Petition against LA nerf present in test server.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kyouki, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. Viper279

    but was the problem the current jetpack is far quieter then the cloak.
    to the people who posted the vids of the new sounds thank you but one thing i like to point out is that they a not that loud, yes louder then the original one but atleast it not blowing out your ear drums, LA are far better infiltrators then the infil them selves which isnt right. i want to point that that i haven't played LA as much as other but this is because i quickly confused. i found more infils then LA because i hear the infil cloak but the LA jetpack is silent i dont hear the things which is annoying.
    plus if this is consider a nerf i will just wouldn't care.
    i would as point out that what people consider a nerf was stupid

    AT mines blowing up under a stationary vehicle i done it as well but it did feel kinda cheap i died always but i always got enough mines under to kill it unless it had mine-guard, adding the non-detonation under stationary is fine i just chuck a grenade to still do the job.

    this C4 denotation after death i never encountered ingame and i thankful for it why should you be rewarded for getting your c4 on a target dieing, respawn and detonate it and get the kills it stupid and i glad they fixed it.
  2. MarlboroMan-E

    Louder flight sound? Fine. ******* explosion to take off? Negative. Just take shotguns away from the class, that'll take most of the complaints about LA away.
  3. Kyouki

    Yes it is very audible up to 30m. I could not test further than that because I had to leave. However the level of sound at 30m is still very distinct and noticeable. It seems the sound starting to drop off at around 30m however at its current levels it will easy carry to 50m. I wouldn't mind if within 30m the sound was still noticable and beyond it you had to listen for it. As 30m is my marker for CQC and anything beyond is medium range. I feel that if Light Assault should still be considered the flanking class then it's ability should allow us to get into the CQC scenario where our weapons shine. Once outside of 30m our JJ should allow us to close the distance either very quickly or very stealthly. At the current volume level and speed level of the JJ this is not the case.
  4. Dovahkiin

    I play LA but I agree with this change. Far too many times I'm able to fly up to an unsuspecting enemy and SMG them in the back. Unfair if you ask me. I personally hate the LA class as I always eem to be instagibbed by them, so I just returned the favor :)

    IN my opinion, I gain a higher score per hour when playing LA simply because I get to flank and shoot unsuspecting enemies. The class needs a nerf. This should do it.
  5. Dovahkiin

    Impossible as many people have bought the item for that class. How about just cause a HUGE reticule spread when flying.
  6. Stargazer86

    Would it have been any less unfair if you had simply walked up behind them?

    I wonder how many people are actually complaining about LA, and how many are simply complaining about getting shot in the back. LA's aren't some mystical force that has never existed before. They've been around for 6 months. You should have at least a moderate understanding of the tactics they use by now.

    Heck, before I even step out of a teleporter room, I look above me. Why? Because I know LA's like to sit up there and camp. I keep my back to the wall and watch the doorways when I'm capping objective. Why? Because I know LA's like to jump up onto balconies and enter in from side doors.

    I mean come on. People are acting as if LA's were put into the game last week and have no idea how to fight against OMG STEALTH ASSASSINS! It's not that hard.

    It's pretty telling that there were no or very few complaints about jetpack noise until pump shotguns turned up,
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  7. McFatal

    Most things in the OP I don't feel either way for, it doesn't bother me one way or the other. But, C4 not lasting after death is a good thing. If you get killed because you couldn't plant and detonate in time, that's the enemies reward and your punishment. You should not be able to place C4, and then respawn and detonate it.
  8. RobotNinja

    You're complaining that the sound on the LA's whisper-quiet jetpack is possibly being increased?

    But you have no problem I'm guessing with being able to hear every Infiltrator within 100 meters cloaking and uncloaking...not to mention that after nearly 3 months since GU2 the Inf's cloak is still bugged on low graphics setting and everyone can pretty much see them anyway.

    LA's are not a stealth class.
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  9. Stargazer86

    Who cares if you can hear them? You can see them plenty easily. That shimmer cloak plain sucks. Which goes to show that the developers never intended them to be an stealth class. They intended the cloak to allow SNIPERS to better move from position to position without being seen.

    But, you know, how about instead of nerfing the LA to compensate for the infil's shortcomings, you instead petition the devs to fix them? Give them a completely invisible cloak that keeps the loud decloaking noise, and tune the shimmer cloak noise to be quieter. Problems solved.
  10. Kyouki

    Why is everyone picking out the c4 part of the first paragraph. I was simply listing the way we were indirectly nerfed. It made people less reckless with c4 and that's it. Not a big deal, stop bringing it up.

    I noticed that most people are tired of being shot in the back by Light Assault or upset because infiltrators are garbage at what they do.

