Nerfing items paid for with SC is fraud

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Twistdlester, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. Lord Robert

    This is true.
    This is why you buy SC first then items. and not items for actual cash. If the new launchers had a $7 price tag on them, and not 700 SC, then people might have a point.
    There would still be a legal argument if you did buy items with actual cash, as items are digital and reside on servers owned by SOE, and all you are buying is a license to use them (like every other video game) but when you buy SC first and use SC to buy items, they can do whatever with whatever completely at will, and you have to go with it. When you buy SC, so long as they credit your account with the SC, their obligation ends there.
  2. akajefe

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  3. Parricidium

    They do test things. Even if you test things vigorously, your 15 testers testing day and night will never, ever be as good of testing as tens of thousands of players, or however many play whatever game is in question.

    Besides, your proposal is implying that this nebulous, undefined "vigorous testing" is enough to prevent all imbalance. In the incredibly unlikely case that your methodology is not the epitome of perfection, and an imbalance slips through, what then? Does it just sit and remain imbalanced forever, leaving exploiters to ruin the experience of many, many gamers, never to be changed because people bought it?
  4. LibertyRevolution

    All new weapons get nerfed, that is the business model... Welcome to F2P.
    Either you buy the new weapon on day 1 when it is OP and you make your certs back, or you wait until its balanced.
    If you wait, you can expect that weapon to be just as useful as annihilator post nerf...
  5. Twistdlester

    So you think they tested the new NC rocket launcher? So when a tester shot it at infantry and found out that you could rocket snipe someone they thought it was fine? I don't think you need many testers to find that out. They knew it and did nothing. Launched it and watched all the nc buy it then once they had our money they decided itstoo powerful and need to nerf it against infantry. How the pluck can anyone defend eitherhorrible testing or willingly selling an unbalanced item to generate more money. Im sorry but no ones going to believe that crap. Im pretty sure they shot many rockets at infantry.
  6. Zaik

    you're informed in the terms of service that you agree to that purchased digital content can be changed without your consent and you have no right to a refund.

    why do people sign away their legal rights without knowing what they are agreeing to?
  7. TheMagicCookie

    People who don't understand how laws and the political system work or what they do are always entertaining...
  8. Gary

    Can we seriously stop making these threads... It is not fraud even if you do not agree to it... You purchased Station Cash with real money. Not in game items, they are purchased with Station Cash... You could probably win something potentially at court if you had some good legal advice if it was just this.. However you accepted the agreement which states they can change items for balance as and when they feel it is needed and it will not qualify you for a refund in anyway combined with a no refund policy.

    If you want to buy a weapon as soon as it is released feel free, This has a chance of giving you a weapon in an unbalanced state for a small amount of time whilst they gather more data on it. However you can expect changes to any weapon that is newely implemented because SOE are incapable of testing weapons to a scale at which the playerbase does.

    If you want to be cautious wait a month or two and then buy the weapon, it is likely been balanced by now or deemed not to need balance.

    So people think that is how it works and that SOE Deliberately release weapons in an "upped state" to boost sales on release... Yet people still buy them... Genius...

    Simply put -

    1. Buy item on release for potential advantages
    2. weapon may be balanced and will not grant you a refund at all
    1. Wait a while before buying weapons
    2. Less chance of the item been changed after a month or so
    1. Do not buy weapons with station cash
    2. Use certs instead.
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  9. ChaosRender

    So you are fine with not receiving any buffs or fixes to things you have bought? Under the idea that they have no right to nerf your item due to it changing what you purchased, you are not due buffs or fixes to items as it is a change to the item you bought as is.

    But at the end of the day you are not buying a Phoenix launcher, SMG, or PA shotgun, you are buying the right to access them in game which you still can.
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  10. Parricidium

    I'm sure that is the case. Skeezy business != bad balancing methods.
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  11. Zazwon

    Are you daft? Really?
    What's more important? The integrity of the game or your ability to use an over powered weapon?
    Guess what I bought the Phobos -pump action shotgun- now its getting nerfed. Am I unhappy about it? NO
    Plain and simple it needed to happen, I bought a weapon long after its release in full knowledge that it was OP, many people do.
    For the sake of the game, balance takes precedent
  12. smokemaker

    To me its a no brainer, if you purchased an item then they nerf it, they should give you the option for a refund.
  13. Parricidium

    Then enjoy your subscription fee.
  14. smokemaker

    already pay one
  15. WalrusJones

    You bought SC, not an item.

    What SOE allows you to do with SC is not regulated by law.
  16. Parricidium

    Enjoy your decidedly larger subscription fee.

    And significantly smaller fights in this large-scale FPS because removing the F2P aspect would result in a marked cut in the population.
  17. smokemaker

    This has nothing to do with making this game not free to play.
    This has everything to do with selling an item as advertised then changing it.
  18. Tasogie

    Not to state the bleedin obvious, but what you gonna do about it ?.... Nothing, thought so :). Lets be honest here, there isn't a damn thing you can do about it even if it was fraud, which it isn't.
  19. LeanV

    Welcome to MMO's dude. Every item ever released will be hardcore nerfed at some point.

    Solution: Stop spending money as soon as a new shiny toy comes out.
  20. EvilPhd

    This should be a PSA - don't buy newly released weapons.
    Wait it out at lest 2 weeks to a month. It will save you frustration and money in the long run.
    Seriously. I stopped because I got bit one too many times. Glad I wised up about it too.

    They need a freaking test server. Just do it.

    You consolidated how many servers? Just put the dang test build on the old servers. Run at least a TWO WEEK session on game updates. That will give plenty of time to work out kinks and get plenty of feedback.
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