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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Chiss, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Darkian

    Electromagnetic Boots - When activated, allows you to land (And not die from the collision), and stay on any vehicle safely without falling off, but reduces walking and sprinting speed by 50% while active. This ability has no cooldown, it can simply be turned on and off, simply because it has the negative effect of 50% reduced speed, which will keep people from activating it at all times.

    Upgraded versions allows for decreased movement speed reduction.

    Personally I feel like this is something we need, and would make the LA feel like the guy you see in the cinematic, being able to land on a galaxy, and plant C4 on it, then jump off and blow it up.
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  2. Mocam

    I've already discussed using this tactic with some in our platoon. Load up Engineers and stack mines all over an area - you can make a base pretty close to impossible to flip -- set a few mines at each generator. Load them up on the landing pads for each tower and tower hopping becomes lethal. Try jumping up to a bio lab and landing on a mine...

    Our class is the only one that *CAN* avoid these with our jetpacks. No other class can avoid them and as this is seen, it will become very popular and that will need adjusting. Better to have some disable ability for this that does require someone to be at risk while doing it and a timed "disable" would work.
  3. Dytch

    Every class can avoid them lol. How is it impossible to flip....just pull out your pistol and shoot the mine BOOM they're gone. Did you never try this? If you have a gun, you can avoid a mine. -_-
  4. Dytch

    Engineers work for their kills with a mine, albeit a different way, not only do they have to put it where it can't be easily seen, they also have to put it in a place that they anticipate will be traveled frequently, now granted sometimes frequently traveled places are easy to find like a door or stairs, but those are also the easiest places to spot a mine. Engineers don't get kills as it is, the MANA turret is garbage, they get the same weapon selection as LA with none of the mobility or a flashbang to blind everyone so they can be cherry picked. You're essentially taking away the only thing they have left to ensure kills. You're also asking to take away their purpose to a platoon for the sake of adding purpose to the LA. Which again, I have never seen a classes ability in this game so grotesquely offset another classes desired job. The engineer is about defense, thats why they have turrets, mines, and the ability to repair, not destroy. Again, give Engineers the ability to turn off LA jetpacks and then LA can have the ability to disable Engineer and Infiltrator mines.

    EDIT: Thinking about this even more, if LA got a way to disable mines and C4, Engineers would stop grabbing them, because it's a waste of resources, which leaves them with no class utility. Which means people would stop playing Engineers, so the next time you or your outfit mates are running around in a MAX or vehicle or plane, and it needs repaired. Too bad, nobody plays an Engineer just to run around and repair crap. Nobody is going to play a class for the sole reason to make sure you have more fun in a turret or tank. They give Medics Assault Rifles for a reason.
  5. joe smo

    hm, how about giving them spider man's gloves?
    allows the light Assault to "stick" to any surface thus giveing them the ability to "climb" buildings and cling to vehicles.
    when they are clinging to anything they can place (or drop but that could be OP) C4 if they have it.
    then maybe add in a grip meter when clinging to air and ground vehicles.

    it could give the class even more versatility and with some creativity a new transportation tactic and aggressive/defensive tactics.
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  6. SupaFlea

    Radar Sensor (BF2)

    A throw-able radar sensor that shows up any enemy within a certain radius of the sensor ball and for a limited 20s time frame. limited to say 2 or 3 per load out. Also possibly have the Sensor beep so both enemy and ally know of its presence.

    Jammer Grenades (PS1)

    Capable of shutting down a vehicles weapons systems for a time(possibly a Heavies extra shield and an infils cloak).

    Tracer Dart (BF2)

    Allows instant lock on to target vehicle
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  7. Nash

    How about a Grappling Hook or something like that? :p
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  8. Wolfwood82

    How about a tool that lets us destabilize generators faster?
  9. Caracal

    I would love to see somethign that restricts enemy movement, to make our own mobility that much better. Perhaps something that will block a door?
  10. CrackyOxide

    I like the stimpack idea, but making it cost resources would suck. Mke it so you automaticly spawn with a few of them based on level of cert.

    An "alternate grenade" slot would be neat to have too. S you could cary one grenade of a type different form your base.
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  11. Qui17

    Maybe something that would instantly turn off generators for 5-10 seconds or so, with only one use per loadout? It would not turn the generator off for until it's repaired, but just 5 or 10 seconds. Would make the LA more team-oriented, as this would make them able to sneak into the base and quickly let their allies in, after which they can quickly turn off all the generators completely. Limit it to a one time use. Or something you can drop onto generators that would overload them while you are away, on your way to the next generator or something. Something like that would give it a better place in the team. Hop into a base, turn off the generator for a couple of seconds, letting your allies in and together with them you would be able to cap the base with ease. Not sure of a way to balance it though, since that would make battles a whole lot quicker. There should be a way to though.
  12. Mocam

    Sorry but I play an engineer a bit too and I've heard in squad chat 5 times so far "oh, someone tried <insert location> - I just got a kill". Your attitude that Engineers look forward to AFK style PvP via mines doesn't seem to fit how they operate and work in the game but as that *IS* becoming more popular...

