If you buff Dumbfire Velocity and Remove 1HKO on infantry, you might make this game less miserable

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  1. Maljas23

    Can anyone tell me where this imaginary idea of rocket primaries being spammed and thus being considered OP, is stemming from?

    Am I missing something huge here or what?

    A velocity buff would make RLs less miserable against vehicles, but the loss of the 1HKO would make them MORE miserable against infantry than they already are.

    You said get flak which in reality doesnt stop a thing.
  3. vanu123

    It reduces explosive damage, if you are dying to explosives IE rocket launchers, maybe you should equip it.
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    Why do Rockets even need to be changed?
    It is not like everyone always dying to them. They are rare and are almost never the cause of infantry deaths. Sure they're annoying when they do kill you, but there is a great tol that lets you overcome this; Flak armor.

    Also buffing velocity will increase it's range against vehicles, and dumbfires should not be the ranged rocket, the ranged rockets are lockons and ESRL.

    We don't need any more Buffs to infantry AV anyway. Infantry should be highly discourages from battling vehicles and instead forced to grab their own vehicles.
  5. Revanmug

    I don't care what you think as I didn't ask for your opinion. The lost of 1 OHK with dumbfire would be minimal for me as I don't care.

    The increase in velocity of a AV weapon would be a blessing though. It will increase the number of things you can do with them. It mean it will increase their effective range for AV and AA. Ya know, their intended role.

    Inbefore increase velocity, no nerf. No. There is no chance they would simply increase the velocity without any kind of balance to them. The lose of OHK for AI is the least damaging nerf.
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  6. Mustarde

    Hmmm, I heard they gave HA's a less miserable way to deal with infantry. I can't seem to remember, but someone once told me it has to do with hitting the #1 key.
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  7. Maljas23

    No need to tell me that. Apparently it is difficult to understand that using your RL as a primary weapon over your actual primary weapons is actually not that viable, as it is right now. You aren't going to take a point being "lolrocketprimary". You guys just want to get it nerfed because you've got a "feeling" that it is detrimental to game play when in reality, it does nothing worth even mentioning.

    I do not care one way or the other about this change. Only reason I am fighting it is because it makes no sense to try and fix something that was not broken to begin with. This is how stuff actually gets broken.
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  8. Casterbridge

    My prediction, they nerf the rockets against infantry, exception being max units, but increase velocity making it easier to hit vehicles and aircraft, tankers and pilots start crying and velocity gets nerfed again (still nerfed against infantry), I'm sure at some point Max users will start crying and damage against them will be reduced as well.
  9. Maljas23

    I don't care that you didn't ask. This is a public forum, so Ill voice my opinion whenever I see fit. Your "one way or the other" attitude towards this is pretty odd to me. We don't know what SOE will do, so you can't set yourself in stone like that. I'm not about to straw man this, but consider the fact that SOE might just increase the velocity only.

    Not that anyone here actually knows the end result. I sure as hell can't tell the future.
  10. hawken is better

    "I am a bad player and I cannot handle my opponent in a 1v1. Therefore, I will use a weapon that will negate the skillgap and instantly kill my opponent."

    If rocket primary was being nerfed for that^ reason alone, I'd still be happy. Get rid of this trash.
  11. Revanmug

    I didn't ask your opinion because it's my experience when using launcher (I hope I don't have to bring my superior stats to make a point about experience). I don't care about possibly losing ohk on infantry in exchange for greater velocity. I don't care how you see thing because you are no going to change my view on launchers.

    It's that simple truth that you entirely failed to grasp when you argue with Fortress.

    It's not even a question of performance (since we aren't comparing it to anything) because like you said, launcher are already bad against infantry, why would I care if they are worse? But an AV buff...

    This whole threat is about 1 thing. The possibility of losing ohk in exchange of higher velocity for better AV/AA launcher since that's what Higby toss up on Twitter. This threat is about this very thoughts coming from the creative director of this game.

    Since you can't ******* read and understand simple purpose like this thread, that would also explain why I'm not interest in your gibberish posts.

    Get it?
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  12. Maljas23

    Hah. Get off your pedestal.

    Since it seems you are not understanding I break this down into two parts.

    Part 1: Loss 1OSK on Infantry
    Part 2: Gain velocity buff.

    This thread talks about using both part 1 and part 2 together in attempt to gain a net loss. As I've said once already, one out of these two parts I can agree with. If I agree with part 2, why the hell would I even talk about it in the first place? Please, I'd like to know.

    Since I don't agree with Part 1, Ill talk about it in this thread. Since Part 1 and Part 2 are related to this thread, what the hell are you whining about? You two just want me to talk about both things at the exact same time, even if I agree/disagree with either part. Makes no sense, man.

    You both claim that these two things go together but really, we could get either one out of these two. We could also get both things, like you and Fortress obviously want. You can't seriously tell me that you can not comprehend this fact.

    And for the record, I barely pull out my RL against infantry as well.

    No need to reply as I'm done replying to your obnoxious postings.