[nerf] So when is the vanu nightcamo going to get nerfed?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Vaphell, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. Vaphell

    Nightime is half of the game time (well duh) and it is infuriating how vanu blend with pretty much everything in darkness, dark metallic fragments of structures, hossin purplish ground, you name it.
    At night vanu peasant can stand literally in the open 30m away and you see him only when he starts his fabulous disco aimed at you. In a game where it takes half a second to go down and the initiative is 90% of success, it's gg right there. This makes me believe that vanu get the licence to steamroll otherwise balanced battles when it's dark because all these fractions of seconds of countless encounters add up.

    Nightcamo advantage is one of the things that made me hate vanu. PS2, y u made me a racist? >_<
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  2. Liewec123

    i know that feels!
    vanu are the reason i can't play on ultra.
  3. Pfundi

    Well yeah its kind of hard to see em sometimes.
    But those you dont see are only the noobs.
    The MLG Pros xxxHaxooaarxxx s will have bright glowing **** equipped.
    No problem spotting them.
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  4. Bonom Denej

    Isn't this getting old ?
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  5. Pfundi

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  6. lindatropa

    hey hey hey New Conglomerate members!

    DON'T forget that you have a strongest weapons! Mostly HARD hitting weapon!
    You Railjack rifle make 800m/s fast shots! Show me other weapon which makes so?
    And you threating Vanu about that they have dark camo theme???
  7. Pfundi

    Was this nescessary? Well, at least this fight isnt my fault...
  8. DrPapaPenguin

    I just look at them and they get spotted. No spandex can hide from my sight.
  9. FnkyTwn

    On the test server currently both TR and NC have the brighter parts of their uniforms darkened, from say white level, to grungy grey, and it goes a long way toward making them just as dark at night.

    This argument overall is a silly one though when you can simply Q spot people, or equip an IRNV scope. When it's too dark to see Vanu in the shadows, it's also too dark to see TR and NC, it's just your confirmation bias that makes you think this isn't the case. Once you play all the factions up to at least L25 you'll figure that out. Otherwise it's a "noob" complaint, along with No Bullet Drop.

    If dark camo does somehow possibly give the Vanu an ever so slight advantage at night, then that would be reversed x2 in the day, because their darkness doesn't blend in well with any environment. TR blend in well on Indar. NC blend in well on Amerish. VS don't blend in well anywhere but the night. So however big you think that advantage is at night, then it's conversely that much of a disadvantage in the day.

    Pro Tip: No matter what your faction, Anniversary Armour shouldn't be worn at night. It's a bright neon sign to shoot at in the darkness.

    Edit: How come you never hear complaints about TR Infiltrators being clad in all black? You'd figure this would be totally OP if VS being purple and teal was a factor.
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  10. eldarfalcongravtank

    stop crying you baddie! vanu already lost their camo coverage advantage as their infantry armor is now covered with more purple and cyan toothpaste than ever before. also, you can adapt and use a hsnv scope on your guns so that you see the people better you are about to shoot
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  11. Vaphell

    like it matters much, dark purple becomes almost black and cyanish becomes almost the same as foilage. You need a godly display with assloads of contrast to make heads or tails of it. There is nothing that catches the eye in "dark purple/cyan darkened even more", meanwhile blobs of yellow and red are out of ordinary and they draw attention even when dimmed. Then there is the issue that TR and NC have relatively brighter armors on average so they never become almost as good as "just stand against something dark and you get initiative for free".

    random night screenshots from google


    isn't this one pretty much in vanu palette?


    esamir nights have purplish tint (and it's not even a night, it's dawn).


    vanu are not going to stand out here either


    this one is from 2013, from a complain thread. Even if the current makeup of the camo is different, which one is going to stand out more, given the palette? Also, doesn't the structure in the background seem purplish? Now darken the pic. Red and yellow/bright brown are not going to vanish.
  12. Liewec123

    wait, blue and yellow somehow blends with trees? i don't think any faction scheme camouflages well during the day.
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  13. Pfundi

    I do not want to fight, but you can not. On the lowest graphical settings IRNVs effective range is only some meters more than you could hipfire. And additionaly, targets dont really look much different then the environment. You have blue background, blue targets and a range of 20-30m maximum.
  14. amega

    Not to mention Nc sniper glow in the dark like hell =))
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  15. eldarfalcongravtank

    you've picked some nice pictures to support your biased opinion. now tell me, what is the default dark/black/purple vanu color scheme going to provide in indar deserts at bright daylight? or how is it going to help in white esamir? why dont you show some pictures of that?

    there you go, vanu may be slightly less visible at night but they stick out like a sore thumb at daylight due to the extreme contrast of bright nature (desert, snow, etc) and their dark armor. and since the other half of ingame time is bright daylight you got vanu dark armor be absolutely useless in fights and even be detrimental to combat performance (since you're able to see a dark object in a bright environment much better)

    you seem to make a larger issue out of this than it actually is. if you're having issues recognizing foes at certain conditions you might as well turn up the gamma or stop complaining and move on. it's not like TR/NC dont have access to dark camo which makes them similarly difficult to spot at night
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  16. KirthGersen

    Guys you all have in-game gamma/brightness settings. Use it.
    High/Ultra graphics and washed out colors with brightness 0.6 look few times better than Low/Mid with any brightness IMO.
  17. Vaphell

    Because the thread is about the nightcamo. Also feel free to provide counterexamples of factions blending in during the day on your own, i am not going to do the job for you. Supporting your arguments is on you.

    are you saying that baby blue/yellow or black/red give huge advantage against sand or snow? It's largely a wash during the day with one faction or another being slightly favored, but at night vanu are the kings - there is no comparison. Also night is half the game, and sand and snow maybe like 1.5/4

    Hmmm..... no I don't think I do. Also please read again what you are saying here. "Set gamma to some rtarded eyeburning setting" also "pay monies to get something we the vanu masterrace get for free". Are you serious here?
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  18. Pfundi

    Just to say, dark camos work excellent on Esamir. Indar dry for example. Not in the wide snowy areas, but in the rocky areas near buildings.
  19. BaronX13

    No guys! You don't understand! The Vanu, with their purple and teal default camo are invisible to all but the most high tech of instruments! When their army marches on you, it can't even be seen. The aircraft, tanks, and infantry just seem to walk out of the shadows! The Vanu attack like invisible invincible death machines (let alone their OP no bullet drop). Obviously, all of the other balance discussions, the major change in who owns the company, and the much more needed resource revamp fail in importance to this blight on fairness. Look, if I set my graphics settings just right, the Vanu blob on my screen looks way more invisible than the NC or TR blob.

    Yeah...these guys are invisible.

  20. MahouFairy

    Wow so it's actually possible to call for a nerf on anything?

    Camo uniform is supposed to prevent the user from getting spotted, so why are you trying to prevent it from functioning its intended role? Be thankful you can "Q spot". Go buy another camo or go design one instead of trying to ruin gameplay. -.-
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