    Using a turret can work, using a GUN can work, using a mine can and should also work but not stacking mines around and forgetting about them until they go off. That's a problem and it's one that, like I said is growing.

    As for your "nobody is going to ..." - you are flat our wrong. *MOST* start that way and go that direction for quite some time. The XP I get when I'm an engineer tends to *EXCEED* my XP gains as a HA or LA by quite a bit. In a busy fight, I pull out the equivalent of a kills worth (or more) from each ammo I drop and the guys getting that ammo sure as hell aren't getting XP at the same rate. It has it's rewards.

    So the next time I follow a MAX around, or I am the MAX -- I think the same thing and that has little to do with lulz not-even-there mines doing stuff on their own. That's a perk/bonus and one to help protect. If someone can find and disarm them - that is "right and proper". Otherwise use C4 and babysit the area to get the kills in a far more legitimate way.

    PS: Not a waste of resources at all. In case you actually do get around to playing, you may notice that people tend to run around very quickly and not looking closely to spot such things. That lack of attention would get the bulk of your players anyway. Only those who approached things with caution would be able to avoid them.

    And, again, like I said - I'm seeing more of these mine situations coming up and the discussions have started to roll around about using mines "in bulk". Best to get a problem dealt with before it blooms and a tool would make that possible, yet a tool that is used about as often as Sniper's using their "ping" locator tool... Not as common as it should be.
  13. Dytch

    Save it, I quit LA quite a ways back and main an Engineer, and what you aren't clearly seeing about this situation could fill the grand canyon. It's the Engineers Utility point blank, end of discussion. Again it would be like giving Engineers an ability to turn off Jump Jets, or another class to turn off medic aoe heals, or heavy shields instantly. You're entitled to your own opinion, but giving a class the ability to outright negate another classes utility is bullcrap at best. You remind me of someone who plays WoW PvP. Just because something kills you then you want a way to bypass it. What are you going to complain about next, bullets doing damage? Want a way to bypass that too? I'm sorry I don't mean to be offensive, but your idea is preposterous, and I have given clear examples of why. Besides you are rewarded for being cautious, again it's called pulling out your pistol and shooting the mine. You don't need a special tool for it.
  14. Sea of Ink

    Just give me surge or the audio implant from PS1 and I'd be thrilled.
  15. Regpuppy

    You act as if we're gimping the ONLY use for engineer. During early beta up into the last few weeks, mines did not stay in the world after you died or switched classes. Even if they took away tank mines, they'd still have the option between AI mines and C4. So guess what? No one used them and the class was still heavily used, or at least used no less than any other class. So your attitude towards anything that can counter them is overreaction at its finest. Even if they took away tank mines, they'd still have the option between AI mines and C4. Not to mention you're ignoring the fact that no one is calling for downright removal of mines.

    Their ability to repair(giving them xp), keep people supplied with ammo(giving them xp), have a deployable turret(situational, but still one of many tools), and carry more C4/AI mines than any other class made them priceless before mines became extremely effective and persistent. Not to mention, it shares carbines with Light assault and even gets battle rifles as well. This class is neck and neck with medic for Xp farming.

    Besides, it's not like this makes people use the class. They switch to the class, drop them, switch back to preferred class. Then they laugh 10+ minutes later because they got free xp.
  16. Dytch

    Honestly this is a waste of time, I'm not going to concede this point, because the idea was worthless at it's core. I will leave with one last point and i'm done.

    A good player won't complain and ask for nerfs or extra toys. They see a problem as a challenge and they overcome it with the tools given. Which is what pulling out your pistol and shooting the mine is. You're rewarded for it as well, you already get EXP for blowing up an enemy explosive device. You don't need an extra toy, you have all the tools necessary, actually as stated you have more than any other class in Jump Jets. If it's a bug, fine submit it as such and complain on the forums, but a minefield is a legitimate tactic and every class in the game has a legitimate defense, shoot the mine.
  17. Regpuppy

    I'm by no means saying we need a counter to mines as a class ability. Merely something for direct team utility. I just had to respond to your arguments against it though. You go on implying that everyone who doesn't agree with you in this topic are bad players and go on (without evidence) about how engineer wouldn't be played without them, kicking and screaming about how mines take effort and are the only reason to play engineer.

    But I'll put it in a way you can understand. Good players can see a balance issue or bunk gameplay mechanic. <-- awesome argument style, no?
  18. blaze32

    I would love this it would really help with attacking well defended amp stations!
  19. Dytch

    So in debating me you're saying a "good player" dies to the mine and then complains on the forums?'re right. lol I can no longer take you even remotely serious. I'm done, yet I cannot stop laughing.

  20. Regpuppy

    Love how you try playing with wording. You weren't getting the message about how you were arguing. Your "arguments" are indirect insults and we know what it means when someone resorts to that in a fairly tame discussion. Implying anyone that argues against you are bad players is a weak form of argument.
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