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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Dinapuff

    That is so wrong on so many levels.
  2. Bvenged

    Here's our latest Promo video again!

  3. dnaRIP

    Very nice WASP! If you're looking for and NC outfit, these are the guys you want to play with.
  4. Dinapuff

    If not us and NC they should be playing TR in BRTD. ;)
  5. JOups

    We had some cool fights last couple of days
  6. Dinapuff

    Seen your outfit in the air several times. Anyone willing to fight us up there is a great outfit in my eyes. ;)
  7. Bvenged

    One of our air squad leaders and support officers made a surprise Air Squad recruitment video. Check it out!

    Our air squad plays both on-peak and off-peak every day. Averaging 6-12 players per operation, working alongside ground forces in true combined arms, and occasionally supported by an additional 6-12 man adaptive squad when the skies are too rough.

    Close Air Support, Interception & Air Superiority - you can count on WASP to help keep Miller airspace blue!
  8. Dinapuff

    Best outfit on miller. If you are a mature individual with the will step up your game then you should definitively try applying to WASP-INC. We have a one month probation period, and if you don't fit then you don't fit, but even then you'll have learned something to take with you to the next outfit you apply to.
  9. TmRNL

    Ah just got unbanned for some payment issue =/ damn chargeback bans!
    Was going mentally insane because i couldnt play with the outfit!

    WASP isnt just an outfit, it becomes like a 2nd family.
  10. AquaKiller

    Check our new artwork!

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  11. Arphelior

    We're not all that far away from 2500 replies and 100.000 views on this thread! :eek:
    Which makes this thread the outfit recruitment topic with the most replies and the 2nd most views (with the close Enclave topic being #1 with a bit over 100.000 views).
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  12. Bvenged

    Masters of Combined Arms, we welcome all who want to be pushed in their favourite way to play.
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  13. TobieBrave

    Time to rise again WASP, let me help you up.
    *Disclaimer* This is not TR Propaganda, only a friendly helping hand. ;)
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  14. Sovereign533

    ^_^ Much appreciated mr. Brave
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  15. Sovereign533

    Yesterday we had a squad in the ServerSmash. We didn't get a full squad since Saturday isn't the best day for us.
    We got a few extras from JNJ who performed admirably. (Thank you again)
    The fights were tough but fun. At times we were severely outnumbered and at other times we were holding the line or pushing them back.
    Our main focus was the center lane, but we also assisted in the bottom lane and the upper lane as well.

    Thank you fellow Millers, it went quite good during most of the fight and we only lost in the last 10 minutes when both our enemies turned against us.
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  16. Supertramper

    I apologise in advance for any possible mistakes, since english isn't my native language.

    I'm fairly new to the game (just started a few days ago) and started playing TR.
    Now i switched to NC and was looking for some people to play with.
    I really like playing the Medic, starting to equip him takes some Time :-/

    So my question is, even with me being new to the game, if it is possible to join you guys? :)
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  17. Dinapuff

    There is no level or experience requirement, but you do have to be above 18, you do need to own a decent mic, and you also have to submit a decent application at the appropriate place on our site www.wasp-inc.com.
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  18. Pocktio


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  19. Sovereign533

    As for applying, as Dinapuff said
    Goto http://wasp-inc.com/ then click on 'apply' at the top. Click on the Planetside 2 banner and click on the button that will appear. Or go to https://wasp-inc.com/applicationform/2/form for a direct link.

    We accept members according to the following criteria:
    1. Age (minimum 18 years, if you lie and we find out it will be a permanent bad from WASP. No matter when we find out)
    2. Application quality (we think it's important that you fit in the community, more so then being awesome at the game. This means that if you write a good application you basically don't even need a character to apply with)
    3. Outfits (we think that if you want to play with us then you should be part of the community. That means that WASP is your only outfit. Also on other factions. You don't need to leave that outfit during your probation, but it would be a requirement on passing your probation. There are exceptions on this rule and will be reviewed on a case by case basis)

    What do you get from it?
    1. A mature and active community
    2. People to play different games with
    3. Well running teamspeak
    4. Large forum (this might be a downside for some, but participation isn't mandatory, registration is)
    5. Multiple divisions with mature and active communities that you can participate in
    6. Organised and experienced squads and platoons
    7. Organised and experienced leaders
    8. The option of squad or platoon leading yourself with all the assistance and training you need
    9. A community that tries to listen to every member and tries to keep evolving and improving
    10. Etc.

    WASP Inc Planetside 2 Recruitment Officer

    P.S. If you have any more questions about our recruitment process you can send me a PM here, ingame, on the WASP forums or reply in this thread.
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  20. Sovereign533


    Beginning on Thursday 8th January 2015, WASP will be opening their Thursday evening operations to the members of the public, it is our intention to get people onto our Teamspeak to showcase what WASP is about, and hopefully improve the NCs stance on the server, our ops start at 19:30 and finish a 21:30 (UTC) or UK time.

    This will not be a public platoon, meaning that you will be invited to the platoon, if you do not state your interest, then you will not be invited.

    18 years old or over.
    Access to Teamspeak 3 & a working microphone.
    Must be able to follow and listen to the Squad leader and Platoon leader.

    If you are interested in this, then please add http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198169566470/ on Steam or email waspps2public@gmail.com if you wish to get involved, or you want further information.

    Thank you.
    Personal note : This was written by an Britlander and not me, so excuse the bad grammar. :D
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