with out the tools and deployables, all that is swapped out for a slow as balls jetpack that is extremely unreliable when using and shooting.
    We have no class only weapon, every other class can pretty much use what we have access too. No team beneficial tool that hacks,spots,repairs and heals. And also we don't have to ask an infiltrator anything as they spend most of their time on the LA threads posting about how they are in an identity crisis with the light assault instead of trying to develop their own class in a unique direction.
  10. PsyStorm

    I have not tested it yet but I don't mind there being some sound. Whether it be the sound when the jet pack first fires or sound on the landing. I wouldn't be too disappointed if it weren't loud the entire time. Infiltrators are supposed to be the sneaky ones and we are very obvious when we cloak but only during the start and finish. I would like to know that Iron man is in the vicinity with his new jet pack.
  11. Hagestol

    No. No no no. People have been complaining about the cloak being loud, that means the cloak is broken, not LA. LA didn't run around in biolabs gibbing entire squads of people, they flanked up sides, got a few kills and if they got greedy they were usually killed. LA didn't nuke entire buildings like the mag/prowler. They didn't mow down platoons like the rocketpods or libs did.

    You do realise that if the jetpack is loud and it forces us to fight head on, they will have to buff our utility and armor right? Lets make the game vanilla.

    Stop projecting the infiltrators class issues onto us, ask for a fix and not a nerf.
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  12. OldMaster80

    Welcome to the Infiltrators world. This is not us projecting lack of purpose of our class on LA, but that's the undeniabe truth about current state of the game: as the game is currently designed LA are better saboteurs and scouts than Infiltrators. Not only they have higher mobility and better weapons, but their totally silent jetpack lets them sneak behind enemy lines almost unseen. It's much easier to fly over base walls making no sounds, than running through the main gate with a noisy cloaking device that 1) it's not working with low graphic settings 2) runs out of battery every 10 seconds.
    Going behind enemy lines possibly unseen it's the Infiltrators job, not yours. Those jetpacks should have NEVER been so silent.

    The only thing I complaing about, honestly, is they took too long before change those sounds.

    No. No. No. People have been complaining about BOTH.
    This just drama and crying for nothing like 5 yo kids. You all know know it made no sense the jetpack was so silent, I've been reading since September that "the best class to Infiltrate a base is the Light Assault" and honestly I'm pissed.
    What I'm seeing here is not people that cares about the overall game design: just a bunch of kids crying because they can not fall anymore from the sky with the shotgun and drop C4 while no one can hear the coming.
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  13. Cryptek

    well, currently the LA is a better infiltrator than the infiltrator because:

    His mechanic for outflanking the enemy is silent.

    He has a better selection of guns for close/medium range.

    He doesn't have an arbitrary health nerf.

    He has c4 and can therefor take out tanks and sunderers (you just need the underslung grenade launcher for a sunderer)

    I do think they could tone the ignition sound down just a little (if just to spare my ears D: ) but really I doubt people will notice in big fights.
  14. Hagestol

    Undeniable truth? Nice. This is where I post the video of the NC inf running around sundies killing 30 people and claiming the inf is OP?

    If they never were supposed to be this silent they would have had noise in alpha. They didnt. Or beta. But they were still silent. Or in release? Or the months after release? The LA class was presented and developed like a silent flanking class. Your argument of what they should be doesn't make sense when you look at how the class has been presented all this time.

    Seems like an inf complaint that they are worse at infiltrating than the LA. That is an inf. problem, not a LA one. Stop projecting your lack of infiltrating abilities on us, flanking is our job and they just changed our class for the worse in that regard. I'm assuming we'll get overshield and utility because we just lost part of our main class advantage without compensation.
  15. Goretzu

    It was daft (and likely a bug) that the Jetpack was effectively silent.

    The Test Server change is just plain sensible, you can now hear a Jetpack landing behind you - AS IT SHOULD BE.

    The Jetpack isn't quieter than the cloak/de-cloak sound - AS IT SHOULD BE.

    This is just a plain balanced change.
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  16. OldMaster80

    This has been reported probably hundreds of times. This is also the first thing I reported the first time I played during beta: LA jetpack makes almost no sound. As I said, I wonder why the hell did they wait so much before increasing the jetpack volume. Call it bug, call it coding mistake, call it whatever you want: this was not intended and let LA play as Infiltrators for months. Eventually they balanced a LA feature that literally made no sense.

    Moreover you must consider that in the middle of large battles no one will care about the sound of jetpack. And even if they do they'll have to learn how to distiguish friendly sounds from enemies. Just because the sound is now louder it doesn't mean LA are suddenly going to be the weakest class of the game.
  17. Doggzor

    All the infiltrator needs is the REK to make it fill its role better, one cert tree to upload viruses into vehicles to slow speed and rate of fire for a duration, another tree to hack and control NS vehicles and turrets. LA now gets the recon dart as a tool to include it in team play.
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  18. Hagestol

    So your argument is that you reported it, and yet nothing was done. Still it must be a bug and should be balanced? If you look at the facts here: The LA jetpack was silent for the entire development cycle, alpha, beta, release and after. It was silent after you reported it. So clearly it was intended for it to be silent.

    LA don't participate in large battles, they flank. Thats the whole point, they are fragile and easy to spot. They run into bases and cap the vehicle gen, they go through windows and claim positions. Thats what they do. And this will hurt that quite a bit.

    @Goretzu, since this is a shift in balance for our utility, I assume there is extra utility in the form of extra survivability or utility tool? Because LA weren't overplayed or overpowered, and if this is a logic shift then you have to add something when you take something.
  19. Ghoest

  20. Kyouki

    This is not about the infiltrators being a sniper class first and a infiltrator second. This is about a unjustified nerf to every faction. The Light Assault is by no means OP. I don't understand why the jump jets are louder than tank fire in the test server. Light assaults don't need a nerf. IMO I'm fine with where they are as of RIGHT NOW! However a nerf this big would nearly ruin the class for me. This class could be left alone right now and be fine. If they want to add this giant warning system in for the player who don't look up then fine, do it when they revamp the class in MAY! When we are more specialized as 1v1 assassins as I believe Higby said himself. Right now we are only assassins because we can remain quiet as we gracefully float from building to building. Every class has its primary and secondary role. The Light Assaults primary role is to kill infantry. C4 gives some decent Anti Amor abilities but everyone knows engineers do it better, and safer and heavies can do it safer. When Light Assault gets its update in may with some new ability or two I wont complain but until then I have a right to complain as Light Assault has only had nerf upon nerf since launch.
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