Official Phoenix Launcher Thread

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  1. Aegie

    Yes, I agree with OP (from the "Nerf Pheonix is a good thing for NC thread that is apparently now shut down).

    The Pheonix seems like a fun toy that is effective against infantry and not much else- it is alsmost certainly no fun to be on the receiving end of one as infantry but it was inevitable they would be used this way since they are relatively useless against vehicles.

    Nerf the Pheonix AI capabilities but buff the AV capabilities. If you want more people using them as intended it is a simple formula- make it more effective for the intended use than the unintended use. Sounds to me like the devs got it backwards with the Pheonix and made it far more effective, and thereby rewarding, to use it against infantry than vehicles.

    Still, it would seem they would have to buff quite a few parameters to make it effective against AV. With the limitations of the current Pheonix from an AV perspective (range, damage, speed, maneuverability) it is no wonder this was predominately used against infantry. Problem is, the Striker is arguably the most effective AV RL right now with the Lancer and Pheonix arguably below all the others in terms of actual AV effectiveness.

    Engineers being capable of repairing vehicles faster than damage can be dealt is a serious limitation and IMO a relatively overlooked flaw in the game.

    I ran HA when I first started but gave up after getting frustrated that vehicles are almost industructable if lvl5 repair guns are nearby- there is no reason to shoot a tank at range when there is an enemy engineer nearby because all you do is feed them and waste your ammo.
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  2. Shaolungbao

    Phoenix rounds don't render most of the time. Please fix.

    and both lancer/striker can be repaired though as well.
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  3. TheOperation

    Yes and I shall enjoy your rage and tears when your crutch is removed from underneath you and you once again get a$$ r@ped by skilled players. Skilless players will always flock to the new OP weapon, players with true skill realize the OP nature of these new weapons and stay away from them because of the truly unsportsmanlike nature of these weapons.
  4. FoxKeegan

    It's supposed to suck. It flies and it has an NC sticker on it. :D

    I tried it. I immediately dismissed it. I was hoping for more of a Redeemer from UT, but when I saw the flight distance I just left the VRT.
    Crap like this is why I want the ability to unlock other faction weapons so one doesn't suffer if development isn't balanced.
  5. drNovikov

    No, you shall not =) Hell, you're a funny dude!

    LOL, actually, as I said before, this nerf will benefit NC, because this weapon is way too ineffective against vehicles, and it does not kill infantry as much as LMG or shotguns do. People kill more infantry with LMGs and do it a lot faster. SO after this weapon gets nerfed, NC heavies will return to using dumbfires for actually blowing up vehicles and actually killing TR and VS, not sniping I guy per minute.

    But today this weapon is still intact, so I will log in and enjoy some more precious tears and yummy hatespeeches. This trololauncher is not for victory (too underpowered), it generates LULZ!

    Don't be too obsessed with "a$$" and "r@ped", dude, it makes your secret wishes too obvious. Let me guess, you are a spandex-wearing vanu? Or a ubmissive TR that loves to be oppressed and dominated?:D
  6. hostilechild

    I could have killed all those same standing still noobs with a sniper rifle much faster from the spawn room. The phoenix really is an anti-sniper rocket though as its pretty **** against everything else or moving targets.
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  7. Grayson

    It is really good, and well balanced.
    It's an ideal launcher for its purpose...killing MOVING vechiles.
    The guide system allow us to correct to the targets course, and the missile speed is good for this ( it would be bad thing if that would be decreased...."it would kill the launcher")
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  8. drNovikov

    Killing moving vehicles is for lock-ons. This launcher's purpose is indirect fire.
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  9. Kookamunga

    The thing has better range than a 12 x parallax scope , nuff said.
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  10. TeknoBug

    I used to chase and hit even mosquitoes in PS1 with the Phoenix, it can't even pursuit a tank in this game.
  11. Kaon1311

    Rofl, NC dont think this is an OP launcher, do the devs test? Or did they want some fun killing us plebs over the weekend? :p
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  12. Mxiter

    Not a bad idea in fact, but 60°/sec during 3 sec at 10m/sec is too high (180° max radius) and I think everybody prefer controlling it weapons by time and could adapt than 4 second before. vehicles whould have enouth time to move and dodge it easily.
    100m/sec correspnd to 360km/h; ESF speed is 220-260 depending of the chassis... not easy to caught with just 30% more speed.
    100m/s is also the average of dedicated dumb fires and lock-on RL. As the Phoenix have a smaller range, it needs to move quicker to reach the ESF (fire and forget RL have 800m AA for and 920m for AT range when fired)

    Actual problem to hit ESF isn't the range, but the speed:
    same as previous
    the phoneix need to move quicker to reach and hit it.

