Nerfing items paid for with SC is fraud

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Twistdlester, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. Wintermaulz

    Look at LoL. 3 year old game, still running very strong, uses F2P AND is very balanced gameplay wise. F2P can work quite well without turning into P2W.
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  2. Krayus_Korianis

    Oh well OP. Stop whining and start getting weapons that aren't overpowered.
  3. Bankrotas

    Except, you're not buying weapons, but Station Cash?
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  4. Eugenitor

    I should probably be more specific. F2P for cosmetics and limited options is fine. F2P for items that are super-powered on launch and then nerfed is not. The model's become "Get people to buy it, then nerf it because it's OP." Basically, if you're FOTM, you're buying a subscription to be OP in different ways at different times. Unless you're Vanu, in which case, you're frequently paying to lose.
  5. rumblepit

    welcome to the world of MMOs, the game is never finished,and its always bought items because they were OP and broken and now you want your money back because they plan to balance said items?????

    lmmao i wish you the best of luck......
  6. Twistdlester

    Great advice , maybe SOE can put that statement at the end of their TOS. All credit going to you of course for such a wise idea . Or better yet each time we purchace Station Cash , a little message with " Item stats will eventually change because Nothing lasts forever "
  7. thrikerr

    I bought the SKEP launcher, then the Annihilator came out and outclassed it. I bought the Annihilator, and it got nerfed into the ground. I bought rocket pods, which have been nerfed several times now.

    I'm not angry, nor do I feel cheated or scammed in the slightest. No game, free to play or not, is perfectly balanced and stuff gets changed all the time. You should all know this.
  8. Roy Teppert

    And I'm sure you thoroughly read the EULA and educated yourself on the terms of service before clicking the AGREE button and making any in-game purchases, right?
  9. QuakerOatsMan

    Certain weapons and things in the game need to be nerfed to allow all players to have fun playing the game. If you accepted the ToS but can't accept this fact, then there's not much I can say for you.
  10. thrikerr

    If you somehow made yourself believe your purchased items would be immune to balance, you're a complete idiot. Use common sense.
  11. m44v

    click the Terms of Service at the bottom of this page

    Also, this is a PVP game, balance changes are to be expected.
  12. Dawgpound12

    This isn't a problem until NC weapons are finally nerfed.
  13. Erik

    This is an MMO which means everything is subject to change and balancing as balancing will take place through out the entire life of the game. If you didn't expect this well then that is on you. I am pretty sure this is all covered in the terms of use.

    They have said time and time again, you cant truly test a weapon till it is in the hands of the masses and see what they do with them, or how they work on a larger scale. There is not a large enough population to properly populate a test server with out taking away from the current servers.

    Things will continuously change through out the games life. If you cant handle it then maybe you should move on the COD, Mario, or something a little more simple where your not expected to act like an adult.
  14. Mythicrose12


    OP :

    You bought station cash that works across multiple SOE games. What the SC was used for is your own choice. SOE retains ownership of the game and anything in it (including your avatars). As such, it has the authority to change anything in the game to what ever they desire. Besides, as an MMO everyone should expect this game to constantly change.
  15. Twistdlester

    So acting like an adult means that in PS2 you should purchase any item knowing that the stats will eventually change for better or for worse and you should just " suck it up " just wanted to clarify your statement.

    Do you think this builds consumer confidence in PS2?
  16. evansra

    I think a lot of people are missing what the OP said, he said this is bad buisiness practice and i agree, releasing weapons OP then nerfing them makes people unhapy and as these are the same people supporting the game its a bad move.
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  17. RobotNinja

    Let me make it easy for you. If it's a NC faction weapon, it will be massively awesome when it's released in the cash shop and then nerfed into completely useless junk like the rest of the NC weapons two weeks later.
  18. Springheel Jack

    Internet lawyer fail.
  19. zealluck

    Agreed, whenever they tweak something, they should just refund that item in certs.
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  20. Erik

    Acting like an adult is not going on childish tirades every they are making balance changes; something which will happen through out the course of the games life span and to all types of items. Balance will never be perfect, there will be ups and downs to everything. If you can't deal with it then maybe you are playing the wrong type of game.
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