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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Bvenged

    Resistance is futile! We welcome our new symbiotic server!
  2. Bvenged

    WASP Armour Squad footage during this week's training:

  3. Dinapuff

  4. Kurt83

    why no estonian flag decal ?
  5. Sovereign533

    I don't even know if we have estonians in the outfit.
    Actually, I don't even know if there is a decal for that.
  6. Dinapuff

    Had a few good fights on Monday's operation.
  7. Bvenged

  8. Arphelior

    Even the messed up servers wont stop us. We're still running with at least 4-5 squads including 2 (mechanised) infantry squads, an armour squad, an air squad & an adaptive squad! It doesn't matter whether you prefer to run, drive or fly. Our standard platoon setup uses every single aspects of the game.
  9. TobieBrave

    Me when fighting these lovely fellas.
  10. dnaRIP

    Did Lord Mondando really join KOTV??? If so, WTF? I can't wait to see the video. I thought he was trolling on twitter but it seems to be for real. LOL, shenanigans to follow I am sure.
  11. Bvenged

    He got a random invite on his VS alt, so he accepted for a laugh. Rest assured WASP still enforces the 1-outfit per server rule.
  12. Arphelior

    Look what I found on my computer! Drawn by the great [CONZ] Kogoros after (one of) the first WASP & CONZ Super Best Friend OPs :
  13. Dinapuff

    Me fighting BRTD.
  14. AquaKiller

    After all those years still kicking with WASP!
  15. Bvenged

  16. Sovereign533

    ^_^ WASP, still alive and stinging ;)
    (without the STING and VENOM divisions though)
  17. dnaRIP

  18. Dinapuff

    It's totally accurate depiction you guise.
  19. Sovereign533

    Now fielding multiple Valkyrie airsquads every day*!

    *Might or might not actually be true
  20. Bvenged

    Someone found our latest base!