Let me Keep my old Saron and make this "new one" a seperate weapon

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cortosis, May 22, 2013.

  1. MorteDeAmgelis

    I don't want a new Enforcer. I want my old Enforcer. If I didn't want my Enforcer I wouldn't of got it in the first place. I got the Enforcer because I like to sit back and shoot targets from a distance otherwise I would of got the Halberd instead.
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  2. QuakerOatsMan

    You just listed some of the most probable reasons why the devs decided to change it—how many of those 2k kills are vehicles?

    Why don't you use the halberd then if you want to "farm" infantry so badly? That's probably the whole point of redoing the saron from ground up—the halberd was too similar to the saron. The only significant differences between the saron and the halberd were pretty much a fire delay and drop.

    Why the hell do you keep pretending its TTK has been increased just because you read "from 1500 to 425?" Stop tunnelvisioning on only what you think is important and ignoring the broader scope of the patch note content. Have you considered that maybe the devs didn't want the saron to be so good at AI (splash nerf)?

    " It can now rapid fire several shots before reloading. It is pin-point accurate on the first shot, but the cone of fire blooms significantly after the first shot. This allows it to ‘unload’ on targets at close range for a faster TTK. TTK at medium to long range should remain the same when waiting for the cone of fire to reset."

    Yeah, it's actually supposed to have a lower TTK than the old saron. And it will take 1.2s to unload all six 425 damage shots for a total whopping 2550 damage at close range with automatic fire (keep note of its high CoF bloom for balancing purposes) and about 3s to unload that same 2550 if you want perfect accuracy. Clearly worse than 1500 with a fire delay, and clearly doesn't make the magrider more close-range capable against the prowler and the vanguard.

    So now just because your gunner has to maintain his aim more consistently to snipe, the world's going to end. No wonder why devs prefer reddit and twitter over these forums.

    Can people stop talking trash about weapon changes before the patches have been released? And stop acting like devs can't tweak/adjust content after it's been released. I'm pretty sure you'd be familiar with their abilities to do so by now, right?
  3. Hunter_Killers

    You see I actually use both daily on my Harasser and Magrider.

    If that miniscule drop is giving anyone problems sniping infantry or anything, L2P.
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  4. MorteDeAmgelis

    How about I take your PC and give you a different PC with everything different on it? Would you like it?
  5. HellasVagabond

    So bottom line you bought it to have the ONLY secondary MBT weapon in the game that could 1 shot Infantry......
    And that's EXACTLY why SOE nerfed it. So i don't see the problem really.

    Yea right, whatever you say.
  6. buff as hell irl

    Yes, these two guns with nearly identical stats are absolutely nothing alike. They're almost as different as the Thanatos and the Mauler!
  7. Izriul

    I totally drawdeded a pikture

    **** no bullet drop. I'd be happy if they gave VS twice the bullet drop just to shut the others up, I mean seriously, it's not hard to learn and if you think it is, you've got serious issues.

    @copyright izriul 2013. If you want to hire me for leet artistic skills, call 0800-nice-***
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  8. Phazaar

    I absolutely don't understand them making such huge changes to so many of the vehicle secondaries. We've been asking for new vehicle weapons for an age. Why not just release these as new weapons??

    Conspiracy: They'll release the OLD ones as new weapons forcing you to buy them again. Just wait, it's totally SOE's next big moneymaker.
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  9. SteelMantis

    I was easy for me, for sure much better at killing infantry at long range then any other tank gun I've ever used.

    I'm not really seeing this as a nerf. Even vs. infantry we can spray a chain of explosions and offer much better suppression fire. And the higher close range damage will help a 2/2 Mag out vs. other tanks in close range which is their weakest point.

    If anything the changes make it a much different weapon then the Halberd which combined with the buffs to PPA will give VS tank gunners a much nicer range of weapons to choose from.
  10. mindburst

    I am Cortosis' outfit mate and his regular gunner on the Saron, Cortosis is in the driving seat 99% of the time, this means we have become very adept at our tasks, i really liked the Saron even after it got a long reuse time, so i dont really understand the need to change its damage per shot.

    This new update means that to do the same amount of damage now at medium to long distance, i need to work with the really small window of opportunities there is when fighting really good players (atleast they will fix the Saron wobble i hope?), and having to shoot SIX(!!) shots, to do less damage than two regular Saron shots is just stupid, no matter the faster firing rate.

