If you buff Dumbfire Velocity and Remove 1HKO on infantry, you might make this game less miserable

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Fortress, May 26, 2014.

  1. Fortress

    ...for new players, at the very least. We care about them, right? The new guys, with nothing more than a dumbfire and a dream?

    Hi, I'm Fortress, and I am a relentless viper farmer. I have the most viper kills in the game, actually, and do you know what my primary crop is?

    Dumbfire Heavies. Oh baby, are they not the most delicious and helpless weapon and class combination in this game. Nothing says "Free kill!" like a pack of these suckers desperately sprinting forward in the remote hope that they might get close enough for their potato launchers to score a hit.

    Why do they have to get so close? Because Dumbfires are hilariously slow. Shoot one and look at it while it travels. Is it not the laziest projectile in the game? Why on earth would anyone look at this and think "yep, this will be perfect against those prowlers 250m+ in the distance. This won't get me farmed at all!"

    You see, this is a problem. New players don't have much in the way of AV work, but they do have dumbfires. And new players are going to expect that rocket launchers have at least SOME effect on the hordes of farmmobiles roaming the game. But they don't.

    But they would if these things could actually hit vehicles. And they would hit vehicles if they actually had some speed behind them. So here's my suggestion:

    Rockets get 200 m/s velocity minimum. If you notice, that's about the average velocity of tank weapons. That should be enough to score a hit or two before getting relentlessly cut down.

    Oh, and of course this would mean no more rocket primary noobery because of obvious reasons, but players who rely upon that **** are literally satan. You don't want to help satan, do you?
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  2. gigastar

    IF the dumbfire velocites are buffed as compensation for no more infantry OHK's, its still not going to be anywhere near as fast as tank primary guns.

    Oh and if it buffed then Magrider strafing will need a buff also. Because reasons.
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  3. sindz

  4. Dis

    -if you die to rocket primary you have bad situational awareness
    -cert flak despite the fact that it doesn't save you from decis
    -rocket primary is a high risk high reward tactic for only the ballsiest of players
    -rocket one hit kills are realistic and immersive
    -shooting infantry with decis takes just as much, if not more skill than rocket juggling in Quake

    Let's see, what else. Oh yes.

    -Elitist attitudes towards perceived crutches are a cancer eating at Wrel's emotions. Wrel is lord, and his teachings are a divine blessing to us all.
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  5. MrJengles

    Fully agree the velocity and drop is horrendous. I mentioned it a couple times already given the RL balance debates.

    Personally, I think trying to aim dumb fires is much more rewarding than firing lock-ons. I also would find it more fun as a vehicle to try to dodge incoming shots rather than either hitting smoke or backing out of range.

    The longer the distance, the worse you are at aiming and/or the better the driver is at dodging the more people will be pushed to use lock-ons. That swap over point right now is nowhere near where it should be and dumb fire barely competes unless the vehicle driver is asleep at the wheel or you're an amazing shot.

    Although I am a little concerned about OHKs on ESFs becoming too easy. Just make the Decimator slightly faster, and the default a lot faster but doesn't put ESFs on fire.
  6. Hoki

    If they could guarantee that damage against vehicles and maxes would remain unchanged, this would be easy to stand behind.

    However, that would probably require code support, and they have a history of preferring to just tweak numbers, and I don't see how they could accomplish this without giving dumbfire rockets their own damage type.
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  7. Hoki

    I honestly can't tell if you're serious.

    Of all of the things that ESFs deserve to get instantly assploded by, dumbfire rockets are the most deserving, daltons being the least deserving.

    But hey, PS2 is the land of unicorns and inverse logic so hell why not, none of it makes sense to me anyways, I'm not intelligent enough.
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  8. Posse

    If would also be a slight nerf to MAXes, I like.
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  9. TriumphantJelly

    I agree, but that would be an indirect nerf to Magriders. Yes I know I argue this constantly, but it is what I feel. Eh.
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  10. Iridar51

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  11. DeadliestMoon

    Wrel also believes in counterplay, tell me, what's the counter play against people who are in your face with a rocket launcher?
  12. Fortress

    You don't need to be a gourmet chef to identify cheese, but it sure helps!
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  13. Simferion

    Shooting first and dodging the rocket.
    This is the counterplay which doesn't mean "I need to have the possibility to fire back to my enemy" but using situational awareness and brain to overcome the obstacle.
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  14. Elrobochanco

    Ok you almost had me, until I got to the quake comment. Good show.
  15. sindz

    Mags might be demolished to utter extinction that it might finally get the buffs it deserves.
  16. DxAdder

    The Phoenix and Lancer have had there damaged capped vs Infantry (non MAX) already so coding it wouldn't be an issue.

    But I don't expect them to give up there crutch without a fight here on forum-side.
  17. TriumphantJelly

    ... I never thought about it that way... Eh.
  18. sindz

    Its how balancing works at SOE. 1 object is OP or UP for 5 months then gets "fixed".
  19. TriumphantJelly

  20. minhalexus


    Magrider drivers are confessing that their strafe does infact benefit them from dodging certain means of damage.
    Especially by dumbfires.
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