Official Phoenix Launcher Thread

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  1. Poka

    He was talking about the guys on the hill in the video, in which case, no, they couldn't have hurt him, spawn room.

    It's a short range troll missile that isn't actually useful in conflicts, you're out of the action not capping or defending and you're a sitting duck for air / sniping.

    There are few spots where you can shoot from safety at a spawn point and be in range, the thing doesn't turn fast enough to lob it over a mountain and bring it down on a target, if the enemy use another door from their spawn room, or move their sunderer 50m, you're not going to be getting kills anymore.
  2. Soundmonitor

    Just tell me man Im at work :p I dont care how it 1 shots infantry as long as they are in visual distance, but if you cant see a target from 150m+ without zoom thats ******... I usually hide/peek/cloak before shooting so there is no freeking way these NC could spot me...
  3. Kaon1311

    Nc want it to be able to OHK infantry, if not they expect a buff in another department if it is nerfed versus infantry.

    Only weapon in the game where you can shoot and kill from behind cover with no chance of the enemy shooting back at you.
    And dont say "well infiltrators can sneak up and kill us while guiding the rocket". Wth TTK so low in this game, they can do that to any class and no need to be stuck guiding a rocket.
  4. Mxiter

    i'll get a try again in training room ;)

    I agree with that: 300 to 800m in dumbfire could be correct with all drawbacks included:50m/sec (slow velocity) and drop.
  5. Balkoth

    So far, there has been nothing blatantly wrong enough with this game to warrant me logging in to complain....until now.

    This thing is just plain broken vs infantry. It doesn't matter much what you do, you can't avoid getting picked off by these things; and it is absolutely ridiculous.

    This game is really starting to pick up some steam; I've been seeing much larger battles, and people are actually stepping outside of Indar. All good things, but it is beyond me how the devs could think that this was balanced in any way, shape, or form.

    Is it weak vs vehicles? I dunno, but I'm open to that possibility. All I know is that it's only been a few days, constantly getting splattered by these things, as infantry, has been the most frustrating issue that I've experienced so far in the game.

    Buff it vs ESFs, buff the turning radius, buff the range, give the user the ability to control the velocity: I don't care! Just nerf the damage vs infantry for the love of god!
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  6. Kaon1311

    10 Strikers sitting on a hill, they have to expose themsleves to use it.
    10 Lancers sitting on a hill, they have to expose themselves to use it.
    10 Pheonixs sitting behind a hill, they do not have to expose themselves to use it.

    Who will survive longest?

    Meanwhile, those 10 pheonixs causing infantry and vehicles so many headaches, as they cant shoot at the HA behind the hill, are helping their squad / platoon cap the base, as they are stopping the enemy approaching.

    So every player that is not actively sitting on a flag is not helping cap the base? Think again.
    I would rather 1 person on the cap point and the other stopping the enemy getting anywhere near the cap point.

    And then defending, with rockets that can be shot and steered from inside the spawn room, does that mean every VS and TR sunderer has to be at least 300m from the spawn room?
  7. Rhumald

    The Engineer's AV turret is 1 hit kill to infantry, and is much easier to control... you must have really raged when it came out... though being a sniper yourself, I suppose you were ok with it because you could still shoot back, which a good flanking sniper can still do to these guys, but man, I've had some duels with snipers using that AV turret... they were not happy snipers, I mean, at least with this rocket, when it misses, it misses, but with the AV turret, I can whip the mouse to one side and the rocket will quickly veer off in that direction.
  8. Mxiter

    do you have a supressoer on your gun?
    hit in genearl direction, then adjust with what your camera show you
  9. Rhumald

    this is the one complaint I can completely agree with, mostly because it was the one thing I adamantly warned SoE about, rockets shooting from the spawn room are fine, but only for purely dumb-fire rockets.
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  10. Soundmonitor

    Yes I always snipe with a silencer, I know about the rifle letting out sound and giving up your position... This is how I snipe most of the time... Cloak, aquire target, uncloak/shoot/hide using environment.
  11. Saigak

    Sorry for my bad bad english but...sure its not OP.
    Phoenix it's a new part of NC play style - eliminate everything and everywhere. Someone in SOE thinks that after long farm traning period in Biolabs, NC are ready for some "open field action". So if something doesnt match to their holly philosophy - it's should be buff. Coz NC players don't wonna waste their time for annoying "too many shots into those targets". If they see someone - they should just gone and nothing to say more about it. One simple formula which gives a lot of fun for actually only one side.

