Official Phoenix Launcher Thread

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RadarX, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. RadarX

    What are your thoughts on the Phoenix Rocket Launcher?
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  2. nella

    Love it, a lot of fun to use.
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  3. Badname2490

    Someone will cry about it sooner or later.
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  4. Kulantan

    A detonate button would be nice (I'm aware that it can be exited like a vehicle but that doesn't explode it). Also the whole sometimes they are un-guided bug, but I think that goes without saying.

    Edit: Also a little more damage against air might be warranted. Though I understand that one hitting would be too much.
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  5. Nariquo

    well sorry but my opinion
    it is crap

    distance = low
    you have to stand
    damage = low
    turnspeed = low

    all thee other rocket launchers aree better

    other things.
    you can one shot infantry. thought devs told us that isnt possible.

    all in all DONT BUY THAT CRAP it is senslss
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  6. Daemeon

    Fires dumbfire instead of camera guided sometimes. No way to reproduce that I have found but it effects some more than others. I have found the short range plus the sluggish controls make the weapon useless against all but the most stupid pilots for air targets and just a tiny bit better for ground targets. Tested the system out with several outfit members and once the air strike Mossies saw what we were using it was just a swarm with no way to effectively kill them until we pulled Burster Maxs... as usual.

    Overall not very happy with my purchase but what can i say... I still support the game even if this weapon won't get much use from me.
  7. MayorD

    Happens that every second rocket just going like dumbfire - without control.
    Guided range is bad, compared with speed and lack on manoeuvrability. And there is no info about the distance to the controller, you just guiding the rocket and bang.. no more.
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  8. Chiss

    I've been so excited about this for weeks... and now i am terribly disappointed.

    Turning circle is just horrific. If you arent aiming dead on the target when you fire, you wont hit.

    In this picture, i am unable to hit the Magrider, firing while aiming here.
    This absolutely defeats the whole purpose of the weapon, that is, being able to fire from behind cover.

    Being able to bend the missile is only useful for enemies between 250-300m. Anything less than that, and you cannot turn.

    In short, the weapon is not fun to use at all, not is it good. There is no reason to use it.

    My thoughts are;
    - Slow the missile down
    - Give MUCH better control over the missile
    - Allow detonating by clicking again
    - Lower the damage
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  9. Backf1re

    Let's take the annihilator and compare it to the phoenix shall we. The range for lock-ons is 400m, already 100m more than the silly phoenix fuel range. Once the annihilator has been fired, the missile can still travel beyond 400m to actually hit a target. The phoenix de-spawns upon reaching it's limit. So where is this supposedly increased range we are meant to get with the phoenix?

    The flight controls are also a complete joke, good luck at turning the missile mi-flight to actually hit anything. And let's say you do manage to get a lucky hit, the damage is so low you will ask yourself, why bother with the weapon in the first place. Because everything a lock-on can do (crow, skep, hades) will do 10x better at half the time and more importantly SKILL to use!
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  10. Phattie

    Honest feedback? Possibly the worst weapon I've ever used.

    - Control scheme is counter intuitive. If you use inverted flying controls, it inherits those but it feels completely wrong when turning it.
    - The initial launch off is really fast, but is slow after that. It has such a low range that you have very little time to get it on target. If you aren't looking in the general direction of your target... forget it.
    - Moving it feels laggy. Moving it left to right isn't instant, it's delayed. Way too difficult to accurately aim.
    - Can't detonate it in mid air, so you're left sitting there waiting for it to run out of fuel or find something to crash into.
    - Range is far too short. Assuming you're firing it from cover, which you absolutely need to do else you'll get sniped, you don't have enough range to get a good shot on anything.
    - Most of the time, the projectile doesn't even register a hit on the target. My guess is that it's because the projectile is technically a vehicle, and vehicle collisions have been completely unpredictable since the game went live.

    Seriously devs, you need to sign yourself up to PlanetSide 1, make an NC, cert THAT Phoenix and see how it flies. That's how it needs to work. Anything else is a poor compromise that won't earn you any fans whatsoever.

    I really want to buy it, but as it is now it's a VERY long way from acceptable.
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  11. Phyr

    Handling needs improvement. Invert the mouse movement so I can actually fly the thing straight, and it'd be nice if I could steer it with w,a,s,d. It was touted as being a vehicle, lets make it handle like one.
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  12. Chiss

    This. I don't care how much you have to lower the damage.
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  13. PeanutMF

    I tested it out in the VR on my alt and instantly thought that the turning rate was actually too slow to be useful at short range.
    Although generally you are pointing in the general direction of your target regardless, it feels like it is limiting the enjoyment of the camera guided rocket gimmick that it has; obviously it shouldn't be able to fire around corners as such (although given the speed it goes at I would be impressed if anyone has the reflexes to navigate it like that even if it could turn that fast, but that's assuming an indoor environment).

    Consider making it so that when the fuel runs out it should lose the camera and the projectile should drop faster than a dumbfired lock on missile instead of exploding/disappearing, it would reduce the frustration of users getting within ~10m of their target and then expiring.
  14. baratol

    The actual rocket flys with the manoeuvrability of a slug, it's like on rails!
  15. Goretzu

    Range is certainly too short, needs at least another 50m if not 100m range.

    At the current range it is going to be totally useless vs Aircraft, and against ground targets you've got to be SO close to them that you're a sitting duck just stood there within such a short range.

    I'd rather it be much, much slower and have more range.
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  16. Nintyuk

    Hitting a ESF with this thing should be rewarded not punished against, yet I see it does reduced damage comparatively against air vehicles than ground vehicles with more health.
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  17. Mastachief

    You closed my thread so here you are.

    I have a TS room full of very disappointed players.

    The pheonix is the biggest let down so far.

    Range makes the weapon pointless
    The responsiveness for movement is terrible (you cannot hit a ESF that is moving or even hover spamming if they move at all up or down)
    In a live combat situations the projectile will and often does fly through Vehicles/Infantry/ESF's doing no damage and continuing on its flight (In VR this problem is 10x worse)
    Damage dealt is intermittent
    Some times (2 in 10shots) the projectile dumb fires with no camera
    If you fire whilst crouch upon detonation you uncrouch (great for snipers)
    Sometimes it refuses to fire

    I can only assume the projectile is some sort of air vehicle and as we all know collision is buggy as hell as are the settings.
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  18. MarkAntony

    Too bad. I was actually looking forward to this one.
  19. N0008918

    I can live with the low damage, the turn radius and and adn...but the 300m range......NO WAY
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  20. Aegie

    This is ridiculous- reach the control limit, it vanishes, get shot, it vanishes. It is as if the Pheonix is a mental projection and not material flying through the air. What is the justification behind not just having the rocket turn into a dumbfire at max distance or when the user is shot? Note that if it turned "dumb" at max distance or when the user is shot that it would no more be a "forever" rocket than the dumb fire ones.

    Tons of rockets in the game but the only one you can shoot down is the one that vanishes at 300m or if the (stationary) user gets shot? IMO, either all the rockets should be vulnerable to small arms or none should be.
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