Official Phoenix Launcher Thread

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  1. Iknowbetter

    give me the name of the character, where you got the 17 vehicle kills in 12 minutes on.

    Yea, thought so
  2. SolidSnake

    So you won't be able to kill infantry, it barely does damage to vehicles, it's too slow and rage too short to hit aircraft... so w t f is this supposed to be good for then?
  3. TheRealMetalstorm

    Right now, the phoenix can't hit aircraft flying away from the operator. It can, however, hit liberators flying a tangential trajectory with only a small radial velocity from the origin (the user). You need lead massively though, and if the plane is too far away, it'll be out of your FOV and hard to hit.

    However, that being said, do you want it to reliably hit aircraft? I'm sure YOU, as an individual player, does. However, from the stance of game balance, something like a phoenix would have no approach warning, and if say it did too much damage (more than 2/3 esf hp) and was too reliable at hitting libs, it wouldn't make for very balanced gameplay. Sure, you'd enjoy it - what about the liberator?

    I'm sure you would say something along the lines of "stupid lib farmers" but right now as it is, liberators have paper thin armour. Go to the VR and see how quickly a dual burster + one or more HA destroys one - it'll barely get to fire off 3 shots with its dalton before it gets critically damaged in an actual combat siutation.

    Anyway, the thing is, it isn't meant to hit air reliably. It only hits stupid planes. I'm sure you'd want an OHK for even scoring a hit, but it's not all about rewarding you. It's also about not making it an unpleasant experience for the other players you use it against. Being instagibbed with no warning would be quite sad, just like getting phoenix'd out of the blue while playing infantry repairing a base turret or a max.

    Of course, those idiots shouldn't be hovering. But a hovering plane, once phoenixes become more ubiquitous, will more or less take enough hits to bring it to 1/3 hp (assuming there are no bursters, which is unlikely any more with the EXP bonuses). What you don't want is the occasional money shot on a plane that blows it up without warning. Remember, in BF3, it's a controlled environment with only 1 TV missile launcher per map at any one time. In PS2, everything's in massive numbers and that's why balance is much harder.

    A buff to the phoenix would probably be increased FoV, to help with leading targets - that's the best solution in my mind, not giving the missile more turning ability. It'll solve a lot of the hit difficulty with rapidly moving targets because you can better lead your target from a distance.

    This is why the BF3 TV missile seems so much more effective and easy to use despite having a LOT of steering inertia and a horrible turn rate. I kill enemy helos perfectly fine, but I have to lead the target a huge amount in order for that to happen. Leading like that in PS2 is possible, but will require more FoV.

    Also, bill, I'm sure you want your launcher to hit more frequently than 20% on air, but that's just selfish. Why not increase the FoV - you'll be able to lead targets much better (go watch TV missile montages if you don't play BF3) without getting marginally OP turn radius.

    sure BF3 doesn't get a lot of things right but they did a good job with the TV missile.
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  4. Mxiter

    This is what NC want:


    It just need more speed (50-100% and will increase DPS because less travel time and be effective against close aircrafts) and maybe a slight reload time reduction...and get AI damages 50% reducted of course
  5. Rolfski

    This thing is way too good vs infantry. Good luck defending Vanu Archives on Miller. You will only see Phoenix death screens.
  6. Ghosty11

    If it's anything like the Lancer it will be the same damage to infantry at all ranges.
  7. drNovikov

    So, when NC sees only prowler and lolpod death screen -- it's okay, but when TR or VS see Phoenix death screens it's "OP!!! NURF!! OP!!!"
  8. Ghosty11

    Sounds alot like the Lancer, expect with the Lancer you have to charge it up for 5 seconds to do any sort of respectable damage and be completely exposed to fire it.
  9. Kon

    whatever the random name of the tr test char i was using at the time,i have used up 2 slots the test char has to be deleted to trial other faction stuff so i crease and delete chars on a regular basis Peris Amp station, Briggs
  10. Ash87

    Played all weekend, and the Phoenix was used against me in a vehicle like 1 time. 90% of the time, it was used as Anti-infantry, and not with direct hits, but with splash damage.

    It is a rocket launcher, it's to be used in AV roles, not AI roles.
  11. Mxiter

    Phoenix saw by NC:

  12. Phazaar

    What the **** is the point in increasing its anti-air damage? You can't hit enemy air outside of flukes or extremely narrow situations; it's not what the weapon is for at all. And a fuel gauge?! Great. How about a range meter; something useful, you know...
  13. powerz

    the whiners tend to buy the $7 they get priority......
  14. planitsider

    i get the nerf.
    just hope they do it buy giving it more speed so you cant kill infantry but that you could shoot a ESF.
    Now they fly faster then the the rocked.
  15. FurorPlacidus

    Simple fix, 3 stage flight

    1) Launch Phase: 70m non Guidable phase (no spawn room camping) (Total distance 70m in 1 second).
    2) Guide Phase: 3 seconds of reasonably high agility (60 degrees per second turning, slow speed (10m/s) flight.(Total distance 100m in 4s).
    3) Burn Phase: Highspeed (100m/s) Dumbfire flight for another 4 seconds (Total distance 500m in 8s).

    You have a launcher that cant be spawn room abused, is valid to 500m. Its advantage is you can basically shoot upwards and hit armour from the top or side. as though you were 100m closer from a better vantage point. Balance warhead damage as appropriate. With a 3 second reload you get one shot every 7 seconds if you don't watch it hit..
  16. Phazaar

    The problem is that it's a terrible AV launcher... Increasing anti-air damage will NOT balance the weapon if AI damage is reduced.
  17. axiom537

    It's not a terrible Anti-Tank weapon, though its range and maneuverability make it much more situational then the other 2 ESR's. It is good at killing infantry, but generally only in stand off situations as infantry starts to bunch in the 175-300m range from the user, any closer and and farther and the it is useless. It is worthless against Air-craft.
  18. Kaon1311

    VR training doesnt count :p
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  19. Pat Cleburne

    I can't believe you can spam the phoenix from inside a spawn room.
  20. Ash87

    But increased maneuverability and range will, and that is something they were discussing if I read the OP correctly. You can't say that the phoenix isn't ruinous against vehicles when it hits.