    Dear NC's players we are not (other factions players) something like a bots and this game is actually multiplayer and not a singleplayer game. And we dont want to looks like a "some background units" in this game for your "fun time".

    P.S. "And yes its actually group weapon. And in this weekend many of us are already saw how fast our sunderes and infantry getting "oneshots" by invisible enemies from nowhere"
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  12. Balkoth

    Mostly light assault actually. I love engi turrets when I do snipe though; easy pickin's, generally. Like I said, nothing has been broken enough so far for me to complain, and yes, I am most definitely complaining about the phoenix performance vs infantry. Your comparison to the engi turret isn't a fair one. With the engi turret, you're exposed, you can't zoom in, and it's immobile. People also see it coming from a mile away. The turret is fine.

    With this thing though, I'm hoofing it on my heavy, following the armor into battle, and boom! Out of nowhere, instant death. Does it really make sense that targeting infantry over vehicles is actually more lucrative for the person using this weapon? I think most would agree that the answer is no.
  13. hostilechild

    Um, if i am in the spawn room then no they can't which was the video.

    THere are places you can sit behind a small rock an launch guide the rocket as in another video where you can't be shot, but then if the infantry wasn't standing still saying please kill me they would not have been hit. Buggy vehicle hit detection makes it really hard to hit moving infantry and the splash is basically 0.
  14. Markus.D

    Seems, now this thread turns to recrimination and ignorance. I think, current content is not that developers are wish to read from you. Please, be patient and restrained.
  15. Mxiter

    Cloak isn't perfect ;)
  16. Fenrisk

    More excuses for the OP infantry killer.

    Guess what? If the infantry are in a fire fight a lot of them are not going to be doing much moving as they are trying to shoot the enemy. You can't run and shoot with any accuracy. You can strafe back and forth or hop up and down but in general your going to be easy to shoot and a phoenix won't have any issue hitting a strafing player as strafe in this game is SLOW. You can't defend a sunderer without setting up a defensive position with a lot of troops standing nearby.

    It's not the natural position of infantry to be hopping from foot to foot just in case a missile flys from out of no where from a completely hidden nc heavy 200m away. It's unrealistic to expect that. Yet it's fine for the NC heavy to stand still 200-300m away from the heat of battle to rack up kills without ever popping his head from behind his hidey hole.

    If you think instant killing infantry from 300m away without ever leaving cover is balanced then every weapon in this game needs a serious boost to infantry killing power. Lets make shotguns 1 shot kills at 500m since you have to leave cover and see your enemy to use them.
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  17. Soundmonitor

    That's not a valid argument... Sniped by a Sniper, but sniped by an HA is just plain stupid...
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  18. The Funk

    You are one of those my second sentence describes. Mad you got killed by a troll weapon in a game of meaningless lives. Think about the big picture, maybe you'll begin to understand.
  19. Frigidus

    I'm guessing you're implying that people farming infantry from 300 meters out aren't capping points, but really, who gives a ****? On most servers Indar hasn't been capped in months, and on my server Esamir and Amerish are ghost towns. Taking land should have meaning, but it doesn't. The only actually valuable thing in this game is certs, and the phoenix is definitely not good for VS/TR cert acquisition.
  20. Phazaar

    Higby's stream states pretty expressly that range cannot be altered (game engine issue), and there's no mention of a manoeuvrability buff. It's not that it -can't- kill a vehicle, it's just the other launchers are infinitely better at it in 99% of situations. Its unique ability does not put it on a par with the higher DPS/locking alternatives, because it's so entirely useless against vehicles. And that's ground vehicles. Increasing damage to air is an absolute joke as compensation for turning our ESL into the worst one in the game. You'll note there's not been a single 'OMG PHOENIX IS OP' thread that didn't immediately talk about killing infantry. Without the killing infantry, it's worthless.
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