Nerfing items paid for with SC is fraud

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Twistdlester, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. Shaolungbao

    lolz.. they can do what they want to it.

    guess what else they can do? turn off the servers forever tomorrow as long as they don't continue to charge.

    you pay for a license to use the program or a piece of code within it... or did you receive a code packet for each item you bought to keep forever? haha
  2. Vertabrae

    You know. Every single time there is a change, we get 10 different threads like this. I've gone thru almost all of them and explained thing calmly and rationally. Saying you bought the SC, which worked as advertised. Saying you should have read the ToS.

    But after so many threads, and so many replies, I'm tired. Tired of idiots who don't play attention. Tired of idiots who know things get changed and that's part of online gaming. I'm simply tired.

    So here is my new reply.

    SOE Got your money neeener neeener neeener. They ain't giving it back neeener neeener neeener.
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  3. Parricidium

    See below:
    If they offer refunds, they have to keep the game afloat somehow. They are a business and they have to make money. If every entitled kid who screams nerf the second anything in the game changes and that silver spoon goes into their mouth to pacify them, SOE would have to make money another way - i.e., shelling out $60 or paying a subscription.
  4. Phazaar

    Source?? As I understand it, the refund is only for people who have bought the same weapon twice? So they have two NC characters and have bought Hacksaws on both. Also, what's the source for the Hacksaw MAX nerf?
  5. Phazaar

    I wish they'd just go down the full subscription route and have done with it. It would cleanse the playerbase massively, and whilst we'd probably drop to three or four servers, they'd be -so- much better for it.

    So come on, SOE. Be the first MMO to move FROM F2P to P2P when your previous model failed!

    Anyway, I do wish people wouldn't be so quick to white knight for SOE. A lot of companies running F2P MMOs work with this refund policy. It's very simple to see why. Nerfs should be for balance. Weapons should be introduced in a balanced state. If they're not, the developer has made a mistake; a nerf may be necessary. After the nerf, THE WEAPON SHOULD BE BALANCED. No better or worse than any other weapon; simply different. This means very few people will want a refund, as most will have wanted the unique quality (high ROF, TV missiles, 5 round missile clip, charge mechanic, SIX SHOTGUNS IN ONE, whatever) and be happy for it to be balanced but unique, rather than overpowering.

    SOE's problem is they -never- nerf slowly and they don't use a test server, which inevitably means a weapon comes out and because it's the dev's own little baby, they've nurtured it, and they've obsessed over it, and it's a little bit overpowered. But they can't address that without test data, so they have to leave it unchanged for a few days. With the data, they can work on an appropriate fix. This might take a few days (in the case of the Phoenix, a few days was taken and they still couldn't get it right, so now it's going to be nerfed non-sensically and taking away -another- element of feedback from the game). Once the fix is released (and this is where it always goes wrong), it's never revisited. They want more longitudinal data this time, so we'll see a balance pass in a few months. The problem is, the fix is -always- completely over the top, using all possible options instead of only one, or one at a time, and thus a weapon that was released in an OP state, but would still be desirable if it was simply balanced, is now completely underwhelming and won't leave the player's weapons locker.

    There is nothing wrong with players feeling cheated and wanting refunds in this situation. Regardless of what is in your disclaimer or TOS, a court still has a right (as does a society) to call '********' in certain circumstances. For instance, SOE could have released the Alpha Squad pack as the only way into the beta test. The beta test could have started out as badly as it did, and then they could have opened the game for one day, and closed the servers the next day. Cost everyone £30 for the privilege. The TOS allows it. Trading Standards (most likely small claims court wouldn't even be necessary) wouldn't.
  6. Bape

    Check the tweet nc max get balanced next week GU6 and dam thank god i didnt buy the phoenix with sc.
  7. Frigidus

    Yeah, it really isn't worth it any more. People that complain about this aren't interested in the overall health of the game. They just want to spend $20 to get FotM guns, get a refund whenever the nerf rolls around, and then use that same $20 to buy new FotM gear in perpetuity.
  8. Gorgar

    Perhaps SOE should trial new weapons making them freely available to all for one week. They could then get feedback from these outraged forums to adjust said weapons before actually selling them. This would reduce the tears over spent SC.
  9. Schnitzle

    Not gonna lie, without using the same rhetoric as op I did buy some fotm and other weapons with sc, and a fair number of them are sitting somewhere on the rack because they've just changed so drastically.

    I think it would be a good business move and a gesture of goodwill on sonys part to give one free cert or sc reset what with all the tweaking and dissatisfaction going on here. but I doubt they will
  10. LabRatTy

    When you buy something in an MMO, you need to expect that it may be changed in the future.

    It is changed because it's in the best interest of the game. It's hard for game developers to know the best way to design a certain thing, and as time goes by, they have a better idea about how things should be - thus their new knowledge needs to be applied.

    The key to succeeding in any MMO is to find elements that other people consider weak but are actually extremely strong when used in a certain way. These things don't tend to get nerfed.
  11. illgot

    Any item bought with SC should have their stats locked into place.
  12. LabRatTy

    Don't you think people would complain hard about not receiving buffs?

    Players are not interested in game balance. They're interested in being overpowered.

    (Except the rare cool ones that like being the underdog and push to win anyway.)
  13. Colt556

    Didn't read the thread. But I'll just chime in and say this is why you should never buy weapons with SC. At least not until they've been out for a month or two.
  14. illgot

    A person buys a weapon, that item has the stats and functionality locked in at their current value. If that item is nerfed, that person was lucky or smart enough to purchase that weapon while it was good. If that weapon is buffed, at least the person still has the exact item they bought when they purchased it. The player no longer has to worry about the weapon they purchased becoming less than what it was when they purchased it.

    I am weary about buying any weapons from the cash shop. It is not that I can not afford 7 dollars, it is because every time I do purchase a weapon, that weapon is nerfed right before a new model is released so people buy the new model.

    The current system sucks and is one of the reasons I do not bother purchasing weapons anymore.
  15. kungflu

    Sir, please go back and read the original post. Let me just spoonfeed it to you.

    Regardless of the legality of this , it's just plain bad planning and a horrible business practice. I'm sick of you using the paying PS2 community as testers for your in game weapons.

    There are game developers out there that's more competent to actually perform QA tests before releasing anything.
    I get where OP is getting at. This game is rushed, and you know it.
  16. LabRatTy

    If you think people hate paying money and then being nerfed, just see what happens when they pay money and then are denied buffs. It would be hilarious. "You want the buffs? Buy the same item again. Thanks."

    The backlash would be epic. If you do become a game dev and put this into practice, let me know - I want to watch.
  17. HowToAim

    Sony Online Entertainment is notorious for doing this. They will continue to do this. This is why players who pay SC should learn to embrace the good things they have while they last, literally use them until it's viewed as abuse, perhaps driving away players in the process. This is the business model they have chosen. Don't hate the player.
  18. Dibola

    Actually when you made an account here you gave up almost all rights. It's their game...they can tweak things how they see fit.
  19. SgtBreastroker

    I really liked that comparison at the end. lol
  20. HellasVagabond

    Whether or not SOE is covered is not the point (although when you purchase a weapon they don't say anywhere that they have the right to change its stats therefore if someone was to move legally against them i think he has a good chance of winning).
    The point is if it's right or wrong and it's wrong.
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