Petition against LA nerf present in test server.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kyouki, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. Yalk

    Then I'd like my 700 certs back and a actual utility that is unique to LA
  2. ElectiDei

    As someone who played only light assault for the first three months of the game, I find myself already only playing heavy assault and engineer at this time. Since joining an organized outfit I feel like Light Assault is unhelpful and can actually harm squad-play because I'm in places the squad medic cannot revive me, meaning if I die I can often no longer regroup with the squad. So I only play Light Assault when on my own in smaller encounters, and seeing this, I might even stop there. If the enemy hears me coming, there is zero reason I bring light assault because they will be prepared no matter the entrance. So Heavy Assault it is, like every other situation in this game.
  3. Dragonblood

    The only reason to play them is to destroy the sunderer, isn't it?
  4. Kaon1311

    Suicide runs are realy the only effective counter versus camping maxes.

    Last night killed the same three maxes on one of the buildings of a biolab (and wtf are they doing giving a way for maxes to get on the roofs of the indoor buildings).
    Drop 2 c4 3 dead maxes and 1 engy, then death.
    Respawn fly around to the same spot and they are all there again, less than 2 minutes later, carrying on as if nothing had happened. So did the same thing, three times in a row.
  5. OldMaster80

    Completely visibile? Did you ever realize a LA on top of a rooftop is less visibile than any cloaked infiltrator (with low settings in particular)? And it's more silent. Like the guy in this video.

    You'll still be able to flank even after this change, but you can't pretend to keep flying over people head and coming with C-4, a shotgun, and making absolutely no noise. One thing is sure, this had to changed last Summer not 8 months later.
  6. Hagestol

    Quoting graphical issues won't win you a balance award or discussion point. Really.

    Also yes I can. As long as score/hour and number of players playing LA isn't over the top, then I can assume that things will continue as is. Just because you have a problem with a tactic doesn't make it OP. HA vs HA is boring. Speciality classes makes it fun.
  7. Yalk


    I keep playing it and force it...But yeah
  8. Naithe

    Nerfs? I call that bug fixes. C4 suicide running should never have been viable. if you want to blow someone up. Atleast try to plan so far ahead you don't die before your charge goes off.....

    Why in the worlds would you ever think it is ok, to blow someone up with c4, AFTER he killed you?

    If you want more utility, then thats understandable, but none of the above "nerfs" where over the top, or unneeded.
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  9. Stargazer86

    Infiltrators: Our cloak is too loud! It's even louder than the LA jetpack! That's not right!
    Light Assaults: Oh, well. Yeah, the Infil cloak is pretty loud. Maybe you should tune that down.
    Devs: Hm. You're right. We'll make the jetpack louder. Problem solved.
    Infil: Whew. Thanks!
    LA: ...
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  10. Naithe

    There are many ways to break a max formation, its jus not something you normally expect to do solo.

    And if you can get to a higher position, without them noticing, you can still do it with C4. its just hard now, as its suppoed to be. Rather then some lame exploit of game mechanics.
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  11. Hagestol

    I believe our resident nerf-caller just called our valid class mechanic (jets + C4 to break up camping) exploiting and lame. Woah.
  12. Naithe

    So you believe its not an exploit of game mechanics, when you could run at a guy, toss c4. Get killed respawn and then blow it up?

    Anything else is fair game, but that particular mechanic, shouldn't even have made it past beta.
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  13. Kaon1311

    I agree that running in, dropping c4 then getting killed, only to revive and detonate was silly and something i never did. Only recently unlocked c4 as i ran with med kit.

    But my idea of a suicide run is running in, dropping c4 and detonating quickly as its not easy to get away once dropped. I do sometimes, depends on the situation. For some it is easy, but im not that good.
    I also use flashbangs, but i tend to get hit by my own more than i hit them, lol.
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  14. Naithe

    That I think is fair game. (I do have som concerns about vebicles ability to defend against that, but thats a different matter from this. =))

    Its is the old ability to blow up c4 AFTER you died, I considered akin to exploiting of game mechanics.

    I'm fine with LA wanting more tools and stuff, but it the OP's complaints I don't find valid.
  15. Kaon1311

    Me either, didnt realise i came across that i agreed with the OP.
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  16. Hagestol

    Sorry yes, that is just silly. Fair fix, I don't agree with them reducing range and I think I should be able to pick up primed C4 but suicide runs should only work if you have time to detonate. Fair fix I guess.
  17. Suiradezza

    Let's make this less about Infiltrators and C4, shall we?

    I like the explosion on liftoff, but I'm not sure that I'm game with the wooshing. It could make it too easy to pinpoint the location of the LA. Time will show.

    From my testing:

    You can hear the NC LA lifting off(barely) at 65m. That seems to be where it starts.
    I'm not sure how easy it is to pinpoint where the LA is with the wooshing sound, but it's very easy to tell how CLOSE he is. Which means no more sneaking up on people with JJ.
    Could make it a lot harder for us to C4 tanks and sunderers. This is good/bad. It's nice when you can end an enemy squad attack by the push of a button, but it's annoying when someone does it to you.

    Fear: I can't help any other class with ANYTHING(except murder, but that's no much of a gift now is it). Will this make me even less desirable?

    With the possible upcoming May revamp, they could be trying to make us less dependent on jump jets. Dual wield, hopefully not the kind where there's one weapon in each hand because that's a bad idea, could make us a more centered towards fighting other infantry instead of trying to be some kind of jack-of-no-trades"that annoying guy who keeps C4-ing my sundy".

    In the end(it doesn't even matter, lolz): Welcome change, nobody is out to get you.
  18. Goretzu

    It is still quiet possible to sneak up on someone, it it just not possible to use a Jetpack within a silly close distance of someone and NOT be heard.

    That seems perfectly sensible to me.
  19. Hagestol

    65m with progressive sound to indicate closeness. That makes jetpacking for scaling walls and hoping noone is around and for attacking we have to use guns that do less damage (forget getting close with jetpacks like you said, so no shotguns for sneaking) and no survivability utility like shields, health or mines.

    So basically we're reduced to poor assault with no utility. Whats the reason for picking LA for outfit ops now?
  20. centurionvi

    Sniper classes tend to attract the most self centered (and usually worst) players who only care about themselves and their KDR. Its a fairly common theme among multiplayer games. This whole topic is kind of amusing considering Wraith Flash with a Fury and C4 strapped to it has become the go to destroyer of anything, significantly more effective than LA suicide runs. Whiny Infiltrators be careful what you wish for, guess what will be next on the nerfing block..
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