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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Chiss, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Chiss

    LA is the only class with nothing on their Tool slot.
    Here's a couple of ideas i had for Tool Slot.

    EMP Device
    Some kind of weapon that sets off an EMP charge.
    Disables nearby target vehicle(s) completely for a short period.
    Has ~3 ammo.

    Gives high level of zoom.
    From another thread

    Adrenaline Shot
    50 Infantry Resources per use
    Gives +100% Running Speed for 10 seconds
    This is more suited to Utility Slot

    Shield Booster
    50 Infantry Resources per use
    Instantly start shield regeneration (being damaged again will obviously stop it)
    This is more suited to Utility Slot

    What would you like to see in LA's Tool Slot?
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  2. YouObviouslyLikeOwls

    The emp seems too powerfull, and the shield recharges to fast anyway. I do like the adrenaline shot idea and the binocs though.
  3. Chiss

    Would be a short ranged device, so you'd have to be next to the tank to disable it.
    The result would be that you can easily place C4 on it, and run.
    Currently, placing C4 on a tank is hell... you click to throw it, and if the tank moves slightly, your C4 plops to the ground.

    @Shield Booster
    After taking damage, it takes about 8 seconds for your shields to start recharging.
    I think it'd be good to be able to quickly take cover, and instantly start the recharge.

    I think it fits into LA perfectly. Lets you quickly recover from one fight, and get straight back into action.
    It would also be a trade-off, as to carry these, you would not get C4.
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  4. Lepuke

    Give us the infiltrators IFF gun, they never seem to use it.
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  5. Chiss

    Would love that. Yum.
  6. Erendil

    Yes please. A deployable "Scout Radar" device would be good too that covers a larger area but is destroyable by the enemy.

    @EMP - I'd luv to have PS1's CR3 EMP blast available. It would blow up mines, disable vehicle weapons but let them still move around normally (I'm not counting BFRs), and scramble the minimap/radar of anyone in range.

    PS1's Reveal Enemies would be a good addition to LA too since they do serve as forward scouts.

    Other ideas:

    • Med/Restoration Kit dispenser - Allows you to use any med or Restoration kits you're carrying on another player. LA's increased mobility would make them great triage Medics, letting them give a quick boost to 1 or 2 teammates who are the worst off as part of a forward detachment, but since there's limited doses you'd only want to use on someone who's at really low health
    • Nanite Auto-Repair Injector - One-time use repair gun, Enough to repair one turret or generator. Often times LA's are the people running around stopping gen overloads since they can get from pt A to B faster and since enemy LA's are generally the ones who set them off to begin with so you might need to be LA to chase them down. If you don't get there in time it'd be nice if you could repair it rather than wait for an Engie. Maybe it could also be used to disinfect one hacked terminal too.
    • Tracking Device - Similar in function to the Infil's IFF dart gun, but it allows you to tag people and vehicles with it, giving away their position on the minimap to all of your teammates. Kinda like spotting except you don't need to maintain LOS once the tracking dart is attached.
    • Jumpjet Safety Harness - Allows you to attach a harness to one of your teammates so you can take a friend with you on your jumpjet excursions. Your jumpjet ascent speed and/or height is greatly reduced when you're bringing someone else along with you. And of course they'll need to stand still in order the jet to work (Stop Fidgeting!). But it'll let you get other classes onto perches they would otherwise not have access to. Well, except for a MAX. They're too heavy. :p
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  7. Chiss

    I've often wanted to pull allies around with my jetpack. But it would add too much manouverability to other classes.. for example, instead of running around a wall to the entance, just have 2 LA's constantly giving people lifts up the wall.
  8. Lokarin

    Ya, LA definitely needs "some" sort of tool. I don't actually care what, but they feel naked without one.
  9. ChironV

    hitching a ride with a LA would probably be too OP... Imagine all the spots Infils could snipe from after a quick boost from a LA buddie. "Shudder".... Headshots galore.
  10. Ghoest

    The last thing we need is yet another sink for our already short resources.

    There is no other class that makes as much good use of C4 and grenades as the LA. We dont need more feature that weaken our best points.
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  11. Caracal

    1) Infrared goggles that can see through thinner walls, ceilings, floors as a tool. Meaning that you cannot have your weapon out while you are using the goggles.

    2) Or, a deployable energy wall that neither enemy or friend can pass through. Or something that can restrict enemy movement, to further enhance our own exceptional mobility.

    3) something that I can shoot almost straight downwards with... lol

    gun or tool, not both at the same time. This way you are still open to the irony of being shot while checking to see if enemies are in a room.
  12. Urquhart

    How can an additional feature weaken our "best points" Dangling the C4 in front of LA noses because of the Jetpack would be like saying that Infil is fine because he could sneak into a base and rig the hotspots with AI mines. C4 is a *Generic Item* that can be unlocked by Engineers and Heavies as well.
    It is not a class specific feature that nobody else has like Triage, Medical Applicators, Rocket Launchers, Ammo Boxes, Repair Tools, A.C.E. Turrets, Recon Devices or Hacking.
    Equal Opportunities, mate, thats all we'd like. If there are Slots why not fill them with something useful.
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  13. LordBelak(!)

    If you make the EMP device be a short-ranged gun-emitter thing that can only target one tank at a time and has an amount of ammo comparable to the radar gun, I'd be okay with it.
  14. Phaedryx

    The two things I thought of would be:

    An external source to recharge our shields much like the medics ability to HoT

    Giving the LA the Engineers ability to drop ammo. LAs do all the ground work and we're the Light Assault class. Taking the ammo box from the engineer wouldn't be all too bad. They can still lay down turrets and repair vehicles and Maxes.
    It just seems like a simple concept. Light assault can drop ammo and Engineers... well... repair stuff.
  15. Ghoest

    Apparently you dont have 2 C4 on your LA(probably not even 1).

    C4 reaches a whole new level of usefulness with jump jets.
  16. Erendil

    That's exactly the point. It's a skill skill and has the potential to be quite useful, but it requires teamwork by its very nature. It's certainly no more powerful than having, say, 2 Medics turning on their Healing Aura during a firefight for all nearby friendlies to benefit from.

    There are very few spots in the game that are both a good sniper's nest with adequate cover/concealment, and impossible to get to on foot. Even so, once they take their first couple of shots the enemy will know where they are, and enemy LAs will soon be flying up to knock them off of that perch. :cool: And lastly, a single ESF or Lib doing a flyby with IRNV could easily turn you into red mist from your high perch. I don't see this as a problem since it's so easily countered.
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  17. Kyouki

    Instead how about a emp that only effects things like mines, claymores ect. and turrets within 20m area vertical and horizontal. It would be deployed similar to c4 and send out a signal a max of 3 times before it is unusable. This could be used by infiltrators and Light assault. I find myself more useful than the infiltrators at feeding my outfit info on the enemy team any. why not disable enemy traps and turrets. The turrets would be disabled for about 10-15 seconds and the mines and claymores could be completely disabled, or both since engineers have an unlimited supply of turrets.

    Just my 2 cents on the emp idea. I like it and don't want it to be discarded as OP.
  18. Ghoest

    If they give us some sort of ammo bonus thing for kills and would make C4 cheaper - thats really all the class needs.
  19. Dytch

    I hear ya brother, I have been preaching this ever since I started playing LA, but these haters just won't listen.
  20. Chancellor Gowron

    The jetpack is the best ability in the game IMO but I suppose we could use something else. I mean engineer gets the same guns and repair tool AND ammo box AND turret.

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