    So after this update to the weapon, we would need to get really close, which is a no go when the enemy tanks outnumber us and it will also make it more difficult in general. In long range engagements Prowlers are our biggest problems, due to their anchor mode.

    Furthermore im a premium member and i actually paid stationcash to unlock the Saron, since i dont mind spending money on a good game, thats already free to play. However changing a weapon so significantly that people have spent real money on is dubious to say the least.

    Just my 2 cents.
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  11. Hrafnagaldr

    I like this change. I always liked the Halberd better because that slight bullet drop is way easier to compensate than that bloody firing delay. Otherwise, they felt much the same and although everyone in my outfit uses the Saron, I got myself the Halberd. I'm pretty decent with both, but I guess I will like the new Saron more. Because it is now totally different from the Halberd and has insane DPS when getting close (I was never the Magrider sniping type with max Magburner und max. Rival chassis).

    I will also get the PPA, seems decent now.
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  12. MorteDeAmgelis

    Halbered could one shot and it was cheaper, what are you trying to say?
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  13. Fenrisk

    Blame all the VS/NC throwing a fit over the TR getting a Vulcan on their harasser on the test server.

    You had threads from VS/NC players asking for their own version of the Vulcan or for TR to lose access to theirs. You got what you wished for and you still complain.


    The funny thing is everyone was saying the Saron/Enforcer wasn't any better then a Halbert. Now you have players saying they want to keep it? You guys need to make your minds up.
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  14. Meeka

    Good, I loved/hated this weapon too much, it felt massively overpowered compared to other tank guns; and yes, I use it on my VS too.

    Personally, all tanks should receive a "cone of fire", really, they shouldn't be pin point accurate.
  15. Izriul

    ML85 Enforcer could also - but oh! higher splash damage that HRB, higher velocity and same direct damage with no firing delay.
    Halberd could also
    What about the C85, pretty sure that could too, but not 100%
  16. LibertyRevolution

    They removed the fire delay, that makes me happy.
    They changed it to a lesser damage mag based gun... this is not a saron anymore.

    Enforcer .. I bought it because it was high velocity and had no drop..
    Well they gave it drop awhile back, now they make it a mag based and killed its speed by 1/3...

    SOE seems to have no ethics..
    Major changes to how the weapons function, they should give us our certs back and let us choose if we would like these new weapons.

    It would be like diablo taking your sword of +50 STR and going hey we changed that to DEX...
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  17. Bindlestiff

    Absolutely not. I bought it with the intention of sniping MBTs from range where the Mag excels, then allow myself to move in for the kill when the armour is wounded and potentially fleeing. This has been the case for months. As an added bonus it was also good at picking off infantry who came too close; LA's for example who are trying to C4. Now, instead of one shot destroying the LA, he can take a few shots and still detonate his C4. Sure, we should be more situationally aware and not let the LA get that close in the first place but you get what I mean.

    Sniping infantry has become more important with the numerous anti vehicle solutions that have been made available and the fragile nature of the Mag. This has now been taken away.
  18. Macchus

    lol ... quitting over an AV gun being tuned to not do have as much AI capability ...

    Priceless :rolleyes:
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  19. CupBoy

    You really feel that's what they're doing here? Wow.

    They're changing a weapon in a computer game. Relax. In a few weeks, something else will be ruining the game.
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  20. AwakenRiceball

    This Sauron change of functionality should have seriously been a different type of Sauron laser.

    Sniping Sauron Laser
    CoD Sauron Laser (Multi-Fire)

    The Sauron Laser is already hard enough to snipe infantry with such a small ridicule; therefore, makes it so sensitive to movement. Do not be jealous what other players are exceptionally good at doing sniping with a Sauron laser because I cannot do it. I mainly use it to as a combination to take out other tanks. You know how many secondary players I see mounted the sauron laser since my beginning in December 2012 were able to effectively infantry? It was once in a blue moon.

    Magriders are meant to snipe; yet, highly manuvable. I tend to snipe from long range and make small advances, not stay in close range where rocketiers can make quick work of Magirders; especially, striker lock-on spams, factures and a single AV turret (ridiculous amount of damage). Now to ruining what I made my Magrider to be strong at which was long range and not close/medium range is a pondering question; why?

    The new Sauron Laser fits the Harasser vehicle playstyle very well.
    Great job ruining what should have been a different gun (sigh...)
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