If you buff Dumbfire Velocity and Remove 1HKO on infantry, you might make this game less miserable

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  1. Imij

    Did you also check my vehicle kills with them? And also notice that I play Medic almost exclusively? Oh I think you didn't. If you did, you would notice about a third of my RL kills are vehicles. And I know how I use my RL, you don't, I've definitely abused it. I could go ahead and spend a few hours using the RL on people for my killboard stat padding for you but.... I'm finished conversing with you, because you're obviously just here to argue. You don't want to tell me a real reason why RLs should OHK infantry, just that they should. You say there's high risk and can't be abused, I showed you there isn't and it can with proof. Good luck with that.
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  2. Simferion

    I finished to talk with you too. You are asking me for a proof, when:
    • RL oneshotted infantry since the start of the game, so whoever wants this to be changed need to prove it's necessary, not the opposite.
    • There's no such spam as you tell and many people told the death by RLs are a negligible quantity.
    • When you are using the Rocket primary because there are vehicles/MAXes if you cannot OHK infantry you are dead meat, because you'll be instakilled by enemies with every other weapons in the time you need to switch to the secondary or so.
    As I told before, I'm not gonna argue anymore. If the Devs eventually change this, I'll adapt as usual. Good game.
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  3. Klypto

    If I am currently dodging them in a Vanguard, I don't think you have to worry too much.
  4. ProfessorHobbes

    I'm so confused. Why are rocket launchers being a 1 hit KO complaints a growing trend on the forums?

    This has been in the game for what, a year and a half? Guess forumside needs something new to complain about. I'll never get it.
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  5. Liberty

    Complaints about a game aren't a bad thing to be honest and if they are changing constantly, that means that there are attempts at balance being made.

    Generally speaking, players don't like OHKO bodyshot weapons because it doesn't give you anything react to, and requires very little skill to pull off. BASR's (while they may cause rage) at least require you to go for a smaller hitbox.

    Rocket Primary is a crutch for people who can't track targets with the already short TTK (heaven help them if they ever tried to play a high TTK game). Players looking for a change aren't (always) looking to simply nerf what killed them, but sometimes looking to create a better gameplay environment, where people who are terrible at aiming / target tracking are forced to learn like everyone else, rather than be given another short cut to easy kills. And lets be real, this is planetside, there are a long list of shortcuts to easy kills. One less isn't going to break the game.
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  6. Dis

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  7. EnsignPistol

    Have any of you people actually tried hitting anyone with a dumbfire rocket lately? The only people I've managed to Shrike have either been standing still (and thus totally had it coming), or really, really close (in which case I might as well have been using a single-shot pump shotgun which also damages its user). And even when you do get good opportunities to use it, you often miss your chance because there's too many friendlies in the way to make the shot, and contrary to my reputation I only sometimes teamkill people on purpose. Yes, there are people with the positioning and aiming know-how to make it work for them from distances and locations that procure kills without having to endanger their teammates. We even have a name for those kinds of people: good players.

    I suppose people gripe about rockets because of how ubiquitous they are. Everyone gets a rocket launcher, and in theory you could get an entire platoon together to just pepper an area with rockets and have a very effective general anti-ground screen, though good luck getting that many people with the same idea together in one place. But the simple fact is that it's much, much harder for your typical player to kill someone with a dumbfire rocket than >99% of these rocket primary threads seem to let on. Even when you have the shot, you're more often than not risking damaging (or flat out hitting) a friendly, and then of course there's what happens if you fail to kill your target.

    But I mean, come on guys. There are so many things you could be complaining about, like how the game mechanics do very little to encourage team play, or how leadership certifications like the command chat have no means of actually differentiating so-called "commanders" by level of experience, essentially leaving it open to every armchair general wannabe to promptly be ignored. The entire metagame of Planetside 2 would be different to the point of being unrecognizable with regards to current alleged balance issues if it was the norm to actually fight and tackle objectives as a team rather than always thinking in terms of hypothetical 1 on 1 fights, because go figure, there are people besides yourself out there fighting too.