    More splash??
    2 shots to kill infantry with few spash is enouth! Lancer hasn't splash and striker can't use it voluntarily. Stop wantig farming infantries with your AV weapons please.

    It's a "bonus" but first purpose was to hit moving vehicles, like an high accurate shrike. Lock-on have problem to hit fast vehicles. Example: you can't hit full speed lighting at medium range with lock on, you can with the phoenix, from cover and without warning.
    With phoenix you can:
    -fire from cover
    -hit moving vehicules
    -deal more damages than lock-on
    -No warning

    It's a mix between the lock on (accuracy) and dumb fire (damages) but cover, surderer damages and fun bonuses.

    But it obviously must be more effective agaist air! or by damages, or by the potential chance to hit.
  13. Kaon1311

    What you and a lot of people fail to realise is, yes you could of killed them using a sniper rifle etc, but the people who you are shooting at can shoot you back.
  14. Kon

    so quesiton will this nerf affect mana turrets, ie will they destroy mana turrets or will it take multiple rockets? i wonder if they will give us hipfire for phoenix now as well, doing that would probably make the inf nerf ok
  15. Naturaliensammler

    So you encounter a tank that costs resources/cooldown and is manned by two people playing in a team. ALONE AS A HA.
    And expect to just kill them from cover without any sort of danger?

    You seriously open the browser and type for... THAT!?

    Try hitting it with 2 or 3 HA.

    Srsly. You NC Forum guys.
  16. Comenius

    Wish the VS had it!
  17. MykeMichail

    Okay my initial impressions of the Phoenix lead me to be really pi$$ed off at the devs. After using it for a while, I'm beginning to like it. The only thing I think really needs to change is that the missile shouldn't disappear after 300 m - it should go dumbfire instead.

    One of the biggest issues I see with Phoenix users at the moment is that many of them insist on guiding the missile all the way to the target, when all you really need to do is put the missile on a collision course. Essentially, when you hit E to exit guidance, you're firing a dumbfire rocket from the position of the missile. Against stationary targets, you can line up your missile and exit guidance and be half way through loading your second shot before your missile hits. Against moving targets, you can still exit guidance early, but will need to judge your lead and projectile drop just like you have to with a Shrike, Decimator or dumbfired Hawk or Crow.

    Exiting guidance early does slightly increase your DPS.

    I really don't agree with plans to make it need 2 hits to kill infantry. In my opinion, it shouldn't be treated any differently to any other rocket launcher, same goes for the Lancer and Striker. Anything that is designed to punch a hole in a tank should easily kill infantry with a direct hit - splash damage can be reduced if they so chose but a direct hit should always be a kill. Same goes for the Lancer and the Striker (there are times when an infantry person will happen to get into the path of a lock on missile).

    Finally, people who complain that it can't out DPS an engineer repair tool need to consider the fact that a standard dumbfire rocket launcher can barely out DPS a level 5 repair tool. That, and if your target is stationary to get repaired, there's nothing stopping your from dumbfiring your Phoenix (fire your shot and instantly hit E) to increase your DPS.
  18. Soundmonitor

    It's amazing that I got sniped by an HA all night last night on my sniper at 150M-200m, wtf do they have zoom on those things?
  19. Mxiter

    makes a NC alt and try it in VR training room: you'll understand ;)
  20. Rhumald

    I just wanted to point out that I agree with you on the Striker, but the Lancer does have splash damage... it just also has a terrible habit of traveling through people... and needs a buff, at least to it's fully charged state, it's rather pathetic.

    I too hate stupid forum people in general, it is not NC exclusive, but you've gotta give some people some leeway, I mean, we all say stupid stuff now and then.

    __VV Actual Post VV__

    I personally am perfectly fine with the Pheonix's current setup, the only thing it needs done is to change the flight mechanic a little, ie: they need to make the rocket dumbfire past it's control range, instead of... just... dissapearing, it's even already got the dumbfire mechanic, just press E to exit the rocket and observe it... all they'd need to do is force you out of the missile at that range.