    Seeing as Light Assault are the skirmishers and the least specialized class in the game I assumed they were the standard soldier for planetside. I mean you are spawned into the game as Light Assault right? It did not end up that way because Heavy Assaults have 100 round mags and a rocket launcher. Everyone played heavy as the standard soldier and as a result the Light Assault became outgunned on the battlefield. What did we do? We became stealthy and more of a spec ops class. At the time infiltrator (the intended spec ops class) had 1 option for cqc and it was not very good. Now that infiltrators are now able to sneak around (with varying success based on other people's system and skill) the infiltrators want the other sneaky class out of the picture because there can be only one. This is how I view this situation playing out at the moment.

    If infiltrators want to become better than Light Assault at infiltrating then make them better, not make one worse. This should not be a conflict about infiltrator vs Light Assault. This is the issue of Light Assault, a completely balanced class, being nerfed because of people whining about them using a common pool weapon. (smgs and shotguns)
  11. RobotNinja

    I'm not nerfing anything nor am I petitioning anything. As a sidenote though, devs acknowledged the cloak problem over 2 months ago and said they're "working on it." 2 weeks ago Margaret Krohn posted on twitter that they were aware of the problem and were "working on it." In a few months, they might even progress to actually "working on it."

    Anyway, I think you're being a bit melodramatic about a little increase in the noise a LA's jetpack makes. If "in the future" an Inf's cloak sounds like a giant farting then I think it would stand to reason they hadn't perfected whisper silent jetpacks either.
  12. RogueComet

    Add my name to the petition.

    List of nerfs/negative things for LA so far:
    JJ sound Nerf (current on test)
    3D spotting changes to make hiding more difficult
    C4 Damage radius nerf
    C4 despawning when you respawn
    Push back of LA Revamp
    Change to cert prices for C4 from beta
    Taking Icarus JJ out of the game
    Bolt Actions pretty much make Carbines obselete (not totally but close!)
    Changes to spawn beacon so it is SL only (yeah that DID hurt LA)
    Spotting nerf where we can't spam it to help friendlies anymore
    Death Fields around Spawn rooms (added in edit)
    Spawn Room Redesigns (added in edit)
    Window shutter changes (added in edit)

    From a brief survey (using numbers from dozens of random characters on PSU player site), I find that LA is used about 1/2 as often as HA, and about 40% less than engineer. It is equal with medic and slightly above Infiltrator. If a class is OP, wouldn't more people gravitate towards it? Anyone who says NO is delusional. The numbers show that the LA class is NOT OP. So why the blatant and deliberate nerf SOE? Why not show some love for LA instead of the HATE that you project to us?
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  13. BigDaddyBruce


    LA is balanced as is, and if they are nerfed like this there will be very little reason to play them.

    Buff infiltrators if they are not filling their intended role; reduce the sound of their cloak if it is too loud.
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  14. VKhaun

    This was always the LA stepping on the infiltrator's toes and it should have been fixed before the game went live. I consider it part of 'finishing' the class and a logical next step. I am for an increase in jet pack noise and I do play LA.

    My 2¢
  15. Stargazer86

    Well, look at it this way.

    If the increase in noise does not effect LA in any way, allowing them to do exactly what they're doing currently, people will still complain that the silent killer assassins are sneaking up on them and that it's unfair. If the increase in noise does decrease the effectiveness of LA, then it's a pretty substantial nerf to a class that already brings little to the table.

    And don't punish LA's for the failings of the dev team. Take up your issues with them on how they're treating infiltrators. I posted back in beta how infils were unfinished and certainly not living up to what they were in PS1.
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  16. Badname3073

    I see, so the element of surprise is being taken from the LAs, and that is the only advantage over other classes they have. If anyone can hear LAs and anticipate the direction that they are coming from and the time of attack, then the LAs become of no use at all whatsoever. Unless they get something else as a compensation (like sniper rifles for example) noone is going to play them any longer.
  17. PanH

    And yet LA gots a lower score than other classes in average per hour (except inf, which is broken). LAs are not better in fight, but they can take the enemy by surprise (flank, whatever you call it). That sound .... Better take an HA, charge the enemy yelling, and have a shield which is useful in fight.
  18. Ztiller

    Don't feel bad. This is more me agreeing with the other infiltrators.
  19. Goretzu

    You've never argued, you've just insulted me repeatedly (and we both know what that means) and now produced this nonsense.

    Where as I've argued simply and directly for Jetpacks not to be so very, very quiet.

    The Test server changes are good, they are going to bring Jetpacks much more into balance when they can be heard from farther away, for all the same reasons as the is a pretty loud cloak/de-cloak noise and more.
  20. Goretzu

    It is strange, I keep asking the people that want it silent why it should be silent (especially when they cloak sound is so loud, relatively). The only answer I've got is "because it is so POWERFUL with silent Jetpacks", which is exactly the reason why they need to be louder. :confused:
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