    Or you know, you could start complaining about something that's been in the game since forever and you only started talking about because someone made a funny YouTube video about it.

    TL;DR: This is so much of a non-issue it hurts, and anyone who disagrees can eat rockets.
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  8. Whatupwidat

    Aye...And I can't wait until they remove the OHK from the bolt-action rifles for being "unfair" too - which, let's face it, is next on the moaning whinge brigade's next agenda after "grenades"

    This game's devs giving in to moaning bores really pisses me off - and I don't even play as an HA. Like...ever.

    But hey, it proves that if you moan loud enough and long enough that they'll change the game to fit YOU - because **** everyone else who doesn't care one way or the other, so long as the loud gobby **** gets HIS way, right?
  9. m44v

    I'm more interested in having the velocity buff than I would ever care if it OHK infantry or not, I don't get why some people are against this change.

    Why is that, wouldn't that suggest that they rely more in using RL against infantry than against vehicles?
  10. Thardus

    Because the UBGL could be swapped back and forth almost instantly, whereas the Rocket Launcher has ludicrous reload times, and requires switching weapons to do anything about the three angry squad-mates and a medic coming up behind the guy you just landed a lucky hit on.
  11. Thardus

    So... you're saying that Rocket Launchers are flat out better than any of the possible HA primary weapons?
  12. Imij

    No, I'm not. Not once did I say that. Please, show me where in any of my posts I said RLs are better at killing infantry than LMGs. Maybe you should read and think before you post? Yeah... might want to try that.

    What I did say, since you seem to need even further clarification, is that RLs are abusable and detrimental to a better and more balanced gameplay experience for all skill levels. Especially newer players.
  13. TinM3N

    So if they don't make this change we can get OHK phoenix's back.. cause I mean just dodging and using cover against rockets has been established to be sooo easy right... Right???
  14. Thardus

    I wasn't saying you were. I was just making sure I knew what your stance was. So, if LMGs are more dangerous than Rocket Launchers, what is your justification in asking for Rocket Launchers to be nerfed? If you claim that they're inferior to LMGs, which I truly believe they are, then they're A) clearly not abusable, and B) only detrimental to the person using them, something which they will learn eventually.

    Therefore, as you say, Rocket Launchers are fine.
  15. Simferion

    Phoenix doesn't require a clear LoS because is camera-guided. It's a totally different mechanic from a dumbfire launcher.
  16. JackD

    What are the obvious reasons? I get hit by a dumbfire once in maybe a week, so it cant be that bad, not to mention that it´s just a normal risk reward thing. I dont understand why people suddenly freak out about something that is in the game since 1 1/2 years and never was a problem.

    silly season?
  17. TriumphantJelly

    Yes, but the Magrider's damage mitigation is dodging which is now nulliied against other tanks, and against lock-ons, C4 and wire-guided missiles. Dumfires are one of the only things that the damage mitigation actually works against to any degree. It is currently near useless.

    Prowler's mitigation is DPS sothe enemy is dead before it does too much damag, which works very well against everything except for Liberators and maybe Vanguards.

    Vanguard's mitigation is it's high armour and effective health points. This works aaisnt everything except masses of aenemies, and maybe Liberators.
  18. TriumphantJelly

    The Vannie moves forward significantly faster than the Mag can move in any direction, (minus magburner) and by the way, what are you doing to dodge dumbfires? Cos I can curently strafe out of the way, but only if I'm about 50+M away. (26KPH- isn't really very helpful).
  19. KnightCole

    Yeah, but unless SoE makes the Dumbfires do a laughable amount of damage to Infantry, the guy will prolly shoot you, then duck, pull his primary and finish you off. Then with higher velocity, people will simply beable to sniper you with the rocket, then finish you off. It wouldnt remove dumbfire heros, just change how they do it.

    So Seriously, quit ******** for nerfs on every damn thing in this game, its only making this game more and more miserable and boring to play.
  20. Imij

    You're missing the point, and there's no reason to continue engaging you. Thanks for the... interesting? reading comprehension.