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    Hi Guys, hope you're all well!

    I've been playing again for a few weeks now and not seen a single WASP member online, really surprised! Has everything quietened down? And NC seem to be the server's whipping boy most of the day now - what gives?
  3. Dinapuff

    we're online and operating at least 3 times a week. Just not as prominent on offdays like on release / post omfg.
  4. Sabotsa5

    [WASP] Open Platoon & How to take Part
    Introduction to WASP Open Platoon

    0:00 - 0:16 Teaser
    0:17 - 5:11 Intro
    0:45 - 1:23 Incentive
    1:24 - 3:58 Overview
    3:59 - 4:46 Requirements
    5:12 - 13:42 Operation, A2A
    6:20 - 8:42 Mekala Tech
    8:43 - 10:08 Ascent
    10:09 - 12:06 Raven Landing, Infantry
    12:07 - 13:42 Bastion and VS Warpgate
    12:22 - 12:45 Outro
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  6. Dinapuff

    Vanu might have won the alert yesterday, but wasp kicked some serious *** up in the skies.
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    Wow, this forum moves slowly.
    Last post in April and still only page 2! This bump should last us another couple of months then I guess
  10. Sovereign533

    We're still alive and kicking though!
    Quite regular open platoons. Helpful member base teaching newer players how to be good (during and after probation period).
    While we've shrunk since our old Beta day roots we still have a lot of experience with the whole broad game.

    As WASP we usually don't play the farm, but we play to win. We always make sure the objective gets accomplished. Be it that we breach the point room and (re)secure it or supporting friendly pushes into that room. You'll see us roam around a base attacking enemy Sunderers to halt their advance. Or be a brick on their way to slow them down enough that other objectives in other hexes can be captured.
    We also don't shy away from a challenge.

    We're also an outfit that listens to all members. An officer and a probation have the same input in how we do things. We always collect every bodies feedback and try to improve our self and our play style. We're quite relaxed during casual play, and quite strict during our operations.
    What you can expect from us:
    - Regular operations
    - Helpful memberbase
    - Large multi game community all with helpful members
    - Adult behaviour (with a lot of jest and joking)
    - Big forum with helps and guides. Not just for this game, but also for other games.
    - Large dedicated teamspeak server
    - Professional squad and platoon leaders with (literally) years of experience
    - All the support you need if you want to become a squad leader or platoon leader
    What we expect from you:
    - Microphone
    - English language
    - No egotistical behaviour
    - Following orders
    - Regular activity (minimum once a week)

    If this sounds appealing to you, go to our website at
    And write an application* at
    https://wasp-inc.com/applicationform/2/form **

    * : You're applying to a large gaming community. Please write something more then 1 sentence answers to the questions. We use your answers to see if you fit into our community, so be as complete as possible.
    ** : If your written English is poor while spoken English is quite good, you can also request an oral application with an officer. We can then do your application without the writing.
    *** : If you belong to any of our former SuperBestFriend outfits, your application will be automatically accepted and you'll get a reduced probation period.
  11. Sovereign533

    Anyone know what excuse I can use to bump this thread back to the top?
  12. Sovereign533

    Didn't join the alert today, and we greatly over populated all other continents (unfortunately).
    In order to get some good fights we broke up a fight between the TR and the VS so their combined 25/25 would be forced to fight our 50% and we would have to split up our forces in order to keep getting good equal and more challenging fights.
    After that, both the TR and VS we fought put up a good fight!
  13. Sovereign533

    Another day, another alert. The alert we joined today was an Indar alert.
    When our operation started we were on the winning hand with the VS at a close second and the TR assaulting our territory from the north.
    We started with halting the TR advance in the North East of Indar at the mountain range. We succeeded in pushing them out of our bases and setted up on a ridge to rain down missiles upon them to stop their Sunderer push. We also succeeded this.
    Then we turned our attention to the VS, first resecuring Ti Alloys. We did that by destroying all their spawn points from the Crown while letting our allies keep the point. After we deemed it secured we moved in to mop op the remaining forces. Then we pushed Crossroads where we got annihilated. The VS also started pushing Ti Alloys again, we formed up inside the base and defend the point until the inevitable VS MAX rush started. After that we went back tot the crown to rain down hell again. And another successful defense. However, we did lose Brokenarch in the mean time by a gigantic push from the VS who also had a 3% higher population then we had. And then we lost the alert to the VS.
    Good fights were had all round.
    And a special notice to the VS outfit that hot-dropped our missile position on the Crown. And the guy who stabbed me to death and whispered "Shanks for the memories". To bad you didn't get to empty our position and we could continue our shelling.

    As always, we are an outfit that specialises in going for the objective. We are organised and looking for new members. Go to https://wasp-inc.com/applicationform/2/form to apply now!
  14. Sovereign533

    Although I would like to make a constructive post while bumping this thread.
    I can't think of something. I couldn't participate in the last operations due to rl.
    This is still a bump though! :D
  15. ffy

    Even though we haven't fallen off the front page yet, I thought I should come in and bump this, just so Sovereign doesn't look so lonely.
  16. ffy

    We are now running an open squad in our platoon nearly every time we have an operation.

    If you wanna check out how we do, join up in the evening on Tuesdays and Sundays!
  17. Sovereign533

    The only part that sucks about my job is that I can't keep recruiting ;)
    For only a few k euros a month I'll do it fulltime! 0=-p
  18. Cynicismic

    I might fight for the VS, and command a VS outfit also, though for anyone looking for an NC outfit, this is the one for you. This group of players is full to the brim of dedicated players with skill, commitment, and above all friendliness, and they are an easily approachable bunch as well. I've had many pleasant and humorous chats with numerous members of [WASP] in the /yell chat channel, and all the members I've met have been courteous an honourable. Quite recently I managed to shoot down one of their pilots in my Scythe, and he congratulated me, as well as gave me constructive feedback on my flying technique. I cannot remember his username, though he was a pleasure to talk to, and once again I would like to thank him.

    I tremble whenever I see a [WASP] platoon, and this outfit is hugely recommended. The social and the playing aspect are both prevalent, well balanced, and fantastic, and these are all lovely guys to chat with also. I may detest the NC underlings, who deny themselves the glory of Vanu's wisdom, ( :p ), though I will always stick with my guns and say that this has to be one of the best outfits on Miller. Good luck, and keep up the brilliant effort [WASP].
  19. ffy

    ...and all other emotes I could use.

    Great to see that the alien overlords have allowed a vanu to see the light of WASP.
  20. Cynicismic

    Heh. I created an NC guy yesterday, and am finally beginning to really knuckle down and play this faction, and to be honest, I love it. The Mercenary is a fantastic gun, and the Mauler is really good too; the Reaver feels really nice to fly, (I prefer the way the Scythe handles, though the Reaver's gun actually feels like it does something when you shoot it), and they just feel like such a satisfying faction to play.

    Vanu may be glorious, though the NC certainly isn't far behind. Good luck guys!