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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Chiss, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Chiss

    I feel that'd be a little overpowered.
  2. Krona

    I believe that the tool slot in the LA update we all have come to expect is something like an ammo scavenging device, that lets us gain ammo after every kill.

    Personally, I think that would be great, but so many times have I wished to be able to use my tool slot, to equip a god damn medkit.
  3. SabreNation

    As someone who splits time between Engi, LA, and Infi pretty evenly - no thank you. The IFF is utter trash. The detection range is crap and the duration is an even bigger joke. I play more of an infiltration specialist than a sniper so I really tried to find a good use for the IFF and even certed into it a bit. It's still trash. The only real use I've found for it is to pop a quick dart into a generator room before I run in to overload it to make sure it's not being guarded by someone looking to sneak up and knife me in the back while I'm overloading it.That's its only real use. I still use it in other places to feel like I'm getting SOMETHING for those certs I spent but it really blows and I wish I could get my cert points back.

    I do like the idea of some kind of scavenger tool. One of the biggest problems I have as an LA is running out of ammo and it's not because I'm wasteful with it (though being conservative with it is pretty impossible with the VX6-7) but I'm not often very close to an Engineer or a weapons terminal and I wouldn't imagine most LAs are so having SOME way to replenish ammo during those long streaks would be great.
  4. AlloK

    OK, I am going to lay this out nice and simple because apparently some people dont understand what the TOOL SLOT is.

    First, I will list what the classes have that is specific for each class:

    Heavy - Shields
    Engineer - Ammo Boxes and Turrets
    Medic - Triage (self heal)
    Infiltrator - Cloak
    Light Assault - Jump Jets

    All good here, everyone has something. moving on.

    Now lets look at the TOOL SLOT:

    Heavy - Launchers
    Engineer - Repair Tool
    Medic - Medical Applicator
    Infiltrator - Recon Device
    Light Assault - NOTHING, just an empty slot on the load out screen.

    A medic wouldn't be much of a medic without his Applicator. A Heavy would have a tough time shooting at a Tank w/o his Launcher. Engineer would not be able to repair anything without his tool. An Infiltrator can track and kill enemies with his Recon tool.
    And the Light Assault is left out in the cold, with nothing.

    The tool slot is NOT someting like C4 (which the Heavy and Engineer also have access to) and it is NOT like grenades, and it is NOT like Health packs. The TOOL SLOT is something specific for each class that accentuates the class and works with the classes given role.

    It is the 3rd slot of EVERY build out but the Light Assault.

    Some classes like the Heavy even have multiple items they can use for their Tool slots specicalized to do different things (AA, AT, AI).
    The LA has nothing.

    I am NOT saying they should give us something that makes us imba, that would be wrong.

    I am saying the LA class is lacking something that every other class has. ALL WE WANT IS EQUALITY!
  5. Strilac

    It would be great if spawn beacon comes from leader tree into LA as tool slot, and of course it wouldn't need to be leader of a squad to use it.

    Its a given, as the LA is best class to place Spawn beacon, somewhere where is hard to reach, and it would be there untill its destroyed, you place a new one, or you change class, similar to engie turrets.

    and it would be usable to all, like a sundy

    This would be great tool, not for it usefullnes alone, but it would give LA a mandatory, and valuable spot in groups like the other classes have...
  6. Daibar

    i still would rather have a defuse kit for explosives.

    you would find C4 (enemy or friendly), an explosive device triggered by proximity movement (enemy or friendly) and you should be able to disarm it and if you have certed into that type of device, you can salvage it for your own resources. (you could get 50 infantry resources, because it's second hand)

    As much as i would like to say, give the disarmed device to the one who picks it up, i think it may be too overpowered in terms of balance because you would have people just picking everything up for those simple points, we already some people who destroy the consoles for those crappy XP points when an infiltrator could make it so much more valuable to the attacking force.

    i dont think that would make the LA vastly overpowered but it would help create a secondary role for them rather than just lone-flanking wolf.
  7. iAmBadGuy

    A burrito.
  8. warmachine1

    Allow LA to attach up to 90 dgr slope, allowing LA to scale big clffs with jumpjets recharging while anchored.

    Allow LA to glide huge distances from high places, cant use weapons when gliding.
  9. Viscal


    Normally I just lurk but this thread got me thinking about what a light assault is all about; recon, precision strikes, and sabotage.

    To me, the perfect compliment would be a target painter. It could have multiple, varied uses depending on what is considered balanced. Some of these were mentioned by others, I took the liberty of providing my own thoughts on some of those ideas.

    A few possible uses:

    - Call out targets faster or in a range (something more effective than Q), provide an indicator over the targets head which is easy to see. Like an objective marker for both players and locations. Provide a exp bonus if the target is taken out.

    - Marked players / locations can be locked onto much faster by all guided weaponry. No LOS needed, guided rockets will be able to auto target if desired.

    - Call in various strikes / drops. You could call in Ammo, an EMP / radar jamming, mini nuke, etc. In my mind you would need to resupply the various drop types with infantry points and the cost would be expensive enough that you would not be able to use the ability very often, say 400+points per drop. Also, each type could be a separate cert. You would also have to sit and keep the painter targeted for some amount of time, say 30 seconds, while you wait for the drop.

    - Deploy it as a stationary radar station or jammer.

    I realize there may be some technical issues with implementing these ideas and that balancing them would be key, but to me, any one or all of these would really help flesh out the concept of the Light Assault class and would really add a huge amount of depth to squads and tactical battles.
  10. Frosty The Pyro

    from what I gather from infiltrator threads the IFF needs to be certed more or less all the way before it stops being trash, and even then its normaly better to cert a flash with scout radar, cus you can just spawn one of those at any old hacked terminal and hide it somewhere.
  11. Spectre9000

    Some ideas I just thought up:

    -Device that allows hacking of vehicles and engy turrets. (Probably OP and crosses over into the infiltrators realm)

    -Teleporting device; allows the LA to throw/place a beacon to which he/she can teleport back to at any time drastically increasing mobilitity (LA's main strength is his/her mobility and this would enhance the classes purpose further)

    -Device that allows LA to place a limited uses personal spawn beacon allowing the LA to respawn at the location after dieing "X" number of times (Potentially OP depending on how it works; would have to be tweaked to keep LA from camping and exploiting lots of ammo from spawning)

    -Device that allows the LA to pass through base shield barriers for a short time. (Could be OP as he could go directly for your SCU or what have you, but would increase his/her ability to further penetrate bases, which is also an intended role for LA)

    -A secondary exhaustible device which increases the speed and duration of the LA's jetpack. (I would love this. So often I find myself just short of my objective with my jets...)

    -A Device which allows the LA to attach himself/herself to cieilings/walls in wait for ambushing. (Probably would get a lot of griping from people who still don't look up, but would enhance our intended ambush role, which we rely on heavily for kills)

    -A Device which allows the LA to further sabotage objectives to decrease their time to detonation. (As an LA I find myself contantly flying over walls and making a B line to objectives to help get our armor inside the base, and thus look at LA as advanced objective takers, which this would greatly enhance that role)

    Just some thoughts. Feel free to critique

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