Let me Keep my old Saron and make this "new one" a seperate weapon

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  1. Zcuron

    It now deals ~~2 more DPS if you fire every 0.5 seconds. (which you would at range)
    Or ~~176 more DPS if you fire every 0.2 seconds. (when you fire, your CoF should be 3.6 - quite a lot)

    2550/4 = 637.5 DPS if you fire every 200ms. (as fast as possible)
    2550/5.5 = 463.6 DPS if you fire every 500ms. (CoF reset time)

    Previous DPS was 461.5

    You now need to hit ~~3.5 shots to deal the same amount of damage as you could with one shot.
    This could be considered a nerf~~
  2. MorteDeAmgelis

    They removed Burst Damage for Sustained Damage. Two very different playstyles. How long will it take to snipe a AV Mana at 500+m? How long will it take to kill 2 AV MANA at 500+m?

    Saron prolly was the BEST at taking out those AV MANAs that it made Mags somewhat harder to kill with them. Which I liked, gave me more tanks to shoot :). Before it would of taken around 3.5 secs (depending on reload) to kill both Manas if both hit meaning that the turrets would only fire once and you would get the Engi. Now as soon as the Mag hits once the Engi will get out of his turret, wait for it to be destroyed and then place a new one. It isn't that hard when you have 0.5 secs to move. This will make AV Mana much better against Mags as they also lack the much greater 360 degree vision of the other tanks have. And even with a gunner any more then one and you are going to have problems.
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  3. HellasVagabond

    So you think its fair for the 2 other factions that the VS had the only secondary MBT weapon that could 1shot snipe infantry from 100m+ away ? If so ok i understand why you are frustrated, if not however then don't be, easy.

    It's exactly the same when the VS and TR came whining to SOE about the Phoenix 1shot killing infantry. And the Phoenix required A) More Skill, B) The infantry was imobile while using it, C) It was a rocket and D) It had 20-30m minimun and 300m maximum range.
  4. vrcarnage

    The changes are a bit goofy tbh but, I will wait to use it for a bit and see if I can take advantage of the new changes. I am not a numbers person but, it seems like it would roll the snot out of a tank cqc if you got the jump on them.

    Ranged it seems like it would be about the same. The reason I say that is because of the remove of the delay. You might be able to lay enough fire down the field too = about the same dps as the old saron. I understand that the cof increase but, we will see.

    I won't make judgement on it as of yet.
  5. Izriul

    Not really showing the whole facts now are you really. I much prefer the halberd to be honest, but by the time I actually used one (since I had the HRB at release, way before VR) I had already kitted my HRB out with max reload speed, zoom etc etc. I would be MORE than happy if they just gave me the certs back, or even put the exact same things in the halberd.

    I also got the Halberd on the harasser, knowing full well the HRB will come for it soon, because I already knew I wanted it more - before knowing about the HRB change (only knew since reading this thread)

    I've never wanted to see the vulcan gone or nerfed either, I have it.
  6. Macchus

    NOT THE SAME ....

  7. MorteDeAmgelis

    Now the principle is the same. I buy one thing, then change it for another that doesn't fit the purpose I bought it for.
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  8. Fenrisk

    You guys complained that your secondary Faction weapons were too much like the halberd and needed changing.

    You called the Vulcan over powered on the harasser.

    SOE changes your weapons based on your wishes.

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  9. schwarzklang

    Ahh.. Maybe they want to release a new weapon for the VS who will doing the exact same thing as the Enforcer. Some kind of heavy hitting longrange accurate secondery.
  10. RealityWarrior

    I just wonder why they didn't use the test server to, you know, test the change first.
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  11. MorteDeAmgelis

    Wow you really don't get it do you.
    Saron (VS) - Pinpoint Laser almost 0 Splash, Shot Delay.
    Enforcer (NC) - Fast Missile where drop only really mattered at around 200 - 300m, Infantry Render distance. Bigger Splash
    Halbered (NS) - Slow Projectile, Biggest Splash, Drop only really mattered around 100m+

