Nerfing items paid for with SC is fraud

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Twistdlester, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. Nocturnal7x

    Pretty much this

    And this.
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  2. Amrok1

    By extension of the OPs reason, logic, and argument SOE must stop BUFFING things which have been released yet under perform. They must also stop changing game mechanics which affect items purchased, such as increasing the accuracy of NC weapons and then altering the flinch mechanic so they benefit from it even more. This is obviously an outrage!!!!!!! Revert these game altering changes which affect items we've obtained by trading in station cash which we purchased with real money!!!!!!!!!!

    Or we could realize that this game will always be evolving and changing for as long as we play it and realize that changes will happen in accordance with game balance. In short, don't want to purchase something which *might* be altered later? Then don't purchase anything.
  3. Twistdlester

    I think you need to wake up , free play doesnt pay SOE's bills , we are talking about Station cash purchases which origonate from real money.
  4. MiZrY

    If you signed and agreed a ToS to Chevy stating that they have the right to change what ever they want to the car at any time.... you have no right to complain because you basically said it's OK for them to do so.

    When you started this game you agreed that it is OK for them to do this. So basically YOU are the one that is not living up to the contract if you go and take legal action.

    Whining about it just makes you look like an idiot.... don't whine about things you agreed to.
  5. JDS999

    yeah im still mad about my la80 i bought in december. i bought the sniper rifle, then it was nerfed and a new sniper rifle came out that did more damage.<--- seems like the definition of fraud to me. it seems that all 3 nc sniper rifles are the same(bolt action)
  6. GamerOS

    If I buy XP boosters with Station cash and use the extra Certs gained from it to buy Weapons that are then changed in patches...
    Do I get my money back according to that same logic?

    The only thing SOE sells you and guarantees you is the Station Cash, with the station cash you buy the convenience of progressing faster in the game.
    Either by outright buying weapons or getting boosts to allow you to get more certs and buy things with that.

    It's very clear that items in game are subject to change and that nothing is set in stone.
    The only thing they sell you is the Station Cash and it would be fraud if they gave you less/more or nothing of that at all.
    What you do with the station cash is completely up to you.
  7. Twistdlester

    Ok youre right , maybe people need to be more aware that a company can rip you off consistantly and then hide behind a ToS, and then maybe someone like you will come along and basicly say its the end users fault for agreeing to the ToS.

    You could probibly work for EA on the Simcity game , they would love your excuses for poor quality control , testing and management.

    " sorry we screwed you , but you signed a ToS"

    awesome business model
  8. jjruh

    Is this your pathetic attempt to save your OP hacksaw max and your OP phoenix?
  9. Twistdlester

    Is that your pathetic attempt to troll me......

    This is about all factions not just mine , and I never mentioned any NC weapons specificly, plus I dont even have a Phoenix
  10. MiZrY

    Well..... every single game that has a ToS that you have to agree to has this in their agreement. It's nothing new and it has been around for years.

    It is what it is.... we all agreed to it. You told them that it is OK to do this by agreeing to it.

    It's like certain jobs.... you have to sign a contract that states that the company can for whatever reason or no reason at all terminate your employment.

    If you don't like their terms, don't play the game. If you don't want to get fired from that job for whatever reason, don't take the job.
  11. GamerOS

    Technically any contract (or TOS/EULA) can't break local/international law, if it does and you sign it those parts can and will be declared void when it comes to court and lawsuits.
  12. jjruh

    Ok how about this, I payed money for things on my magrider, My magrider got nerfed do you think that it needed nerfed? you see my whining about the nerf?

    TR players got their HE prowler rounds that they payed for nerfed, do you think that the prowler needed a nerf?

    the Annihilator that people payed money for was nerfed, do you think that it was right to be able to lock on and destroy target that couldn't even see you?

    on down the list of thing after thing being nerfed, that SHOULD HAVE BEEN NERFED, is that fraud? NO.
    ITS CALLED BALANCE. Do you understand how hard it is to balance for a game, especially balance for a MMO, especially imperfect balance for a MMO? Sometimes (most of the time) SOE gets it wrong on their first try, not because they didnt try to balance, but because it is really hard to properly predict how things will be used. So is making a game FAIR FOR ALL PEOPLE ON ANY FACTION WHO PAYED MONEY fraud? How is chaining something unfair one faction has, to be fair for the other two factions Fraud?

    Let me give you a piece of advice, Dont buy OP weapons, because you KNOW they will be changed in the future. AND, dont buy weapons on day one until you know they arnt OP if you really hate your stuff being nerfed... really grow up.
  13. Purg

    Software purchases are completely different to that of a car purchase. Firstly, if you roll up to a car dealership, reach an agreed price and you hand over the cash while they hand over the keys, you now own that car - it's yours to do whatever you please with. When you purchase software, you're purchasing a licence to use that software, it's not actually owned by you - it's still owned by SOE.

    With regards to weapons - I'd prefer game balance be the motivation behind the adjustment of things in the game. The data gained from a days play with a new weapon across multiple servers would generate significantly more data than a handful of play testers in their office during its development time. That's just the limitations of development. I'm confident that balance is maintained largely from data and less from forum whiners but a mixture of both is essential to satisfy those who play the game.

    I'm sure if you spent a significant amount of money and your time invested into a character and a new weapon was released that obliterated you the moment you stepped out of your warpgate, you'd be unlikely to hold the opinion of - 'well, people paid for this weapon and it was released this way.. I'll just keep derping out of my warpgate and dying instantly' You'd either expect the weapon to be retooled or you would leave the game.
  14. RottenGroinArea

    Caveat Emptor, buyer beware.

    What you will accept should dictate the amount of money you spend on any product.

    The PS2 business model is:
    `kids have been taught to buy any shiny new thing, so flood the game with shiny new powerful weapons
    and then nerf this week's crap to make the next batch more attractive'.

    Sadly, people in the consumer based Western cultures have been brain washed to believe that any
    new thing is a "must have" so these insanely greedy business models are pretty successful, for now.

    Bottom line, if you are tired of getting ripped off then stop spending your money.

    That's what I did...
  15. DxAdder

    Just an FYI while SOE can make the final decision about cert refunds to customers they are at the mercy of the credit card companies about purchases made with real cash.

    If a customer files a complaint and the credit card provider decides the customer should be refunded that's it.

    SOE is bound by the terms of there merchant agreement and "Bait and Hook" is certainly a valid reason to ask for a refund.
    Also a history of excessive charge backs like this in the end would end up raising the rate they are charged to process
    credit card transactions. So it would be in there Best interest to simply grant refund requests without it escalating further.
  16. Ronin Oni

    I love it...

    There's absolutely no winning for SOE with you guys.

    If they don't balance items... it's P2W

    If they do... it's bait and switch.

    Personally, I'd prefer balanced since some of you will be pissed off regardless.
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  17. Regis7575

  18. Ronin Oni

    Oh, and pro-tip...

    if you want to have a better idea of what an item will be... don't buy it at launch... wait for a couple updates at least until they get it settled into the balance scheme and then decide.
  19. RasFW

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  20. BlueSkies

    Just an FYI, you aren't buying anything in-game with cash (hence, no bait and switch). You are buying Station Cash which you then use to gain access to in-game items (note: you never own these items, you just have access).
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