Official Phoenix Launcher Thread

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RadarX, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. BluePhoenix

    Well, Nerf ftw. Never seen any other game, where the community cries at each other till all weapons do 1 dmg. Why not using Water Pistols... Anyway i just bought the Phoenix yesterday and they're 2 Points which i really "love" ... Sooo... i tried using the Phoenix against Tanks and Aircraft, its really Funny to see how the rocket goes like "poof" after 6 seconds. Tank Drivers already know that, just drive back 5 meters and laugh as they see it go "poof"... am i holding a rocket launcher, or a magic-trick shooter? So after that wasn't that succesful i tried shooting aircraft - IF you hit a jet, it works perfect, its a sure Onehit - but if the Jet just moves 1cm , you're going to miss because of the nice maneuverability, so i tried using the guided rockets against infantery, well - after i headshotted soldiers with rockets, and they still jump around like happy easter bunny's, i was... surprised... i want to see a soldier in real life that survives a headshot with a guided rocket. show me pls. I really hope this weapon gets an update, otherwise its the most useless 1000 certs i've ever spent on. I apologize for my lacking english, have a nice day :3
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  2. Rentago

    it isn't crap, haven't you played perfect dark or the original planetside, what about other god damn games like unreal tournament that offered camera guided rocket launchers, its the best launcher.

    its just that call of duty/battlefield audience that populates NC seems to continue to ***** about how bad all their really great and likely OP **** they have.

    its just ignorance and lack of experience, any other person from TR or VS could put your empire to better use, we got garbage thats balanced or just mutilated from what ti should be.
  3. PBRStreetgang

    I love that they have now added some static at the end of the missiles flight so that you don't even know if you hit your target or not.All the complainers are ignoring the fact that the missile is only good when you fire it from behind cover, and even then not good as you die so much from just standing still for so long. It is annoying that Strikers can take a sundy down in seconds but are not seen as needing balancing but NC weapons are made useless if they should be at all effective.
    This game is starting to suck, the never ending list of Nerfs that hit the NC one after the other is getting a bit much, it is obvious the Dev's don't want people to play the faction but i have wasted time and money on it so i could not be bothered to do the same for another faction. They get no more money from me.
  4. MykeMichail

    Needs to go dumbfire after it reaches its maximum guidance range. Getting to 285 m and having it cut out and simply dissappear when all I can see in my scope is the rear end of a flaming sunderer is ridiculously frustrating.

    At most a skilled user might be able to get an extra 150 m of range out of it due to its extremely slow projectile speed and quick drop (one of the only weapons in the game which will actually hit the ground if fired directly up)

    Secondly, needs all time limitations on guidance removed or siginificantly increased. It already has a range limitation. Why give it such a short time limitation as well? Its not like it turns fast enough for the user to indefinitely fly a phoenix around inside its 300 m range limit. In theory, if a harasser an keep up with it, a Phoenix user in the back seat should be able to guide it for as long as the missile has fuel (another 30-60 seconds of guidance would be nice).

    Thirdly, the ability for people to see the guided Phoenix rockets is a little on the bugged side. Many times it will be seen as flying perfectly straight. This isn't just unfair to enemies being targeted with it, but its also frustrating when you tell your Phoenix squad "follow my Phoenix" and they all chase after a straight flying Phoenix.
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