    Every faction had a AV Weapon that one hit Infantry. Saron could just do it matter AT RANGE while the Enforcer and the Halbered were better at closer distances.
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  12. CupBoy

    You paid for access to a weapon in whatever form it is and will be in the future, not some fixed set of parameters or functionality.
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  13. AltF4Fun

    Just give us a chargeup mechanic with the old damage,and the other MBT something else faction specific.I thought that was the whole idea of the revamp.Sometimes I just dont get whats going on in the defs heads,if the solution is right around the corner and they even wanted it themself.....o_O
  14. HellasVagabond

    Oh i get it quite well but where's the balance in this when i have a gun that can kill infantry at 100m away with me having to measure distance with 1,2,3 shots when the VS have the one that can do it from 300m away just by aiming the reticle and pushing the button ?

    Whether some people like it or not SOE obviously checked death stats and saw that it was used to rip infantry to bits more than it was used against MBTs.
  15. Plutos

    But in all seriousness they most likely did this because it was being added to the Buggys, and a Sauron as it was on a Harasser is kinda OP imo.
  16. Halon

    AV engies are going to be more annoying than they already are, because now you won't be able to kill them. Maybe only take down their turret.

    I send /region messages asking for air support to kill one engy on a hill and no one responds, and 3 friendly scythes are only 150 meters away between me and the AV turret, too focused on spawn camping, lolpodding a tower to care about filling their role as the "hard counter" that people keep waving about in defense of av turret rebalancing. On top of the fact that the engies and turrets render for **** to aircraft.
  17. Izriul

    So does the TR vulcan stay the same on the Harasser or does it get equal treatment and drastically change on the MBT?
  18. Fenrisk

    They did and VS/NC complained that their secondary gunner faction weapons were too much like the Halberd while praising the Vulcan for being different. They wanted their secondary gunner faction weapons to be less like the Halberd and more like the Vulcan.

    This is entirely the reason these changes got made and why faction weapons on harassers got delayed.

    It's a pity the NC/VS in this thread didn't speak up about their weapons being great sooner as maybe then the harasser weapons would of got released as intended instead of SOE making changes to all our weapons based on whine threads about the Vulcan being the better weapon.

    It's the complaints about the Vulcan being better and your own faction weapons being bad that created this mess in the first place. Maybe if more posters said they thought the factions weapons were fine then none of this would of ever happened.
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  19. Tenhi

    The thing is that nobody complained about the Saron on the Magrider. Just about the Saron on the Harasser. Why didnt they just made it so that the Saron-H (Harasser version) gets the new Stats and the Saron-M (Magrider version) keeps its old stats?

    Its like VS/NC complain that they have to wear hiking boots for a marathon. And SOE is like "Oh... ok. You dont like hiking boots eh? Lets give you running shoes.". Well I dont like hiking boots for a marathon... but that doesnt mean I dont like them for hiking...
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  20. QuakerOatsMan

    1. Use halberd if you want to maintain one-shot kills against infantry. It's your problem if you can't compensate for the minuscule drop at ~100m. The devs obviously don't want the saron to remain as an AI sniper.

    2. You must be a troll or something. Read all the patch notes. According to the stats, the saron will be able to burst down armor at close range meaning that the magrider finally has a highly competitive and very threatening secondary to deal with tanks at closer ranges. The velocity has even been increased by 20%. If you hate all of these changes, then again, use the halberd. What long-range secondaries do the prowler and the vanguard have against a magrider with a saron again? Maybe something called a halberd or an enforcer. Why don't you use those instead? The TR and the NC do, and they can't dodge those as easily.

    3. You obviously haven't read the EULA, etc. because SOE is pretty much free to change content as they want. The only thing I'll say in your support is that the devs were slow in implementing the sudden change. Otherwise, if you and your driver are going to quit a game over one gun, do so now because that just means you guys don't like PS2 as a whole. You haven't even used the new saron yet. Why are you complaining?
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