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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Chiss, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Chiss

    I view it as an alternate style of play.
    Thats one tiff i have with the class system, it is so limiting... every LA is the same.
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  2. Gary

    Both the Light Assault and the infiltrator need something new. I do not even play these classes and feel bad for them. All they can do is Run and Gun or Camp and gun. They have no Support asset that awards them at all. Atleast the Heavy can deter/kill vehicles with ease.
  3. Chiss

    Electronics Scrambler
    Gun-style device.
    Locks-on to vehicles/aircraft like a Rocket Launcher
    50m Range.
    2 minute recharge.

    After locking on, and firing the weapon, it'll scramble the vehicles circuits.
    The user will not be able to move or attack for ~10 seconds.

    This would be great. I cant begin to imagine how much fun it would be to scramble a low flying ESF, and just watch it slam into the ground. Delicious.
  4. Trenyt

    Whatever the LA gets it needs to be some kind of support tool that benefits the squad/platoon as a whole. Better scouting tools seems right up their alley, not sure about electronic scrambling and like abilities, seems more Infiltrator then LA. Also every time I read 'LA giving people lifts', all I see is Spock in the Final Frontier lifting Kirk and McCoy up that shaft with the rocket boots :D
  5. lonegunman

    Give them the grapple line from Tribes :)

  6. Urquhart

    I just love how people *assume* something "apparent".

    I maxed C4 as well as Jumpjets and I use the combo all the time.

    That still does not make it right for the light assault to not have something in the toolslot like everybody else.

    Nobody wants something stupidly overpowered like instakill-vehicle bombs that you can teleport-throw 1km, Orbital Strikes with 1 second cooldown that instantly level entire armies.

    Just something useful to make the LA more viable to a currently rigid (6xHA, 3xCM, 2xNG, x1Recon) squad setup.

    I checked out some of the bigger outfits on my server and its kind of sad to see that the Light Assault is not even mentioned in some of the dedicated Para-Assault Outfits/Squads.
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  7. doctorzais

    Improve our aim in mid air on a 30 sec cool down

    I'm all for that
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  8. Nervinskitak

    Give my boots the ability to have either 0 friction or to stick to anything metal
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  9. Chiss

    I'd be down for a single use revival pack!
  10. tugernut

    LA will never get an ammo pack again , none of you must have been in tech testing.
    LA were everywhere and were basically camped for hours n hours with infinite ammo , so thats not gonna happen again.

    LA will not be pulling people around either , id bet real money n not smed bux on that one ,thats a nightmare waiting to happen.

    in beta there were different jetpacks , and they did away with them bc of bugs , at best one or 2 of them may be brought back?
  11. SenEvason

    I'd have a tone of fun with that.
  12. Anumber1username

    Got me thinking of how the tool slot could be filled with Icarus jumpjet with cooldown or perhaps even resupply only. Shoot yourself in a direction and use regular ones to maneuver and safely land.
  13. Autarkis

    I have a great suggestion. Light Assault has always struck me as a forward scout type of class. Good mobility, lightweight, sneaky. I often find myself behind enemy lines but without much to do aside from basic sabotage and harassment. How can I help my team more?

    Airstrike Beacon
    The AB tool fires up to 2 beacons that are visible (not physically; via electronic communications) to allied aircraft (like waypoints) and mark areas that need rocket/liberator fire. Assist/spot points are awarded to any kills made in an area around your beacon. Beacon duration is 5 minutes, or until destroyed.
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  14. Darkian

    Afterburner - A quick jet of upward thrust after equipping the utility and left clicking (alternatively this could be bound to the F key so we don't have to switch and click.)

    Certification points would reduce the cooldown / Give more thrust.

    Firefall has an Afterburner ability that jets the user in the direction they point, I feel like this could be a great addition to our mobility, while giving us a tool slot.
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  15. Mrasap

    LA get scout radar and infils are invisible on scout radar.
  16. KoooZ

    I think the emp should work against enemy infantry shields over a wider area than a frag nade does instead of disabling vehicles
  17. Mocam

    Give us a tool to disarm mines and C4 packs - something like a repair tool that can be aimed at and disarm it when found. The item in question simply fades away when it's focus targeted -- like a repair device. Certs would allow it to run faster (sure, let me stand near this mine for 10 seconds disarming it...)

    Give Infiltrators a similar device that is used to hack a mine turning it against those who placed it. Again, certs would allow that to run faster.

    Now you have both classes working towards similar areas and able to help a team out with their skills - not "me, myself and I -- off taking the world apart" but able to do something to help the rest of a platoon - AND - provide a counter for a new phenomena - tossing mines all over hell and gone hoping someone will step on one. I literally found 6 mines near a control point yesterday. That's a bit much and I don't see it lessening.
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  18. Dytch

    If this happened, then you would hear so many INF and ENG cry foul. Mines and C4 are HUGE for Engineers. That would be like giving Engineers the ability to disable your jetpack. Currently other than mines the only thing they have going for them is ammo packs because the current mana turret tells people (X) shoot here, they light up (especially in the dark). I can't think of a single class that blatantly offsets another classes utility so grotesquely as this suggestion. No offense. It sounds good on paper, it just wouldn't work in game.
  19. Regpuppy

    I'd personally give up the C4 for something unique to the class that brings us some utility that can't be fulfilled by other classes. We're a good solo class because of the mobility and we're good in a few random situations, but it's a very limited use that can fullfilled by classes with harder hitting guns or more ammo, in most cases. I'd seriously settle for something as harmless as the radar dart or similar.

    Hell, give me a tool to sweep for mines and safely detonate them. Bet tons of people would love that.

    @ Mocam: just now read your post. Basically what I was thinking.

    @Dytch: not like engineers put much effort into the kills gotten by them. Would just need to make its range limited and take a short time to scan a small area. Slowing down a considerable amount of enemies to counter them, meaning the mines still basically do their job in some form. The zerg won't bother like they don't bother hacking terminals or doing anything that takes thought.

    That being said, I'd much prefer a laser designator. Difficult to coordinate lib bombing runs. Would be neat if I could mark a vehicle or area with one so that the friendly bombers know where to focus. (squad/platoon)
  20. Ashur

    I agree, it's not like the inf is ever going to be close quarters given that it has 0 guns that would support that playstyle & since cloak is rather *** at cloaking.

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