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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Chiss, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Flukeman62

    pogo stick... that is all.
  2. centurionvi

    I wouldn't mind a grappling hook or some way to stick to vertical surfaces jetpacks don't have enough oomph to get over.
  3. Belarod

    This is the jest of it. Let’s face it, they took away the best Light Assault utilities and gave them to everyone else. In Beta when assaulting a base, you had to destroy the shield generators. LA was the best at this; fly over the wall, plant C4. Boom! Flood gates open. Sure others could do it too, but LA was built for this. Or was there anyone better at planting the Squad Spawn beacons? I unlocked these without realizing they changed it to squad leaders only. I am never a squad leader, I don’t want to be. How about switching the current command cert to Platoon spawn beacons, and give LA squad only? I would like some type of class defined role. As I see it we are harasser/demolitions, maybe just give us the use of standard grenades together with flash bang/smoke as an “F” function on top of C4. I also like the idea of adding EMP grenades but only as an LA utility. I don’t want something overpowering, just something to feel wanted in a squad.
  4. [HM]Krowe

    How about a scavenger "perk" that fits into an armor slot which allows us to resupply grenades, ammo, C4, etc/ by simply walking over a friendly or an enemy? That way we don't need ammo packs to replace our much loved C4, and we get more sustainability in longer firefights without needing to find an engineer to get more ammo.
  5. Regpuppy

    That would be nice for soloing but the issue with light assault isn't soloing. It's the teamplay utility tools, because ours is currently limited or shared with another class.
  6. Keifomofutu

    Some kind of laser painter that could guide HA rockets or Halberd rockets would be an amazing teamplay tool. I'd love to see classes interact in more complicated ways than ammo or health farming like presently.
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  7. [HM]Krowe

    How about a deployable SOFLAM (similar to BF3). An emplaced item that can be destroyed easily by small arms fire, it spots anything in the 180 degrees its facing up to 100-300m. Although its no portable radar, with the spot bonus exp and larger range would be enough incentive for an LA to put one down to help the rest of the team. Combines the LA's mobility to basically be able range a sizable amount of the fire fight. Perhaps even a side grade that gives it the ability to mark Vehicles so that lock on launchers are more effective, or simply makes then easier to spot/see.
  8. Helghast

    Swords. TR get chain-sword, VS get lightsaber, NC can swing a banjo. You know you want it!
  9. Trenyt

    The above posts by [HM]Krowe and Keifomofutu sound like ideas 'on the right track'. In my opinion we need more scouting tools to benefit the squad as a whole. We are the ones who can get to great heights, we are the ones taking unconventional routes around the battlefield which provide us with unique perspectives on a battles at hand.. we should be able to relay this recon back to our teams somehow. I already sit on certain points and spam 'Q' to scout for my team, it would be a whole lot better if there was some tool to make this a lot more efficient.
  10. Dawnstrider

    How about a tool for misdirection, Infils get an infantry detection tool so why not have LA have an infantry scramblers?

    like how about a nade which gives off false minimap blips to the enemy for a period of time, points could be earned for any enemy killed while affected by the grenades effect? Our ability to get anywhere would surely be useful for making the enemy think theres an attack coming from nowhere
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  11. PeanutMF

    I like the idea of a placed EMP charge that has a moderate radius. Have it not cost resources but instead be on cooldown (any tool item that is specific to a class should never cost resources). It could disable vehicle weapons and slow MAXes to a crawl for about 5 to 10 seconds. Once placed, (only one at a time), the LA would automatically bring out a detonator like the C4.

    It could possibly be a tool that performs different functions when you switch them with B, much like the engineer's tool that can switch between turrets and ammo packs.

    e.g. One mode will deploy the EMP, another may allow you to silently diffuse mines without shooting them (whether it gives you an advantage in detecting mines is up in the air). A third mode might ping all enemies around the LA within a 10-20 m radius once for all allies to see, but is on a 20 second cooldown.
  12. Bill Hicks

    Allow the LA to throw a radar orb similar to the one the scouts use in Bad company 2

    I like the turbo run idea. LAs should run circles around the other classes. Hit and run
  13. Bill Hicks

    best idea I heard in this thread. Not many games go that deep. Fake decoys blips so the enemy rushes in and the LA blows the c4 in the room. Great mind game
  14. ZanderArch

    Some form of grappling hook/zip-line/siege ladder device.

    Something that would require the Light Assault to reach the destination so it can't be used as some form of exploit to get to spots not normally accessible. Easily destroyable by the enemy should they find it.

    Maybe some kind of miniature infantry launch pad. They place the "launch" part on the ground and it projects a mortar like shot to where they want it to go. They then place it and need to reach the target of the "mortar" to link a landing pad before it becomes functional.

    Limited range so you couldn't fling teammates across Tech Plants, but enough to scale the walls of an AMP Station.
  15. Meiu

    I would like an supplementary fuel tank to extend our jet packing time in the utility slot OR a utility item that gives stronger propulsion for the fuel you have in the utility slot.

    Or something like... Generic Laser Designator, creates a noticeable blip on the minimap and a unique looking waypoint/targeting icon for all friendly aircraft in rendering distance of the target, also brings up the dorrito/information on the target. Get tired of having to mark priority bombing targets or things to get shot by air with smoke/squad waypoints... This would be a fast, easy, and effective way to call down the boom and give LA a job more up in their ally, getting to high places and marking **** to get destroyed.
  16. Dawnstrider

    It'd be fun to lead hapless enemies into your allied tank wall and getting some assist points for it
  17. CircuitBreaker

    I would love it if they gave us magnetic boots much like they show in the trailer. I know it doesn't go along the same lines of other suggestionshere which are trying to give the class a more team friendly role, but I think it fits well with the way SOE wants to take the class (assassin).
  18. Timujingeo

    How about a parachute for when the jetpack bugs....

  19. Vortok

    Something to do with scouting is probably a good direction.

    Giving LA the Infiltrator's current tool is probably the simplest option. Be warned, most infiltrators view it as trash so it's more that they don't want it and want to get rid of it so they can get a new tool than it is giving LA a gift. Probably because many of them snipe so they're too far away to use it (and it doesn't have the duration/ammo count to always be up and watching their flank) and the remaining ones don't want the beeping to give away their presence when trying to sneak up close. Seems moderately useful, especially if you cert it. The constant minimap pulse is kinda annoying, though.

    Disarming mines/C4 fits an Engineer and perhaps Infiltrator better. Letting LA place a solid barrier takes an Engineer's domain and graffitis lewd art all over it and then pees in their cheerios for good measure.

    Some of the suggestions here are so strong they'd get out of hand quickly when it's more than just one or two LA doing it.
  20. Dryka

    I'd suggest maybe some kind of handheld device that you can point at a wall and see through thermal optics-style so you know if enemies are hiding behind it. Everyone could see it (including the enemy) but you'd have to hold down the tool trigger and it would "overheat" quickly.

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