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  1. Aivi

    In-game name: Aivi

    Best class & vehicle: Door Gunner

    Willing to listen to orders on ts3?: Yes

    What role fits you best?: Support

    Fun fact about yourself: Studying foreign accents.

    Coolest moment you experienced in-game so far: Random PUG that was actually using a command structure and voice chat.
  2. Xultanis

    In-Game Name: Xultanis
    Best Class & Vehicle: Depends on Situation. Most played class Infiltrator, most used Vehicle Sunderer

    Willing to listen to Orders on TS3: (Y/N): Willingness depends on how well the orders are. I'm a tactical person by nature and understand the progression of battle. I won't follow anything that knowingly or pridefully ignores other issues.

    What role fits me best? Whatever is needed. I have level 6 on medic and engi gun, and will continue to put certs towards things that would help a team. I'm not a pilot nor will I put certs into it. Not because I don't enjoy it, at the moment with my keyboard, being a pilot is too inefficient.

    Coolest moment you experienced in-game so far: Holding a line pushing up into base with my sniper rifle.

    I would also like to say this. I love to play for fun, however I come from EvE Online. Tactics and following orders are a must in that game. I also Fleet Commanded many battles with winning lots of engagements with few loses. Sorry just trying to inform why I think what orders are given determine if I will follow them or not. Pridefully trying to defend a point when it is obviously lost is idiotic. If I believe the person giving the orders doesn't understand what is important I will take over command. *Example* Rushes to take a Bio Lab without FIRST taking the spawn and teleporter rooms outside the lab. I know I sound high and mighty but again I'm a tactical person.
  3. MrDirty

    In-game name: MrDirtyNC
    Best class & vehicle: I feel I am best as LA or Eng
    Willing to listen to orders on ts3? (y/n): of course
    What role fits you best? (Support, Recon and Sniper, Soldier (Heavy or Light), Team Leader, Pilot or Driver, etc.): When defending I prefer Engineer, when attacking I prefer LA
    Fun fact about yourself: I know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop....but Im not telling
    Coolest moment you experienced in-game so far: On my VS character I aimed my scythe at a bio lab landing platform and ditched it to jump jet myself to the dome above the platform, They blew up the scythe before it did any damage but I did get a nice vantage point where I proceeded to mow down a bunch of TR while they ran around with no Idea where I was shooting from.
  4. OhNoDeepCrow

    In-game name

    Best class & vehicle
    Light Infantry / Gunner/Passenger Seat (Vanguard if I need to choose)

    Willing to listen to orders on ts3? (y/n)
    Wouldn't be much of a grunt if I wasn't (plus mic)

    What role fits you best? (Support, Recon and Sniper, Soldier (Heavy or Light), Team Leader, Pilot or Driver, etc.)
    Light Soldier/Skirmisher

    Fun fact about yourself
    I love light infantry, but I'm deathly afraid of heights.

    Coolest moment you experienced in-game so far
    Jetpacks. I don't understand why everyone isn't using them, because there's nothing quite like being able to fly.
    If I needed one moment in particular, I'd go with the time I began capping a point solo. First one Vanu showed up. Then another.
    Then the sunderer came, and there were 5 of them. I had just ran out of ammo when the gunship showed up. It was NC! The sunderer didn't make it, but the vanu infantry managed to get indoors. I killed two more with my pistol before they finally got me. Felt real good, man.
  5. DLJord

    I've noticed a couple of you have already registered on our forums. I'll makes sure you all get outfit invites asap if you haven't already got them.

    It sounds like you might make a good addition to our squad leadership. We welcome members who have passed trial to try out as squad leaders. We try our best to make informed choices about the tactics and strategies we use on the field.
  6. Hodo

    Why would you have a Centurion rank and a Captain rank?

    You are aware they technically are the same rank.

    Centurion commanded a Century of troops which was about 100 men.

    Army Captains command a Company of troops which is about 100-200 men.

    So you have a half-***** roman'esc command structure.
  7. DLJord

    Because we've always used real world army ranks and haven't got around to switching them over with a fitting image yet. It's in the works but something we're not overly bothered about right now. Captain will more than likely become 'Praefectus' though.
  8. Hodo

    So why go NC with this concept and not with the more "Roman" TR?

    NC= Corp-Soldiers, mercs, rebels.
  9. DLJord

    I do agree, TR is the more military or Roman faction, however NC was the faction we wanted to play. It's that simple really. Most of us aren't really in to the lore behind Planetside as much as playing as an organised group and having a laugh with friends.
  10. KittyKitakie

    This is an awful group of people that I've been observing and assisting since conception from a drunken ol' fart and a smitten young fat chick outside of a sleezy english club. The bastard child has grown to become a prince, and this may be the future king outfit of Jaeger NC
  11. Haskaal

    We've had this rank structure since before the PS2 release, and it's not specifically attuned to the Roman's which is why all of our ranks are not Roman-based. We have certain specified duties for each of our ranks and we assorted them to the tastes of our clan.

    We're clan first before outfit.
    This outfit is based and revolved around our clan and not the faction specifically. We're just here to play and have fun as a casual gaming community, not to hardcore role play a faction.
  12. ColdBackHAND

    n-game name:Handjob
    Best class & vehicle: Engi
    Willing to listen to orders on ts3? (y/n): Y
    What role fits you best? (Support, Recon and Sniper, Soldier (Heavy or Light), Team Leader, Pilot or Driver, etc.): Support
    Fun fact about yourself: Dry humor
    Coolest moment you experienced in-game so far: When each faction largest outfits collided. 2 hours of pure mayhem.
  13. DLJord

    Everyone should have friend invites or outfit invites. I'll try to catch you online if someone doesn't sooner. Getting on teamspeak will vastly improve the invite speed. IP = death-legion.com

    Welcome to the outfit mate. Your name made me laugh.
  14. Kien Marek

    Kitty Katakie. Long time Sir/Madam.
  15. DLJord

    There's a compliment in there somewhere. But you're TR scum Kitty :D
  16. Haskaal

    Unfortunately, we're only able to recruit if both the recruiter and the recruit is online at the same time. Sorry for the delay to those who haven't received their invite yet, but we'll keep a lookout everyday! To make it easier, we've extended friend invites to everyone who wants in so we can see when their online to be able to invite.
  17. Hodo

    TR is cool, like a boss...

    Or I should say like a BoS.
  18. DLJord

    MotB ftw ;)
  19. Haskaal

    I'd rather not affiliate with 2010+ FoM players.
  20. Austragus

    In Game Name: Austragus
    Best Class & Vehicle: Infilltrator, short distance sniping, covert ops and recon. Generally bad at vehicles, but can fly a galaxy well.
    Willing to Listen to Orders on TS3: Yes, but Mic is currently not working well.
    Role: Enters enemy territory to wreak havoc and plant spawn beacons. Fully certed Bolt Driver; Anti personnel mines for engineer. Currently saving for higher level recon and disruption certs such as C4 and decoy grenades. Have basic squad leader certs as well (command chat and beacon)
    Fun Fact: I like potatoes.
    Coolest Moment Experienced: Tank column of over 100 tanks on Indar, with most of the tanks stuck in the valleys and unable to move. Several tanks flipped and some exploded due to too much collision damage.

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