Nerfing items paid for with SC is fraud

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Twistdlester, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. Twistdlester

    You are selling items based on criteria described by you , the seller , we in good faith are purchasing these items with station cash which is bought from real money . When you take away from the original effectiveness and intension of these items then you are defrauding the purchasers because what we paid money for at the time of sale is not what we are ending up with.

    Regardless of the legality of this , it's just plain bad planning and a horrible business practice. I'm sick of you using the paying PS2 community as testers for your in game weapons.

    Invent something, test it , sell it , and then stand by your decisions. IMO you've had enough times of being " wrong" about the specs of weapons. People are eventually just not going to buy new items from you anymore because the pre-conceived notion of an impending change in their spec has become common place.

    If I bought a Corvette because I drive fast and its advertised as a fast car -and a month later Chevy was able to turn off a feature to slow down my car because people complained it was too fast I would sue them .
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  2. Bape

    I totally agree with you they should not nerf something you purchased then later it get nerfed basically a slap in your face and say deal with it but they are giving SC refund I think where you exchange your SC for cert for example hacksaw and phoenix is getting nerfed so that 3000 cert back :).
  3. DeltaGun

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  4. Lucidius134

    You purchased SC. The SC didn't change in functionality in any way and you got what you payed for.
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  5. Ghosty11

    Please go back and read the ToS that you clicked "I agree" on when you installed PS2. SOE gave themselves the implict right to change in game content at any time. You agreed, and thus you have no rights.
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  6. FnkyTwn

    Meh.. you can buy items with SC or Certs. League of Legends constantly changes
    stats on characters that people can buy with real money or earned credit. If there
    was an actual lawsuit here then LoL would have already been hit haaaaard with it.
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  7. turtlestation

    You can't honestly still be surprised at this. ESF and Liberator ****** were arguing that their power wouldn't be reduced because of their hard-bought SC items and bam, air nerf. I bought camo, VPC and a Saron for my Magrider and all those got nerfed but I knew it was going to happen because the Mag was clearly OP. If you're using the Phoenix and honestly don't see why a nerf is needed, you are either disingenuous or just blind. Purchasing a weapon with SC does not justify unbalance.
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  8. Gustavo M

    So you are telling me that a "overpowered" item must stay overpowered because people paid for It?
    We are talking about virtual goods In a player vs player scenario game: "balance" Is expected.
    And I believe there's something In the TOS that mentions about possible changes on the virtual goods. Something amongst those lines.
    All In all, just use the "candy bar" thought everytime you buy one of those virtual goods: It's yummy, tasty, doesn't last forever and you want to devour It as soon as possible.
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  9. Eugenitor

    Hey, the OP paid to win, and he deserves his money's worth!

    (and this is why the F2P model is fundamentally bad design from a gameplay standpoint and excellent from a short-term sales standpoint)
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  10. Twistdlester

    So do you agree with that , and do you think it's become a method supporting bad business practices from SOE in PS2? or do you agree that a TOS is a blanket band-aid for mistakes with the communities money?

    Also could you point out for all of us in the TOS the section pertaining to my post ?
  11. HadesR

    I spent 1k Cert's on the Phoenix based on Higby's Showcase stream .. It's looked an interesting AV weapon that would be fun to use .. Anti - Infantry as it stands is a bonus and since it cost 1k cert's ..Going to abuse it till it's changed :p

    But not going ask for my cert's back .. as long as it remains a okish fun AV weapon which is what I wanted
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  12. Tobax

    No its not, SOE own everything and you only get access to use the item while the game is running, they can make any change they want and if the entire game gets shut down there is no refund, you own nothing.
    Yes it makes us all feel bad wasting money only to see an item changed but I'd rather have a balanced game and that's the goal of these changes.
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  13. Stargazer86

    What SOE should do is actually test stuff before they toss it onto the live servers.

    Almost as if they should have a specific server for testing. Man, what would that be called?
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  14. FnkyTwn

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  15. Gustavo M

    "Balance" Is not a business practice neither a "salesman" move: It's intended to happen In every game. You can't change that.
    And stop the "...but I paid for It!" excuse: Nothing lasts forever.
    Common sense, ladies and gentleman.
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  16. ikillyou1990

    Yes this is frustrating. Yes I have had this happen and have wished I hadn't paid for that weapon. BUT this is still open beta.. things will change. If you don't want to risk it then don't buy things with SC. Simple as that.

    Hell I've bought stuff that I know will end up being nerfed eventually.
  17. Wintermaulz

    _____________________________________________▐████ █
    ___________________________________________▄▀▀▀█▀▀ ▀
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  18. HadesR

    Yup like everyone did the Mag's, Prowler's , Lib's , Lolpods, now PA's and Phoenix's .. But yeah can't really ask for the cert's back .. Since I wanted a fun AV weapon
  19. RomulusX

    Except that Corvette came with a EULA :eek: or Terms of Service :eek:!!!!!
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  20. Leichow

    I can do color'd font too... Wow! :)
    With that being said... - YOU BOUGHT these items clearly fully knowing things are patched and items are balanced. WHEN YOU buy an OP item and it's nerf'd; suck it up, it's going to happen.
    I'm also sure you've cried BS being killed by the same similar wep, but now that you can't do it and either can they it's BAD
    it's called a governor and kid's go-karts have that, you want a faster car modify the chip and get a better intake...But I doubt you know/knew that, and I also doubt you would be buying a Corvette considering the fact you're griping about a few bucks.
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